Boeing employee involvement in criminal harassment effort that extends to airports and planes?

For nearly two years, I have been the victim of an organized crime—a racket—in my northeast Seattle neighborhood. The crime is real estate mobbing, a crime that Amnesty International considers a violation of human rights and that the United Nations acknowledges as a method of forced eviction. Real estate mobbing usually occurs in gentrifying neighborhoods with runaway development.

In my own neighborhood, I would estimate that more than 70% of the lots have been built or the homes on them flipped, some more than once, in the past five years. Real estate mobbing as I have known it is a crime of constant and brutal stalking and harassment effected by a corrupt neighborhood watch in collusion with real estate speculators.

In my case, the harassment that is now effected over communications systems including cell phone, radio and computer, as well constantly projected into my home so that I must use sound board to have a chance of sleeping at home, was preceded by a more mundane bullying situation that began with constant complaining letters from a captain of the neighborhood watch, a rather vicious woman apparently far more manipulative than I could have imagined. By the time I arrived in this neighborhood, she had an established reputation as passive-aggressive and vindictive, to the point where, some told me later on, they avoided her. This woman co-captains the neighborhood watch association, a small group composed mainly of retirees allied with developers and real estate speculators in an apparent attempt to line their pockets by making the neighborhood some million dollar row. Naturally, an egalitarian community that includes those who rent is not part of their investment strategy.

It’s troubling to be a victim of a crime, even more so a crime of collusion that involves a neighborhood watch organization whose role is to protect all the members of the community. But then, there are a lot of disturbing things about the crime of real estate mobbing—its viciousness, the way it dehumanizes its victims and seeks to criminalize the residencies of those who occupy the properties that developers want. It’s nasty enough to be a legal tenant mindful of her duties, even one who goes beyond her legal obligations to care for her contract and her home, and to find oneself the victim of a neighborhood bullying effort that comes out of dysfunction and greed. It’s worse when it escalates to a criminal situation in which disregard for my very being is not just legend but is, I’m to believe, part of the fun. That is, “fun” for those so curiously sick that they would want to do what is being done to me at all. “Fun” for those so troubled that they would make harassing people from their homes not only their vocation but an elaborate ritual of science and psychology. As the victim, I remain incredulous that people would go so far out of their way in an attempt to strip a human being of her rights, her dignity, her livelihood and health, and her home.

When I began traveling last year to work to out of state, to stay employed, I was surprised that the harassment followed me, right into secured areas of Seattle-Tacoma and other airports, and right onto the plane, usually the Boeing 737. I wrote about this in a blog post called Flying the friendly skies a few months back. One of the aspects of the airport and plane harassment that has troubled me further, is the fact that former “boyfriend” and current husband of the malicious neighborhood watch captain is a long-time Boeing employee. It’s hypocrisy like this that stuns me as much as the avid interest of my neighborhood watch in hurting members of their community.

As the months drag on and the round-the-clock stalking and harassment continue, I find myself considering the politics of being a man who works for a manufacturer of aircraft whose communication systems are presumed to be secured against wireless and radio-based hacks and stalking of those on board, of me. I worked briefly at Boeing back in the 1990s, as a contractor, and we were made to sign a loyalty oath. For me, a student of history who participated in seminars on McCarthyism, a compulsory loyalty oath was a troubling thing. And I know that because Boeing is a military supplier, there are likely various security clearances that must be maintained by employees. How could someone who works in aviation, an industry in which security is crucial, allow himself to be involved in a racket that includes cyber-harassment on airplanes? How could someone who should love him involve him in crime or expose her family members to it, much less help to arrange to bring the criminals into the neighborhood who would do it?

And yet, this woman was clearly an instigator of this crime that they have tried to convince me cannot be detected or prosecuted. And it’s been clear that she wants me to know it. She openly participated in some of the hoaxes that took place at the opening of the mobbing. She stood on the driveway of what I would come to call “the south mobbing house” and went on and on with the owner of the house and his girlfriend about how they had purchased the house in which I live and how great it would be without me here. She went on and on about the “green space,” a familiar theme since she’d called my landlady up at least a year before and told her that my driveway should be “returned to green space.” This after her suggestion that the construction crew of a new house across the way should be allowed to park in my driveway. Her voice has also been in the mobbing harassment that has followed me, and she’s openly encouraged the residents of the mobbing houses on either side of me. For example, the day now probably more than a year ago when she made a display of complaining to the owner of the north mobbing house about my continued presence. His telling response was, “We’re getting her out.” Or the time a potential buyer for the new house across the way was curious about a vehicle of mine and, in a panicked voice, she blurted out within my hearing, “She won’t be here.” Or the time just before the mobbing when she bragged to a passerby that she and her cronies had “very sensitive microphones” deployed to track the movements of my vehicles.

I used to think that maybe her husband didn’t really get what was going on or that he’d been dragged into it somehow. Sometimes, I’ve mused as to whether she married him so that he can’t testify against her in court. Whatever the reality of the situation, it’s become clear that, perhaps because they’re all becoming fearful of the prospect that I will get an investigation and what they’ve done will be exposed, he is actively supporting the harassment.

Perhaps harassers following their victims onto Boeing planes is commonplace. Maybe, practically speaking, using radio systems to gain access to aircraft in-flight entertainment systems to harass victims is unlikely to interfere with navigation systems. Maybe the FBI and Boeing don’t see real estate mobbing as a form of domestic terrorism, despite the heinous nature of a crime that is effected by installing harassers in the houses that neighbor the victim and the victim property to ensure that the victim cannot escape the harassment by turning off the radio, or the TV, or the computer. But does Boeing want to have employees who are involved in, aware of, and supportive of organized crimes that include cyber-stalking and harassment on Boeing planes?




Don’t count on provider DVR to get evidence of mobbing

This morning the real estate mobbers who’ve been trying to “clear” me from my legal rental home, at the behest of the nasty neighborhood watch and its real estate speculator friends, got going early. Despite the presence of roommates in the bedroom on the south side of the house and downstairs on the basement level, they  raised the volume of the sound harassment probably applied to the window panes of my bedroom, high enough so that I went to sleep in the living room on the couch. They tend to keep it down at the front of the house, despite the long driveway that separates numerous of the houses on this street from the roadside, especially since a house across the street was finally purchased by a couple of doctors. That house was built by a developer who who apparently attempted to enlist my landlords in harassing me after they turned down an offer to purchase this house. The cozy relationships between that developer, the neighborhood watch, and the owners of the mobbing houses on both sides of me has been obvious since the mobbing houses were purchased within a month or two of each other several years back. It doesn’t take much to put together the likelihood that it is no coincidence that criminal real estate speculators willing to harass people out of their homes ended up around me in this anti-renter neighborhood.

On mornings like this one, the pattern is to raise the volume of the harassment high by 3:00am or 4:00am, when I am most likely to be in the deepest sleep, and then to continue as loudly as possible until the walkers, runners and cyclists who frequent my street on clear spring mornings like this one come frequently and close together.  It usually tapers off, for at least a short while, when the owner of the mobbing office leaves for work and this morning was no different, with the red SUV with a Crossfit sticker that belongs to a guy who now is the most constant presence at the south mobbing house, suddenly pulling out of the driveway, followed by the appearance of the now husband of the nasty neighborhood watch captain across the street.

At one point in the harassment, the mobbers used to taunt me with statements about having me “triangulated,” a term I realized was a radio term, a configuration that referenced not only the mobbing houses south and north of me but the house across the way of the nasty neighborhood watch captain whose instigation of the mobbing of me and my landlord’s house—people she lived across the street from for a good 20 years—has been obvious by her word and deed. Before the harassment was actually projected into my house, the nasty neighborhood watch captain would practically rush out of her house whenever I came outside to garden, to turn on the stereo she kept at her parking strip. This preceded the statement of the owner of the mobbing house to the north after the mobbing was on, “Don’t give her any quiet.” And as the mobbing progressed, when I began to put my own stereo speaker outside to counteract the verbal harassment that was projected to me by directional speakers even as I stood outside my home, they began to call the police and complain about my music. The “triangulation” has been apparent in the coordination of their efforts, and even in the sharing of the same corrupt attorney friend of one of the mobbing houses who has been an avid participant in the mobbing by the nasty neighborhood watch captain. The triangulation also leaves open the door to speculation about whether the din of directional and vented noise projected into my home is aided by devices on the property of the nasty neighborhood watch captain or in their cars that face my home that, especially on mornings like this one, they seem to so frequently need to attend.

If the new owner of the house across the way comes out, sometimes carrying his toddler, to take out the trash or opens his garage and continues to organize the boxes from his recent move, the harassment suddenly goes quiet. Sometimes, as an apparent safeguard in case of detection, the vocal insults and slurs of “Move on!” and “What you did to that kid!” are replaced by a thrumming and churning mix of industrial sounds, water, or some kind of layered sound track, even just the sound of broadcast TV or radio. The bullying voice of the mobbing owner from the north house, someone I cautioned my landlords to be careful with early on when his hot tub kept leaking onto the property of this house, has insisted again and again over the now two years of this out-and-out mobbing that includes a host of felonies including cyber-crimes, that they’re not going to stop until I get out so I might as well get out now. Despite his benevolent and well-thought-of profession, that man always seemed to me to be something of a psychopath. It’s funny to have seen that before the criminal harassment began with his voice such a prominent feature.

I’ve never seen the appeal of men like him to women, ugly little men with inflated egos who love to listen to themselves talk. I’ve never thought much of the women who would be with someone like that. But then, I wouldn’t have gone for Pol Pot either. I wasn’t surprised when I heard that someone who worked for this guy said he was a real dick.

If you’re new to this blog, maybe you don’t know, but real estate mobbing done in Seattle, at least done by these scumbuckets around me, is all about people coming and going in shifts, under cover of night if possible, and in any number of cars—especially when you’ve got a victim, like me, who is photographing license plates—and holing up behind the walls in houses next to the house of the mobbing victim. From this place of hiding, and as though masked (which increases the penalties for certain crimes in some states), the tenant clearers or harassers use means of harassment and methods of transporting harassment ranging from modified ventilation systems to directional speakers while stripping the victim of privacy with the use of listening devices that may include laser microphones, traditional shotgun microphones or parabolic microphones. A simple surveillance drone could probably be set up to apply most of their methodology and the harassment does travel with me. Don’t assume this is my imagination—the harassment can be modulated, depending on its source. I can turn down the volume of radio and TV that the mobbers jump on, I can block the surface harassment with sound board. But mobbing is a kitchen sink approach to tenant clearing and there’s always another way to harass someone when you’re able to maintain proximity to the person. Mobbing is enabled by stalking.

And now, I must get on with my day, but a quick tip on a method I hoped to be able to use to record forensic evidence of the harassment on my Century Link TV, something I learned could possibly be done with a simple CB radio and a linear antenna, but something which these days, with wireless TV, might be done with hacking into your neighbor’s wi-fi and applying audio from your own pirate TV station or maybe just by opening an app on the TV service and streaming your own “music.” A person pays a price for mindless entertainment and the mobbers assume that you’ll lack the willingness to either forego the TV or tolerate the overlapping sound. Me? I take both as I can. This is my home and it takes more than some scumbucket little men real estate investors to make me leave my legal lease agreement with my landlords so that the scumbuckets can attempt to finally pressure them into selling.

Anyway, I got the Century Link DVR service and began using the Record button liberally whenever watching TV. The mobbers hesitated only briefly. I did find that if I set up a tape recorder with a mic in front of the TV, they lowered the volume of their harassment more. So I suspected that they’d learned that, for example, if a person records a broadcast, that simply means they have permissions to download it later from the back office. I suspected that what is “recorded” has nothing to do with my own TV tuner.

I’ve been learning a bit about video on demand and it turns out that a lot of these things are handled on the back end for internet protocol TV systems. When a consumer makes a record request, the broadcast is often converted into a file on the back end. And then, if the recording system uses a hard drive in a set-top box, the created file may be placed on the set-top box of the requestor.

So don’t spend your money on DVR services without learning, for sure, what is recorded. And don’t trust customer service to know.


Mobbed at Chase Bank

Another frequent occurrence I haven’t yet described is being harassed—”mobbed”—at the bank by the real estate “mobbers” who’ve been attempting to force me from my legal rental in northeast Seattle for two years now.

The mobbing kicked off in late spring or early summer two years ago with mobbing during transactions at places like the gas station as well as at grocery stores like Whole Foods, QFC, and Fred Meyer. It took some time to reason it out but the two consistent elements in the transaction-oriented harassment are wireless infrastructure combined with speakers. This may be a public announcement or Help system.

I pulled into the Chase Bank parking lot in the Wedgewood neighborhood of Seattle last night, at about 8:00pm or so. This Chase location is on 35th Avenue at about 70th.

When the mobbing first started, I stopped banking online and worked with Chase to delete my online bank presence. Around that time, one of the themes in the mobbing harassment was to tell me, whenever I was about to make a transaction of any kind, that I was overdrawn, was about to kite a check and, as always, needed to “Get out!” By lurking on the speakers at cashier stands and ATMs, they convinced me that they had visibility into my bank accounts, and there was even a hoax that one of them might work at the bank though Chase assured me that when employees open customer accounts, the action is tracked.

For the longest time, I refused to use my ATM card as a debit card, even at the bank. Until recently, I would see a teller and present my driver’s license to access my account. In recent months, having concluded that the mobbers, because they work with real estate investors, neighborhood watches and investors, were unlikely to carry out at least most of the threats they made, I started using my bank card to make debit transactions and for general banking purposes at ATMs. It had become obvious that these are people who want to avoid leaving a paper trail. The goal is, as I have stated before, a “white-glove” constructive eviction, where there is no sign of coercion or other crime, and where victim reports are ignored because the racket is unusual and because the perpetrators spread malicious gossip and even make statements in court that a reporting victim is crazy, and even paranoid schizophrenic. All of the safeguards I tried to apply in making transactions and, indeed, in pursuing my life, have made little difference anyway. The mobbers are always there on the radio, on the WiFi, or on some speaker. That’s what the neighborhood watch and their developer and real estate speculator friends pay them for.

Tonight was no different. The mobbers were there at the Chase ATM as I inserted my bank card. The usual harassment was clear on the speaker at the ATM (“Move on!” “You’re ugly, old, and too bold!” “Get out!”), a speaker probably provided to call for assistance from a teller. But tonight, I began to speak directly to the camera. I explained that I was being harassed as I made the transaction and that I had been harassed in this manner for nearly two years. I asked Chase Bank to secure their wireless network and the speakers that criminals were accessing to stalk me.

A footnote: If these criminal harassers who call themselves mobbers find it so easy to access bank speakers, and if those speakers are accessed through the wireless network, what other information about transactions can they see? The same methods of intrusion could conceivably allow hackers to lurk and get confidential information about any transaction by any person.

The stalking of one person affects all of us. Cases such as mine must be investigated, the racket exposed, and the criminals brought to justice.


Mobbed in the locker room (part 3)

The lap swimming pool at Lynnwood Recreation Center is covered by a steeped roof whose peak is roughly in the pool’s middle. The roof is glass cut into panes. The walls that surround the pool on three sides are also mostly sectioned panes of glass. On one end of the pool, at the south wall of the building, is a dry sauna and jacuzzi. One the other, a therapy pool and then the exit to the locker rooms. Small banks of speakers run the length of the pool on either side; these are complemented by panel-type baffles to modulate noise.

When I swam in a pool in Shoreline, the speakers were over the pool. Here at Lynnwood, the configuration of the speakers on either side of the pool in combination with the building architecture of the steeped roof that crests in the center of the pool, alters the effect of what is probably speaker harassment as I swim.

In the last days I swam at Shoreline Pool before it was closed for maintenance, I asked them if they used underwater speakers. This was because my general experience of the harassment during swimming is that I hear it with my head partially to fully submerged, and not so much when my head is above water. Shoreline Pool said they did not. I had wondered about the use of a submarine radio band, but perhaps that is not required.

At Lynnwood Recreation Center, the harassment comes pretty clearly from same speakers that amplify music and public announcements. This is probably the best alternative for the pool area since the bleachers and deck chairs that seat those most likely to carry active cell phones are more distant and less occupied than those at Shoreline Pool. This means that I would probably not hear harassment that mobbers send to the speakers of those cell phones.

At the Lynnwood Recreation Center, the harassment is louder when music is being played; that is, the harassment is most audible when the speakers are being used, in other words, when the sound system is turned on and the volume is elevated so that those in the pool area can hear the music. My lane position can make a greater difference in the level of the harassment at this pool than it did at the smaller Shoreline facility. When the music is on, I hear less harassment when I swim in the center lanes. If there are many swimmers in the pool, the harassment becomes quieter; the sound may be broken up by the increasingly disturbed waters.

After swimming, I use the sauna. This makes it almost quiet. Sometimes I hear a harassing statement inside the sauna that comes from the pool area but it remains distant and less intrusive for me.

I also use the jacuzzi. The positioning of the jacuzzi is, interestingly, behind the speakers and in front of a partially windowed wall with a few windows that are usually cracked open. Here the harassment can be very quiet, especially if I keep my head below the pool deck. The open windows would break any surface harassment from outside or change the air currents that affect the sound waves. The positioning of the jacuzzi behind the speakers would weaken the waves of sound.

After using the jacuzzi, I return to the locker room, shower and dress. At Shoreline Pool and at Lynnwood Recreation Center, there is increased harassment when there are others present and especially when they carry active cell phones in their hands. Public swimming pools generally prohibit the use of cell phones in locker rooms; nevertheless, they are widely used and even if they are left in their owners’ bags, they tend to be on. I suspect that most people travel with wireless, cell and location tracking on.

The real estate mobbers rarely get a chance to harass me on my phone when I am not making a phone call; I do not leave my phone on and I generally shut down the channels on it that I have seen used for harassment. It could be, however, that even if I did not, the mobbers would mob me on the cell phones of others who do not know what mobbing is or sounds like, others who do not know that I am being mobbed. This could be a strategy they use as a matter of course to avoid detection, especially when they have a victim who is a reporter, like me.

To ensure that their harassment of the mobbing victim cannot be detected, mobbers must monitor their environment. This means that mobbing requires knowledge of the cell phones that might be available as a means to harass their victim, and those who are close enough to the victim to make out the harassing statements. To use the cell phones of those close to me, the mobbers must criminally lurk on them and utilize their speakers. Invasion of privacy is intrinsic in this approach to harassing a victim out of his or her home. This means that when someone is being mobbed in a public locker room or bathroom, the mobbers also violate the privacy of and commit a cyber-crime that affects those around them. The mobbers do not know whether the cell phone that is turned on in the locker room belongs to a minor child or adult. They don’t know if a sensitive child, for example, who hears a slur intended for me will think it is meant for them. I do not know if the mobbers camfect and might actually be spying on those in the dressing room in order to harass me, or might just make use of their speakers. But based on my experiences, I am sure that when criminals stalk someone, they violate the rights of others and likely endanger them as well. This is why cases like mine should not be ignored.

The implications of this are ominous: That a corrupt neighborhood watch would collude with developers and speculators in their neighborhood to have a renter criminally stalked and harassed from a property they want to “turn over” and, in effect, would engage in this racket knowing that the harassers would follow the victim into public places, locker rooms and bathrooms and while attempting to “chase” her from her home would also monitor and violate the privacy of minor children and of other women. Stalking crimes victimize everyone. Mobbing, where the victim is painted as the “Village Idiot,” is the “It takes a village” approach to harassment. Perhaps this is why neighborhood watch organizations are alternately called “community watches.”

I write this is in hopes that it will encourage people to press for an investigation into the racketeering in my neighborhood that could prompt such a crime. The tactics that are used on me have likely been used on others with good success. This means that the privacy of people in public places is routinely violated by criminals in this manner. This is what those mobbing me paid for—for me to be relentlessly pursued wherever I go until I finally give notice and they can press my landlords to sell their first home, probably to the developer whose offer they already turned down or to the owner of one or both of the mobbing houses who’ve openly talked about how my tenancy here is stopping them from “building out.” To vent their spite and sate their greed, they would turn criminals loose on the community.

Am I, the victim, responsible for the criminals following me into locker rooms and jumping on the cell phones of minor children? I think not. To say otherwise would be a pretty bad case of “blame the victim.” But my willingness to report this crime and the sacrifice I’ve made in staying in this situation for two years to keep my home, these acts should make it possible to discourage crimes like this in future, if only the FBI will investigate this probable ring of criminal tenant “clearers” or real estate speculators who make the criminal harassment of tenants from their legal homes part of their investment platform.

Lastly, how is the swimming pool harassment enabled? Wireless is always the weak link. Since the mobbers live around me combining the techniques of surveillance, hacking and harassment, they can learn my plans by eavesdropping on my phone calls or listening to my port 80 traffic, for example, when I check the website to see what hours Lynnwood Recreation Center has lap swim. They can follow me there—they probably expected a short-lived mobbing that would not leave the area so following is likely and within keeping of their general method of operation. You have to chase the tenant to get her to run.

Once they know where I’m going, before a habit is established, they can probably use an IMSI catcher in the parking lot to get information about all of the cell phones that are active. They can map the available wireless networks and their access points using a software scanner. And they can probably get GPS information on the location of each of the cell phone devices and map them against the facility I’m in. Early on in the mobbing, I do remember the harassers warning me that they had every inch of my home mapped out using GPS. At the time I dismissed it; the mobbers have often and obviously made statements such as that in an attempt to induce panic and make me flee my home. But I can see now how GPS coordinates could be useful when mapped against access points or speaker-enabled devices used to harass, especially in a “surround sound” system of harassment when the mobbers occupy the residences on either side of the property they want to subsume.

The only question then is how they would track me through the facility. They would either have to guess, based on time, whether I’m in the showers or the pool, or they would have to jump on the facility wireless which probably gives easy access to cameras in the facility as well as to public address speakers they can use to harass their victim. Camfecting the cell phones of those around me might be of limited use based on placement. Once there is a routine established, or perhaps once the mobber monitoring me at home sees me leave my home with a swimming bag, they know I’ll reach Lynnwood in a given amount of time. They might not even have to follow or use any camera system on the highway if they watch the facility cameras for my arrival. And if they lurk on the wireless network they might be able to pick up cell phone information for any devices that are joined to the network without the use of IMSI catchers.

Of course, this is speculative based on what knowledge I’ve accumulated in the months over the mobbing. I am not a hacker. But has raised the reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the tenant clearers who are mobbing me to $5,000 and expects to be able to find matching funds in the community. Real estate mobbing is highly criminal and needs to be exposed. If you’re a hacker who thinks you can explain how it would work, please comment and I will publish the comments. When it comes to preventing predatory and deceptive crimes like this one, knowledge certainly is power. When it comes to persuading investigative authorities like the Seattle Police Department to escalate this matter to the FBI for investigation, knowledge is everything.





Mobbed in the locker room (part 2)

Yesterday I read an article on the web that used the term “Tenant Relocator” for a professional tenant harasser in New York. Perhaps the “service” they provide of “relocating” a tenant does not always include harassment. I’ve planned a blog on the rhetoric of documenting real estate mobbing that will talk about how to write a believable account of a crime that the criminals who do it design to be unbelievable. The term “Tenant Relocator” is a sometimes euphemistic name given by the classes who hire these consultants to use legal or semi-legal means to “clear” renters; the term “real estate mobbing” is used in this blog to mean forced eviction accomplished by criminal means. I settled on the use of the latter term based on the harassers own declarations that they are “the mob” or “mobbers,” and that they are “property mobbing” me and the property on which I legally reside. This dovetailed with the use of the term “real estate mobbing” that I found in published documents on forced eviction by the United Nations and Amnesty International.

At least twice in the last week, when I’ve been talking to people outside, the nasty co-captain of the neighborhood watch has come out and made a grand disturbance of throwing things around on the deck in front of her driveway. She opens and slams shut the lids of her garbage cans and flings blocks of wood across her deck. The people I’m talking to look over in alarm. I don’t bother. Her displays return to her old “normal” as I settle in new roommates and prepare to begin a new piece of work out of town. Her scheme to have me harassed from my home and to force the sale of the property, every bit as grand as her maliciousness, has failed, and after two years of continuous stalking, monitoring, and harassment, the owners of the mobbing houses on either side of me, owners who either are real estate mobbers or employ them, have only created a tremendous criminal and civil exposure for themselves, the malicious  co-captain, and their speculator cronies. The harassment coming was intensified last night and this morning, making it hard to get enough sleep. Symptoms of physical stress that were evident as I lay down to sleep last night continue today, including an increased heart rate, a feeling of squeezing in the temples and brow, a running nose and constricted respiration. To finally sleep last night, in addition to the sound board, I stacked pillows around me in an attempt to further dampen sound from windows already laden with sound board.

The winds have picked up this morning, but I can still hear the voice of the owner of the north house inside my home demanding me to “Move on!” This is the owner of the much esteemed and supposedly benevolent profession who eavesdropped on my discussion with Seattle Police when I told them about the harassment being put onto my wireless TV when they showed up to my door after he made a complaint about my legal noise. This was when he was under a temporary restraining order not to harass me, before I attempted to get an anti-harassment order because of the radio-based and wireless harassment and stalking. This man then, banking on the court’s lack of familiarity with this type of harassment, stood in front of the court and asked if I had in fact told the police such a thing. The judge, having never heard of such a strange thing, picked up on the insinuation that I had a screw loose and banged the gavel: “Dismissed!” This is one of the mobbers’ plays in the courtroom that should get them indicted for obstruction of justice.

In court that day were the owners of the south and north mobbing houses, the malicious co-captain of the malignant neighborhood watch, the girlfriend of the owner of the south mobbing house whose voice has played such a strong role in the harassment and who posed as the “queen bee” of the mob at its outset and their attorney, and the snarky thirty-something with a BMW who responded to my complaint to the Washington Bar Association about him saying one night when I was outside my home that he was “evicting a senior” and would have “her out tonight” by including my complaint as an exhibit in his poorly written complaint and  alleging that I was harassing him. That’s also a routine tactic these people use, and threaten to use, to shut their victims up. These people who’ve now been engaged in a criminal effort to harass me from my home for nearly two years laughed their way out of the courtroom that day, donning designer sunglasses and flashing smiles. And this morning the man of the benevolent profession who has openly stood outside in his yard and complained, “We won’t get her out for not gardening,” and backhandedly threatened me, “She’ll leave when she sees what we have in store” for [some other renters who left after a year in this neighborhood which included fighting an attempt on the part of the malicious co-captain across from me to get an order of protection against them in court] plays an active role in the harassment, demanding “I want her out.” My understanding is that he has building permits which last year were extended into this year.

“I want her out” is a statement in the harassment that has been said by the voices of the owners of the north and south mobbing houses. I suspect that like, “We’re harassing the Village Idiot,” this is stock in trade in their mobbing-style harassment in which the harassers play the role of aggrieved home owners (also called “Krolls” in the harassment, now that I think of it), the spiteful captains of the neighborhood watch, and the small-time speculators and house flippers who often combine this with accusations that I’m “ruining [their] biz” and that my mobbing is a “professional real estate hit.”

In the last year, I’ve raised my own rent to ensure my landlords are getting closer to market value on this house, and I’ve done so despite ongoing and brutal harassment from third parties. I’ve had the gutters cleaned, I’ve finally started to do landscaping in the garden that I can be proud of and I started a blog about “mobbing” style tenant harassment—this blog—that I hope will educate people about a brutal and deceptive form of tenant “clearing” that probably happens in the United States a lot more than we might have thought.

I’d like to get a couple more blogs up before I head out of town, but might settle for just this one and my monthly letter to the Washington State Attorney General, various local officials, and the Seattle Tenants Union.

Heads up, FBI, I’m going to another state to do some work and this is a great opportunity to track the stalking. Typically when I leave the state in a vehicle as I’ll be doing this weekend, I’m harassed all the way to my destination on the radio, something that is audible even without a connected iPhone and with volume I can muffle to some extent by turning over air conditioning, venting, and lowering the volume control on the car radio but something I cannot altogether stop. Once I’m at my destination, there is usually harassment obvious over access points, radios, and telephone. But this time I’m staying in a different place, and there may be people there with better hearing than the older relative I was staying with last time I worked out of town. The layout of the house and the location and use of wireless access points and radio inside it will affect it. Since I’ll be working at a different place in a different location, my habits will also be different. It’ll be interesting to see how it works out. It’s possible that these changes will increase the challenge level for the mobbers or, if I’m lucky, their increasing risk of detection could quiet the harassment substantially. One constant will be swimming, so I’ll finish up this blog in advance to make clear how the monitoring happens in public locker rooms and bathrooms.

With any luck, I’ll write some blogs while out of town. And, another heads up FBI, there will be a round trip flight on a weekend from my work locale. This could be a chance to dispense with my speculation in Flying the friendly skies, and to find out  exactly how the real estate mobbers who’ve been stalking me and trying to harass me from my home “mob” in airports and on airplanes.

It’s hard to describe what it’s like living in my situation. Even if I say that the harassment is almost continuous, the experience of it probably won’t be grasped by anyone who has never been in my situation, anyone who has not been continuously stalked, monitored, and harassed. I note that it is possible that at least some points, they harass me with sound loops (a recording that endlessly repeats) and do not listen, but for their own safety, and the safety of the real estate speculators and neighborhood watch members who were instrumental in setting up my mobbing, the real estate mobbers are likely always watching to avoid the detection that would take place if the wrong person overheard the harassment that is vented, projected or transmitted into my home.

My refusal to leave my home has required me to live in a state of constant monitoring and harassment as I lived before I became aware of it. As I’ve become acculturated to it, the harassment has become less and less of a factor in my daily activities. So I rise, I respond to email with the sound turned off on my laptop. I respond to calls while ignoring the demand, heard from my speaker, to “Get out!” and “Move on!” I shower and dress while giving as little attention as possible to the insults and the threats. Some of the time, a shift of attention silences them. If I listen to music in the car, I listen loud and with cell, wireless, and GPS tracking turned off as much as possible. If I stand at the sink in front of the windows that have always been a target for the mobbers in the south mobbing house, I focus on the task at hand and, if I cannot, I get a piece of sound board and prop it up onto the window sill. If I go to the bathroom, I ignore the chatter if I can and, if not, I put packages of toilet paper and bottles of shampoo on the window sill to block and break up what is probably harassment projected onto surfaces. They have crafted a mode to harassment no matter the environment I’m in.

When I am in public, the mobbers must take care. But this does not stop them from harassing me in public spaces shared with others, even public spaces where privacy is carefully guarded.

(To be continued…)


Mobbed in the locker room (part 1)

A windstorm cut through Seattle yesterday, felling trees and leaving a trail of debris. But that didn’t stop the parking lot at the Lynnwood Recreation Center from filling up.

Swimming has been a mainstay form of exercise for me since my childhood when my parents enrolled me and my sister into youth swim team. With a cycling injury that’s stopped me from taking long walks and bike rides for nearly a year now, swimming and gardening have been my only forms of exercise.

I was swimming at a pool in Shoreline, but that pool is now closed until June for repairs. Averse to the crowded city pools of Seattle, I’ve settled on the city of Lynnwood, about ten miles north of Seattle, as the best alternative for a pool with lap swim hours expansive enough to afford me, at least on occasion, the solitude of a lane alone. But this doesn’t stop the tenant clearers who have been working for nearly two years now to harass me out of my legal home in an anti-renter neighborhood in northeast Seattle.

This post describes how real estate mobbers criminally violate the privacy of others in order to harass me in those private spaces in the public domain: locker rooms and bathrooms.

Real estate mobbing, as I have experienced it in this lakeside neighborhood in northeast Seattle, means constant monitoring—watching—and harassment, within and without my home. The monitoring is enabled by stalking.

Monitoring describes a subset of stalking activities, but I haven’t been able to find a specific definition of it in the Revised Code of Washington (RCW). But I took a second look at the RCW and it looks like when watching is performed for the purpose of harassment, it is legally defined in the State of Washington as stalking.

Rev. Code Wash. (ARCW) § 9A.46.110. Stalking. (2007)
(1)  A person commits the crime of stalking if, without lawful authority and under circumstances not amounting to a felony attempt of another crime:
(a)  He or she intentionally and repeatedly harasses or repeatedly follows another person; and
(b)  The person being harassed or followed is placed in fear that the stalker intends to injure the person, another person, or property of the person or of another person. The feeling of fear must be one that a reasonable person in the same situation would experience under all the circumstances; and
(c)  The stalker either:

(i) Intends to frighten, intimidate, or harass the person; or
(ii) Knows or reasonably should know that the person is afraid, intimidated, or harassed even if the stalker did not intend to place the person in fear or intimidate or harass the person.

RCW § 9A.46.110 pretty clearly describes the manner in which I have been followed within and without my home and in and out of the State of Washington for nearly two years by a bunch of scumbucket real estate speculators or the harassers they hire to help them to harass residents from the properties they want. On a finer point, we could say that whenever they’re not committing some other crime enabled by the stalking, according to the law, they are stalking me.

The point of the stalking is to give chase, and the point of the chase is to make the tenant run. Real estate mobbing, as I have experienced it, combines techniques of surveillance with the form of harassment most effective for the victim’s environment in a cops-and-robbers approach to chasing a legal tenant out of her home. For those unfamiliar with this blog, I’ll recap.

Based on the fact that my mobbing began after years of bullying orchestrated by members of the neighborhood watch in my northeast Seattle neighborhood, bullying that demonstrated collusion between the “watch,” developers working the neighborhood, real estate agents and some apparent small-time investors and house flippers who bought the houses around me, and based on the fact that the criminal harassment that is part of my being mobbed at home is pretty clearly delivered from the houses to the north and south of me, this appears to be an American form of real estate mobbing, a form of harassment used to “clear” tenants from properties that speculators want. The methods of the harassers are so practiced that I must conclude they are professional harassers or have worked with professional harassers to learn their technique.

This method of “clearing” tenants is, no doubt, the dirty little secret of unethical developers and speculators, preferred because in treating the legal tenant like a criminal and investigating the tenant background for anything that can be used against him, the criminal harassers not only play to and profit off of the nastiness of anti-renter neighborhoods, but by pretending to be working for “the law” or other authority figures they are able to harass and harangue tenants into believing they are in legal jeopardy and then to get them to quietly “move on,” and keep their mouths shut.

The stalking that enables the harassment—much of which is legally considered cybercrime—is unceasing, continuing even during an individual’s most private moments. The formal opening of a mobbing, at least the point where civil harassment makes an obvious leap into the criminal realm, may come with the victim “overhearing” statements that let her know she is being watched inside her house. In my case, it was the voice of a neighbor two years ago, probably projected onto the window pane of my bathroom window, saying, “I turned down the mic. She’s in the john.” A woman responded, “Did they say we could do that?” The pretense that I was “overhearing” things was soon dropped as the mobbers began to constantly remark on my activities. This is a way to ensure that you know you are being watched, and to harass. In a single stroke, mobbers remove privacy and quiet from your existence. This is probably a pretty effective method of tenant clearing.

It’s an election year and a storm is afoot. Let’s talk about how the criminal harassers who call themselves “mobbers”—this “bad-boy” wave of real estate speculators—stalk and harass in public locker rooms and bathrooms.

Beware, these are the Ides of March.

(To be continued…)

Reporting cell phone harassment

When the real estate mobbing began, I was phone phreaked, my cordless calls were apparently intercepted as voices that sounded curiously like my neighbors began chattering on my line and pretending that the wires were crossed, and the intercom function on my cordless phone was used to monitor me—something I realized after coming into the bedroom and seeing the monitoring light active.

When I finally moved to a cell phone, my calls were immediately intercepted and there was harassment on the line whenever I used the phone. I didn’t yet know about IMSI catchers, nor had I seen the satellite phone contractor working on the line of the mobbing house to the south of me at that point.

It soon became clear to me that the harassment on the cell phone was enabled by the speaker of the device itself and that I could modulate it by turning off the ringer, checking for open sound or video applications, turning down the phone volume, and turning down the volume on iTunes. I also began to check for open applications.

Today I called the Chase Bank 800 number—the one that used to be the Washington Mutual toll free number: 1-800-756-8000—for account information. For some time it’s been apparent that the harassment during phone calls interferes with automated answering systems properly understanding the numbers I press or the information I say. I’ve had calls terminated and many, many frustrating calls when I’ve tried again and again to input sensitive information including account and payment data but each attempt is thwarted either by the simultaneous harassment that is channeled through my speakers or perhaps by intentional interference that likely includes monkey-wrenching by sending other tones or terminating the connection.

I know now that IMSI catchers make it easy to perform a “man-in-the-middle” attack on a cell phone, intercepting the call and allowing for eavesdropping. I do not know if an IMSI catcher makes it possible to speak on the call as well. I imagine if my calls are picked up by an IMSI catcher in the neighborhood, they can drop the call.

At any rate, today when I got tired of the inability of the automated phone system to understand my input by voice and on the keypad, I got a bank employee on the line and explained that I was being harassed on my phone, that this had been going on for a very long time and that it was connected to neighborhood development and that those known to me are involved. I asked the bank employee to tell a supervisor to see if there was a process used to report lurking on confidential calls with one’s bank.

Because of the apparent lack of interest of the Seattle Police and the fact that the cell phone harassment came later and has been just one type of harassment the mobbers have used, I haven’t specifically reported it. I did report the “party line” effect and harassment on the cordless phone and the analog one I briefly returned to afterward to Century Link, but it was very difficult to even get to talk to a customer service representative who knew what “phone phreaking” was. I think, since this is another indication of hacking that usually interests the FBI, I will call the police and make a formal report this week.

It’s now almost two years since I’ve been able to make a phone call without having to listen to harassment at the same time.

Come on Washington Attorney General and Seattle City Attorney, the past two years of my life I have been a victim to continuous monitoring, stalking and a host of felonies designed to scare me out of my home. This is professional tenant clearing and an investigation should easily expose it. No good city should let criminals do this to legal residents. The good City of Seattle must ensure that neighborhood watch organizations, developers and real estate speculators who would do this are harshly dealt with.


Don’t steal cars near houses that are being mobbed

Last night the new owner of a home near me told me that a new Audi was stolen from his driveway earlier this month. I hadn’t heard.

If you’ve read my earlier blogs, you know that I’ve had security cameras. At present, I only have one, but after the new home owner told me about the loss of his vehicle, I checked my security footage to see if it included the stretch of time during which the Audi was stolen. It does.

At any rate, I told the home owner he could drop by and see if the framing of the video might make it worth reviewing or turning over to the police.

The thing is that, in my experience of this real estate mobbing, I am constantly being monitored. What is happening to me is a crime that is highly illegal. To protect their interests and those of their associates or supporters in the neighborhood watch, in development, and in real estate speculation, the real estate mobbers must monitor my driveway and the street. I have noted in the past that at least some of the harassment is quieted when police cars, cars with scanning radios, are close by me. This requires an eye on the street that I have assumed to be constant.

And that means that there may be a real estate mobber or professional tenant clearer, especially one who might have been working in the house to the north of me that is directly across the street from where the Audi was stolen, who might have seen something, and had a better view than my security camera, when the vehicle was stolen.

Because of the constant threats included in the harassment from the neighboring houses, harassment that has been intended to scare me out of my home, this column is anonymous. But I write a letter, at least monthly, that is addressed to the Attorney General, the Seattle City Attorney and other officials. And the police do know who I am. I hoped that this combination of anonymity and reporting would protect me until I could get an investigation. So if the information in this blog is used, I would hope that it is used in a way that continues to protect me, and perhaps finally to investigate and arrest the real estate mobbers and let me get back to my life.

$5000 reward for information leading to the arrest of real estate mobbers has now increased the amount of the reward for the arrest and conviction of those involved in mobbing the author of this blog in northeast Seattle. That reward is now $5,000.00 and, chances are, we’ll be able to find matching funds from donors who are appalled by what we all learn about forced eviction by harassment after their exposure.

If you have information that is likely to compel the arrest of those involved in this organized crime whose purpose is the illegal forced eviction of a Seattle tenant and the “turning over” of the property on which she resides, likely for acquisition by real estate speculators, please give that information to the Seattle Police Department.  Helpful information would probably include the identities of those involved, the identities of any past victims, and details about the methods of harassment they use such as radio, ventilation, cell phone, wireless network, and speakers.

People who do what they do or do business with people who do what they do have probably made the mistake of divulging their business to those who don’t care for it, or for them. Turning these people in will make a big difference in the lives of those they’ve victimized and will continue to victimize if they are not brought to justice.

Thank you.

How mobbers script harassment to avoid legal jeopardy

In a recent blog entry, Tip: The use of “safe” words in mobbing, I described how real estate mobbers use code when harassing over a public address system, a speaker-enabled access point, or the cell phones of those near their victim. For example, in my own mobbing, the mobbers began to use the name “Kroll” after I requested disclosure of inquiries from Kroll Background America and credit reporting agencies. After checking my credit report, I had come to believe that an illegal background check had been run on me. Those harassing me use “Kroll!” or “Call Kroll!” in the same way they use “Bot!”—as a demand for me to leave my home.

The mobbers also began to use “Kroll” to mean “kill,” most commonly threatening We’ll kroll you in court! This came after a period of time when they constantly threatened to “kill” me, and then, probably because the law spells out stiff penalties for threatening someone’s life, began to clarify that they would “kill” me “online.” To “kill” someone online, if I recall correctly, appears to be a reference to an extreme defamation of character. I remember one of the mobbers merrily threatening me in the earlier days of the mobbing from the other side of a tall hedge: “We’ll kill you online and off.” Those were heady days for the mobbers, before I became inured to the threats, days when they reveled in their power as the bullying took hold. But as the count of days in the mobbing wore on, they began to substitute the word “kroll” as code for “kill.”

Real estate mobbers, at least those mobbing me in this upscale enclave of northeast Seattle, use threats of civil action to clamp down on victim reports of the crimes they commit. Based on my own experience, I believe that in most cases, the threats mobbers use are empty. As the “white-glove” method of forced eviction, mobbers want you to believe their threats and leave quietly, and of your own volition; they do not want to carry out their threats and prefer to avoid actions that could expose them, and their clientele, to legal jeopardy.

When mobbers are forced to initiate or respond to civil action, their petitions and claims should be carefully examined for obstruction of justice. For example, while using directional speakers to ensure that no one but the mobbing victim hears the harassment, mobbers may claim in court that the victim is “hearing voices” or has become “paranoid schizophrenic.” If a mobbing victim attempts but fails to get an anti-harassment order because of the difficulty of proving harassment by radio or surface harassment projected onto window panes, mobbers may turn the tables on the tenant and make a bid to shut him down with their own petition for an anti-harassment order. They may even say that the tenant’s attempt at an order was harassment, a confounding thing for a victim of criminal harassment. In such a case, the petition for an order of anti-harassment against the tenant the mobbers are harassing should be construed, in its entirety, as obstruction of justice, because the ultimate goal of such a petition is  to intimidate the victim into acquiescence and finally vanquish him from his home.

The victim of real estate mobbing who fights for her home pays a price. Mobbing is highly illegal and includes the endless commission of felony crimes ranging from aggravated harassment and stalking to eavesdropping on calls and following over wireless networks. Mobbers construct their crimes to protect themselves and their partners from legal jeopardy. For this reason, the mobbers exact a penalty for each day the mobbing victim refuses to “get the hell out” of her home. In my own mobbing, the harassment escalated over time to the point of becoming relentless and including deliberate and repetitive early morning wakings, even on days when I face the grueling 800-mile-drive from Seattle to the San Francisco Bay Area to stay employed.

Mobbers construct mobbing harassment to ensure that even if you have a viable claim against them, you will have to brave courtroom humiliation to prove it. At least, that’s their expectation for civil claims where damages are tied to the depth of the humiliation and distress the victim recounts in court.  Mobbers assume that their crimes cannot be proved and that victims who fail to shut up and get out, lacking recourse in criminal court, will resort to civil court for remedy. Civil court, however, is part of the mobbers’ strategy.

Once you are in civil court, you will likely be made to recount, verbatim, the slurs of the mobbers. If your mobbers are like mine, they’ll be sure to script a flattering blend of accusations and insults. You’ll probably have to recount how they kept talking about “what you did to that kid” or how they described “your abs, Babs!” You might be asked to state exactly how they threatened to report you to your employer for lying on your time sheet, or how they went on about you kiting checks every time you stood at the cashier’s counter. Even if they only listen and never watch, they’ll be sure to tell you about how you look in orgasm, how you urinate, or how you touch yourself in the shower (washing is that way). When you’re asked in court under oath what they said, your testimony against them  will demand that you expose yourself to potential ridicule and may even, in the eyes of some, raise doubts about your own character.

This is what the mobbers bank on—that your own discomfort with describing the content of the harassment they’ve subjected you to within and without your home and in and out of bed and bath, will silence you and send you packing. This is why they like to threaten, We’ll kroll you in court!

These threats of criminals who call themselves “the mob,” these threats of criminals who are either tenant clearers or real estate speculators who clear tenants for a good deal, these threats must be stripped of their power.

Real estate mobbing is a racket and should be investigated and prosecuted as one. The crimes that this racket includes should be prosecuted and those who commit them should be regarded as criminals. Victim’s compensation should be exacted by the prosecutorial system through civil or criminal forfeiture whenever possible to save victims from having to relive the mobbing in civil court. Those who are victims of real estate mobbing should be protected by the court from further violations of privacy during the prosecution of mobbing crimes. Mobbing crime should be prosecuted in criminal court before damages are sought for civil claims and courtroom attempts of the mobbers or the attorneys of the mobbers to embarrass and humiliate the victims of mobbing should be met with objections and with the same disciplinary measures and penalties meted out to officers of the court who would blame victims of rape for the violent acts against them.