How mobbers script harassment to avoid legal jeopardy

In a recent blog entry, Tip: The use of “safe” words in mobbing, I described how real estate mobbers use code when harassing over a public address system, a speaker-enabled access point, or the cell phones of those near their victim. For example, in my own mobbing, the mobbers began to use the name “Kroll” after I requested disclosure of inquiries from Kroll Background America and credit reporting agencies. After checking my credit report, I had come to believe that an illegal background check had been run on me. Those harassing me use “Kroll!” or “Call Kroll!” in the same way they use “Bot!”—as a demand for me to leave my home.

The mobbers also began to use “Kroll” to mean “kill,” most commonly threatening We’ll kroll you in court! This came after a period of time when they constantly threatened to “kill” me, and then, probably because the law spells out stiff penalties for threatening someone’s life, began to clarify that they would “kill” me “online.” To “kill” someone online, if I recall correctly, appears to be a reference to an extreme defamation of character. I remember one of the mobbers merrily threatening me in the earlier days of the mobbing from the other side of a tall hedge: “We’ll kill you online and off.” Those were heady days for the mobbers, before I became inured to the threats, days when they reveled in their power as the bullying took hold. But as the count of days in the mobbing wore on, they began to substitute the word “kroll” as code for “kill.”

Real estate mobbers, at least those mobbing me in this upscale enclave of northeast Seattle, use threats of civil action to clamp down on victim reports of the crimes they commit. Based on my own experience, I believe that in most cases, the threats mobbers use are empty. As the “white-glove” method of forced eviction, mobbers want you to believe their threats and leave quietly, and of your own volition; they do not want to carry out their threats and prefer to avoid actions that could expose them, and their clientele, to legal jeopardy.

When mobbers are forced to initiate or respond to civil action, their petitions and claims should be carefully examined for obstruction of justice. For example, while using directional speakers to ensure that no one but the mobbing victim hears the harassment, mobbers may claim in court that the victim is “hearing voices” or has become “paranoid schizophrenic.” If a mobbing victim attempts but fails to get an anti-harassment order because of the difficulty of proving harassment by radio or surface harassment projected onto window panes, mobbers may turn the tables on the tenant and make a bid to shut him down with their own petition for an anti-harassment order. They may even say that the tenant’s attempt at an order was harassment, a confounding thing for a victim of criminal harassment. In such a case, the petition for an order of anti-harassment against the tenant the mobbers are harassing should be construed, in its entirety, as obstruction of justice, because the ultimate goal of such a petition is  to intimidate the victim into acquiescence and finally vanquish him from his home.

The victim of real estate mobbing who fights for her home pays a price. Mobbing is highly illegal and includes the endless commission of felony crimes ranging from aggravated harassment and stalking to eavesdropping on calls and following over wireless networks. Mobbers construct their crimes to protect themselves and their partners from legal jeopardy. For this reason, the mobbers exact a penalty for each day the mobbing victim refuses to “get the hell out” of her home. In my own mobbing, the harassment escalated over time to the point of becoming relentless and including deliberate and repetitive early morning wakings, even on days when I face the grueling 800-mile-drive from Seattle to the San Francisco Bay Area to stay employed.

Mobbers construct mobbing harassment to ensure that even if you have a viable claim against them, you will have to brave courtroom humiliation to prove it. At least, that’s their expectation for civil claims where damages are tied to the depth of the humiliation and distress the victim recounts in court.  Mobbers assume that their crimes cannot be proved and that victims who fail to shut up and get out, lacking recourse in criminal court, will resort to civil court for remedy. Civil court, however, is part of the mobbers’ strategy.

Once you are in civil court, you will likely be made to recount, verbatim, the slurs of the mobbers. If your mobbers are like mine, they’ll be sure to script a flattering blend of accusations and insults. You’ll probably have to recount how they kept talking about “what you did to that kid” or how they described “your abs, Babs!” You might be asked to state exactly how they threatened to report you to your employer for lying on your time sheet, or how they went on about you kiting checks every time you stood at the cashier’s counter. Even if they only listen and never watch, they’ll be sure to tell you about how you look in orgasm, how you urinate, or how you touch yourself in the shower (washing is that way). When you’re asked in court under oath what they said, your testimony against them  will demand that you expose yourself to potential ridicule and may even, in the eyes of some, raise doubts about your own character.

This is what the mobbers bank on—that your own discomfort with describing the content of the harassment they’ve subjected you to within and without your home and in and out of bed and bath, will silence you and send you packing. This is why they like to threaten, We’ll kroll you in court!

These threats of criminals who call themselves “the mob,” these threats of criminals who are either tenant clearers or real estate speculators who clear tenants for a good deal, these threats must be stripped of their power.

Real estate mobbing is a racket and should be investigated and prosecuted as one. The crimes that this racket includes should be prosecuted and those who commit them should be regarded as criminals. Victim’s compensation should be exacted by the prosecutorial system through civil or criminal forfeiture whenever possible to save victims from having to relive the mobbing in civil court. Those who are victims of real estate mobbing should be protected by the court from further violations of privacy during the prosecution of mobbing crimes. Mobbing crime should be prosecuted in criminal court before damages are sought for civil claims and courtroom attempts of the mobbers or the attorneys of the mobbers to embarrass and humiliate the victims of mobbing should be met with objections and with the same disciplinary measures and penalties meted out to officers of the court who would blame victims of rape for the violent acts against them.




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