Countermeasure: Vent blocking

Just now I remembered how, not long after the self-important owner of one of the mobbing houses took up residence next to me, it became clear from his conversations that carried over the property line how much he liked to listen to himself talk. As I was being harassed just now while standing at the sink, by surface harassment simultaneously directed at the north and south windows of the house (until I inserted the sound board in some windows and they jumped on the TV for the evening news), I smiled at how appropriate it is that he and others involved in this criminal attempt to harass me from my home would choose harassment—yammering—to do it.

Mobbing seems to be the punishment of criminals with vast and gaping narcissistic wounds. Although I imagine that the criminal real estate speculator, even if he enjoys playing dirty tricks on renters and “reluctant sellers,” finds that obliterating someone’s privacy and well being is simply an effective and (usually) an efficient way to compel the sale of a property.

Here’s the countermeasure for the day. Summer before last, it was clear that air current was the transport for some harassment between the mobbing houses and my own. Since the mobbing opened, except for the coldest, most rainy months, a window fan turned slowly in the third story bedroom of the owner of the south mobbing house as harassment drifted into my house. Eventually, I learned from doing some research online that an opposing air current—or for surface harassment on a window, an opposing vibration—could quiet the harassment to some extent.

Around that time, one day when I stood out in my driveway the garage door of the same mobbing house opened to reveal the owner and his father laying out duct work. Not long after that, a workman at the house recut an opening in the siding of the house and reinserted the duct and exhaust so that it was raised to the center of the half-light of my kitchen door, about six to eight feet opposite. A few months ago I learned that if I left a ladder or other large object outside to block my kitchen door window, some harassment was quieted. This has been more effective than trying to quiet the harassment from that location by propping sound board on the interior side of the door.

So today I finally got a piece of board about 2.5′ by about 4′, and I hammered it into the porch railing, creating an obstacle between the vent and the glass of my kitchen door. I could probably take it a step further by putting some rubber on it or perhaps a length of packing bubbles, but this will do for today.

Long story short: Block access to your home from air currents that come from vents and document any changes you notice. This isn’t a cure-all since if you are being real estate mobbed, they’re probably going to be all over your wireless network, your TV and radios, and will be using surface harassment projected by directional speaker and more. But you can and should use measures like this to make it as hard as possible for criminal real estate speculators to harass you out of your home. Staying power is key when you’re exposing a crime that is not well known. ▪




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