Countermeasures to mobbing harassment: The weather

A note on some natural countermeasures to mobbing style harassment that likely involves radio.

This last night I slept well. Part of that could have been exhaustion after the past two nights when the tenant clearers—aka the “real estate mobbers” or “mobbers”— wailed on me during the night, waking me even through layers of soundboard in the absence of my roommates. But a lot of it may have been the weather pattern, something I’ve noticed before for its dampening of the harassment. The factors were higher winds and heavier rains, both related to storm conditions and not just the drizzle that Seattle is known for.

The fact that the environment can quiet the harassment could be a strong indicator that radios and antennas are involved in its transmission between houses. I’m not sure of the effect of weather on the directional “beam” of a parametric speaker, if it is speaker-based harassment. Today at a South Seattle meetup on wireless and its vulnerabilities, I did hear reference to a wireless protocol that attempts to shape the transmission from an omni-directional antenna as a directional beam so there seem to be other possibilities. Perhaps I’ll do a separate posting mentioning those in case it gives anyone reading this ideas about how the real estate mobbers are able to quietly harass people out of their homes.

I’m hoping for a wild spring. ▪


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