Sleep better during mobbing harassment by combining a change of sleeping position with the use of sound board

The last couple of nights I changed sleeping position, reversing the position of my head and feet in the bed. The significance of the change is that my head is no longer close to the north wall of the house. Instead, I’m in the north bedroom with my head about 4 feet from the south wall of the bedroom, an interior wall with a second bedroom on the other side. I’ve tried this position before but it didn’t change things much then. That was before I started using sound board, much less stacking layers of it in the two windows in the north bedroom. The combination of the layers of sound board on the windows on the west and north walls of the bedroom with the change in sleeping position has made a further difference, probably making it more difficult to reach me by the projection of sound or by bone conduction as I sleep on my side with my head further away from the exterior wall of the house.

Note that because I am a side sleeper, something those real estate mobbing me have taken great advantage of, I am more vulnerable to certain types of sound harassment than those who sleep on their backs or stomachs may be. For more information about sound transmitted through “bone conduction,” see my blog entry Mobbing close to the bone.

So the tip for those being real estate mobbed by those using similar techniques would be to sleep with your head closest to an interior wall, not an exterior wall or one that can be accessed by projecting sound through a window pane and into your house. To make it harder to reach you, use generous amounts of sound board on the windows, in layers. As of late, depending on the window I use a piece of sound board that was cut to fit tightly into the window frame. I use a second piece to cover the entire opening of the window and the trim that frames the window several inches beyond in every direction. I might use some other pieces depending on what I have available but covering the window using those two strategies is key. I make sure that I remove them during the day to allow the house, and its inhabitants, to get fresh air and light.

This blog entry offers a countermeasure to some of the harassment I experience in the course of my own real estate mobbing. As such, this advice works for my situation, in which those “mobbing” me seem to be using methods of projecting sound by directional speakers, radio and ventilation onto the surfaces of my home. This may include projection onto external walls of the house, from one mobbing house to the other through my house using a dipole ground or other system or transmission, or may be limited to the surfaces of window panes. Your mileage may vary.


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