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On being mobbed is a blog about being “mobbed,” that is being the victim of real estate mobbing or property mobbing, in what should be a peaceful northeast neighborhood of Seattle at the shores of Lake Washington and just over the Burke-Gilman bicycle trail.

It’s Friday night tonight and I had just come in when a male voice intoned “Better log on,” so I’ll just title this entry with that, the kind of threat I hear constantly through my days as men seem to come to the forefront of the bullying effort that this real estate mobbing is. Let me clarify that “log on” is a reference to the bot hoax of the early days of the mobbing. Where “log on” is used on this site, it is mobber doubletalk for “Get out!”

Real estate mobbing is all about hoaxing, hacking, threatening, and ultimately bullying a person out of their legal home. But the hoaxing, hacking, and threatening haven’t worked in my case, so increasingly, it’s down to the bullying of me—a single middle-aged woman—by some pricks whose real estate deals aren’t likely to come to fruition since I have refused to play the frightened female renter and leave my legal home.

While I was outside just now, the owner of the house to my south opened his garage door and made the usual pretense of standing around and playing with his unleashed dog. This is the one whose mother told me on first meeting that “most renters aren’t very good people.” I guess this is an example of how prejudice is taught at home. Now he’s banging his trash cans around on the south side of my house, a common theme in the harassment. When I’m especially lucky, they project recordings that are likely sound loops (meaning an unending loop of the same sound, a film technique) of endless trash can migrations over apparently vast stretches of asphalt. The insults and threats that I commonly hear when I work outside are likely him or one of the other “mobbers” standing in the darkness of the garage or aiming the “beam” of a highly directional speaker like the Audio Spotlight ( or the SoundLazer (  to harass me without those walking by on their way down to the Burke-Gilman bike trail hearing it. In a recent post, I remarked on the tendency this owner has had to leave the garage open and the likelihood of his garage serving as a “chamber” to amplify sound for my hearing.

This sort of thing is typical on Fridays. The prick who owns the house to the south doesn’t work Fridays and though he hides his own large SUV in his garage much of the time since I began writing the City of Seattle, the Chief of Police and the Attorney General for the State of Washington, there is usually a shift in the harassment that marks his presence on these weekends.

Because three houses nearby have changed hands, and because of the information I am increasingly sending to the City of Seattle and perhaps because of what I am writing in this blog, they modulate their harassment a bit more, at least some of the time. When I turn on the TV, however, they no longer seem terribly affected by my use of the DVR to record the TV broadcasts as they harass over them,  and now that they’re accustomed to it, they don’t bother to quiet the harassment when I set up a digital recorder in front of the television speakers as a fallback recording method in the event that the DVR recording doesn’t pick up radio projected using a low-power pirate station or an unlicensed band sent by linear antenna from a nearby property.

I think they’re just hoping they can threaten me out of my home before an investigation begins.

This is in fact probably the case, dear Mayor Murray and City of Seattle, Washington State Attorney General, Chief of Police Kathleen O’Toole and the Seattle Tenants Union that I am now copying on my snail mail letters. So please give me a hand here. I’m someone who has been trying to do the right thing for years now, to get some criminal scumbucket real estate profiteers who seem to “acquire” property by harassing out its residents the attention they deserve.

It’s just another Friday night for me, when to stay home is to watch a film with harassment dubbed in on-the-fly over the sound track from my neighbors, another night when to walk from window to window in my home is to be followed by harassment projected onto the surfaces of the panes:

You’re old and ugly!

You’re the Village Idiot!

Get the fuck out!

Literally running people out of their homes is a “business strategy” for these speculators. Crime is the basis of their real estate speculation; this may be a trend nationwide. I’m probably not the first person they’ve done this too—the hoaxes and scams are too practiced—and the means they use to accomplish the harassment include interstate crimes and cyber-crimes such as stalking in secured airports and on airplanes.

I shouldn’t have had to go through what I’ve had to experience here in my legal home. But I’ve refused to let it force me out of my home because, in part based on the fact that it has been so difficult to get help from authorities, it is absolutely clear that this crime must be exposed and its perpetrators arrested. Those who move in around a property to take it by criminal means should be prosecuted for racketeering. In cases where a corrupt neighborhood watch invites criminal speculators into a neighborhood or supports their crimes, they should be prosecuted as well.

Come on Mayor Murry, come on City of Seattle and State of Washington. I’ll continue to write and send information, and I’ll continue to blog. But I hope you’re investigating by  now. This is not a healthy situation for anyone to endure. Arrest these scumbuckets so I can resume my quiet enjoyment in my home.

Here’s a tip that might help. Two of the cases I found a few years back for two of the names, one name associated with each mobbing house, seemed to involve property. Could be other bad behavior (one incident involving someone who now holds a  license to practice law appeared to be a case of property destruction), but the transcript is probably worth looking at for references to “mobbing” or harassment. One more name associated with one of the houses came up with a domestic violence conviction. At the time I noted that stalking was a subset of domestic violence. If I’m lucky, this kind of research is something the Seattle City Attorney’s Office is already doing to investigate this organized crime of racketeering in northeast Seattle.

Give me a hand out here. I can’t keep the crooks here indefinitely.



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