$5000 reward for information leading to the arrest of real estate mobbers

RenterHarassment.com has now increased the amount of the reward for the arrest and conviction of those involved in mobbing the author of this blog in northeast Seattle. That reward is now $5,000.00 and, chances are, we’ll be able to find matching funds from donors who are appalled by what we all learn about forced eviction by harassment after their exposure.

If you have information that is likely to compel the arrest of those involved in this organized crime whose purpose is the illegal forced eviction of a Seattle tenant and the “turning over” of the property on which she resides, likely for acquisition by real estate speculators, please give that information to the Seattle Police Department.  Helpful information would probably include the identities of those involved, the identities of any past victims, and details about the methods of harassment they use such as radio, ventilation, cell phone, wireless network, and speakers.

People who do what they do or do business with people who do what they do have probably made the mistake of divulging their business to those who don’t care for it, or for them. Turning these people in will make a big difference in the lives of those they’ve victimized and will continue to victimize if they are not brought to justice.

Thank you.


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