Reward for information that leads to the arrest of real estate mobbers is offering a $3000 reward for the arrest and conviction of those involved in mobbing the author of this blog in northeast Seattle. If you have information that is likely to compel the arrest of those involved in this organized crime whose purpose is the illegal forced eviction of a Seattle tenant and the “turning over” of the property on which she resides, likely for acquisition by real estate speculators, please give that information to the Seattle Police Department.  Helpful information would probably include the identities of those involved, the identities of any past victims, and details about the methods of harassment they use such as radio, cell phone, wireless network, and speakers.

Thank you.



Short-range technologies of mobbing: Directional WiFi

Today I attended a South Seattle meetup on WiFi and its vulnerabilities. As someone with next to no knowledge of radio, it was a revelation for me to realize the following over these last months:

  • Everything is a radio, including WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • Radio is a software application called software-defined radio (SDR), something that hackers are apparently quite interested in.
  • Radio is directional; this is probably based on the directionality of an antenna, that is, the capacity of the antenna to control the trajectory of the signal.

In the same vein, any waveform can probably be transmitted with directionality.

Hence, what I learned about today, “directional” WiFi, a protocol that attempts to shape the modulated waveforms of wireless from omni-directional antenna—probably those on a router, I would imagine—into “beams.” It might be IEEE 802.11ad, as described by Thomas Nitsche et al in IEEE 802.11ad: Directional 60 GHz Communication for Multi-Gbps Wi-Fi at

Chuck Fung’s 2011 thesis on Basic Antenna Theory and Application focuses on directional antennas, including dipole antennas. I had considered that dipole antennas might be a possibility for line-of-sight (LOS) transmission of waveforms between two mobbing houses located on either side of the house to be acquired; at least, it appeared that might be possible, for example, if the dipoles were sunk into the ground and the ultra-low frequency (ULF) band of 300-3000 Hz was used. This band is used for below ground communication within mines and, one might think, could be suitable to send vibrations through a common slab or through the earth under the house sought for acquisition after the residents are expelled by the harassment. Geophysics uses the very low frequency (VLF) band of 3-30 kHz. I don’t know about seismographic technologies but these are certainly of interest to building engineers, especially in fragile environments like my own slide-prone neighborhood over Lake Washington.

Cisco’s 2007 document Omni Antenna vs. Directional Antenna compares the use of both types of antennas with wireless systems at

I haven’t looked at this yet and this is all I know about it but it sounds like it could be analogous to the directionality of a parametric speaker and perhaps even paired with the technology. I’m just guessing though. If the directionality was precise enough, I wonder if the broadcast of packets could be focused in a manner that would limit a transmission to a single device, for example.

I’m sure there are a lot of network technologists and hackers out there who’d probably be quick to grasp the capabilities of directional WiFi to “mob” or harass neighbors, if such capabilities do exist.

Feel free to comment.

Countermeasures to mobbing harassment: The weather

A note on some natural countermeasures to mobbing style harassment that likely involves radio.

This last night I slept well. Part of that could have been exhaustion after the past two nights when the tenant clearers—aka the “real estate mobbers” or “mobbers”— wailed on me during the night, waking me even through layers of soundboard in the absence of my roommates. But a lot of it may have been the weather pattern, something I’ve noticed before for its dampening of the harassment. The factors were higher winds and heavier rains, both related to storm conditions and not just the drizzle that Seattle is known for.

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To catch a mobber, catch a cyber-criminal

About six months back, I wrote a post called To catch a mobber with tips that I hoped would help investigative authorities to help me. My understanding of my situation—being a victim of a real estate mobbing—continues to evolve, especially as I begin to learn more about hacking and the technologies that enable the seamless, end-to-end experience of harassment that those mobbing me strive to deliver. This blog entry offers an idea to the investigator on how forensic evidence of mobbing may be gathered.

A good portion of the harassment that is real estate mobbing, at least that done in my lakeside neighborhood in northeast Seattle, is enabled by cyber-crimes like cyber-stalking. It’s a mash-up of technologies, this real estate mobbing. While most of the longer-distance technologies may be based on types of cyber-stalking, those techniques function equally well in close proximity where, with shortened attack vectors, they are less likely to be detected and can be performed with a reduced level of exposure for a high-end customer base.

Stalking and harassment enabled by wireless network is, no matter how you cut it, a constant theme. And those manufacturers who sell wireless infrastructure and devices have created a hacking free-for-all with their lack of attention to access with privacy. Access with privacy could be a mantra with the same discouraged two-letter acronym assigned the term access point, AP. On being mobbed will in future use the term Access with Privacy with an acronym of AwP.

When the mobbing first started, I did not use a cell phone. The mobbers adapted and used phone phreaking and techniques appropriate to cordless phones to lurk and harass on speaker. These likely included the use of scanners that routinely pick up the insecure signals of cordless phones. I’m not sure how their “party call” attendance on at least my side of phone calls was achieved but every time I picked up the phone, there they were. They also made good use of speakers on the cordless phone base station and handsets to monitor and listen. After seeing the monitor light come on when I entered the bedroom, I packed away the more fully featured cordless phone with caller ID that I’d gotten just a few months before and returned to the 1970s style Bell telephone. When the party continued and my iPod classic finally died, I went to an iPhone. By this time, before I had any knowledge of IMSI catchers, and even before I saw a local contractor for satellite phones working on the lines of one of the mobbing houses, I had few illusions about keeping the iPhone private.

When I got the iPhone, I continued the same strategy of using the minimum amount of connectivity needed to communicate with the outside world. I used restrictive privacy settings that, as of late, I’ve restricted further by setting the phone to accept no phone calls. I did this in case the mobbers are accessing my speakers by silently calling into my phone—of course, I don’t know if that’s possible; I just want to rule out the possibility. I found that keeping the ringer off quiets one means of harassment. I also try to lower the volume of iTunes when I’m done with it and close streaming or other sound applications and these measures seem to produce some positive effect. Generally I keep my location hidden. I additionally set cell phone and wireless services to OFF. I even purchased a shielding case to hide the advertisement of IP and MAC address as much as possible.

Granted, I’m willing to go further than many might to make it hard for the real estate mobbers to do their dirty work. My goal is to last until I can get the scumbucket mobbers arrested, and staying power comes with not letting them run rampant over my devices. If the work of the mobber is to take control of my devices as I wrote in the blog All Your Device Are Belong to Us, my task is to make their work harder for them, to make it harder for them to get to me even when they’re working on the other side of walls in neighboring houses just ten feet away.

Another thing I do is to leave my cell phone off or at home. This mitigates the harassment; it does not stop it. The mobbers will always find another means and will jump from platform to platform to get to you. They often use the cell phones of others. This would be enabled by people who leave their wireless service set to ON all the time. Wireless is the weak point. In public buildings, they can map the network and hop from access point to access point. I’m not sure of the technique behind this yet but I am sure that I hear harassment from speaker-enabled access points nearby. Otherwise, the mobbers use the cell phones of others; this might be enabled by some kind of stalker application or by knowledge of the deployment of access points in the physical location. Or maybe they use an IMSI catcher to pick up identifying information on the smart phones active in an area. They could combine this information with knowledge of my physical location gained by store cameras, for example, to selectively target a cell phone near me for the receipt of harassing statements. Or they could broadcast to a number of phones.

Why isn’t anyone hearing anything besides me? Largely because I have been acculturated to the voices of the harassers and because human beings “tune out” environmental sound that is not of interest. This means that you don’t notice or focus on the fact that the human being near you is being harassed on  the cell phone you leave on for convenience or out of carelessness—the harassing statements have no meaning in your world. And by the by, if  you always leave your phone and wireless enabled, you might want to consider the security of your data. But when it comes to who hears mobbing harassment, there are other factors as well: The mobbers know they’re safe harassing me around people whose hearing might be more limited than mine, especially if they use voices that fall out of the audible range of the potential witness. I recently came across a slew of YouTube videos that estimate your age based on the recorded tones that are audible to you. Resources such as these are likely well used by professional harassers and if your mobbers’ clients are medical professionals, you can count on them being well aware of your age, your health risks, and the limits of your hearing. The awareness of age in mobbing has been obvious in my own case in which whenever I visit an older relative in the Bay Area, the mobbers freely harass me over wireless access point and television speakers. The mobbers also pay attention to ambient noise levels that obscure the harassment for those who are not listening for it. At other times, I’m pretty sure they mix the harassment with a background track to match the target sound track on the television. They also insert harassing statements as overlapping dialog into speech, recorded or real time, when others are nearby.

It has occurred to me that if the Century Link DVR service made a true recording of all sound transmitted to the television tuner and onto the speakers of my television, the signal of the sound track of a recorded film could be compared against the broadcast signal. If the similarities were cancelled out, what was left should be the harassment that “interferes” with the broadcast. Investigators of mobbings using techniques like the one that affects me could use such a technique to obtain forensic evidence from a distance. I do not have external speakers for my television so that should limit the possible methods that can be used to transmit sound that overlaps broadcast and can be modulated using the television sound controls.

In my case, it could be that the technique of harassing using others’ cell phones was a mobbing adaptation required to mob someone who refused to get online, who refused to, as the mobbers continue to demand, “Log on!” But, come to think of it, harassing using the cell phones of others who do not know the voices of the mobbers, do not what mobbing is or what it sounds like, and have no idea that some criminals are attempting to “mob” someone out of their home by harassing on the cell phones of others, may be standard operation for the sneaky and snarky scumbucket mobbers who think they’ll never be caught.

So, to catch a mobber, to catch those mobbing me, don’t just follow me, but keep me close, and keep your cell phone on. Sit behind me at presentations where I move away from speakered access points, follow me down the aisles of stores, look for me between access points and apart from those who sit on public benches without looking up from their devices at the wild bunnies of Redmond or those who walk fingering their devices and falling in front of trains.

Keep your cell phone visible and on. I’m not sure whether every sound that comes off of the speaker of a smart phone can be retrieved by forensic analysis. If it can, so much the better. If it might not be, an investigator should be able to get a white hat to modify the phone with an application that can record even faint sounds and signals that could be audible by an open speaker, an open jack, or any other hardware on the phone that can emit signal as sound. Collect sound without approaching or involving the mobbing victim to reduce the chances that the mobbers will know you’re after them. Through collection and analysis, you should be able to discern the pattern and content of the harassment. Based on my experiences, it seems likely that the pattern you find will represent the method of operation of a group of harassing cyberstalkers who have learned together or taught one another how to harass while evading detection.

By definition, mobbing is monitoring; victims of mobbing may have limited to no privacy. This deprivation of privacy, as well as oppressing the victim, shields criminals and their high-end customers by ensuring that they have detailed information about any contacts between police authorities and reporting victims. Any mobbing victim will be familiarized enough to the harassment so that after the forensic evidence is gathered, he or she can confirm the pattern that must exist to be recognizable to the victim. The mobbing harassment I’ve endured has a definite pattern or semantic that has on occasion reminded me of the Elaine Scarry’s references in The Body in Pain: The making and unmaking of the world to a “nomenclature” of torture and a torturer’s “idiom.” I would suggest that the semantics of mobbing varies from mob to mob depending on the tactics of the harassers and the evolution and duration of the mobbing. In my own case, for example, the entrance of words and phrases into the harassment like “Give us the bot!” and “Log on!” marks specific events in the mobbing and functions as a complement to what are perhaps standard mobbing slings like “You’re the Village Idiot.” In any case, the techniques used to mob me are surely being used by cyber-stalkers to harass others. Catch my mobbers and you will likely catch those who have harmed others and will continue to do so if they are not apprehended.


As an aside, I attended the Bsides information security conference in Redmond, Washington last weekend on the Microsoft campus, where one white-to-gray hat hacker complained about the FBI’s designation of the crimes achieved over the Internet as “cyber-crime.” My dear FBI, he thinks you should find a better term than “cyber.” As for myself, I just want you to arrest those who at the moment of this writing continue to harass me from neighboring properties, so that I can achieve, as President Warren G. Harding said in the dada year of 1920, “A Return to Normalcy.”

A further note, I just heard loud muffler sounds and went to the window to see if there was anything I should be worrying about. A guy in a black truck with a red baseball cap on had paused behind my vehicle and was taking a picture. When I got to the window, he dropped the camera, toked his cigarette, and drove on.

I love these days of early spring over Lake Washington when every day is a surprise. I imagine I might see the truck again later on, at one of the construction sites up the street. Come on City of Seattle and state and federal investigators, my remaining in my lakeside home and reporting what is going on is making me a sitting duck. You need to take an interest here because I have some novels to write, and not about money-grubbing speculators either. It is reasonable to say that there is a network of people involved in property mobbing that can be connected to those property mobbing me. You can probably haul in a good twenty to thirty people with a productive investigation at this point.  Bring the paddy-wagon. I could use a drink.

Location, location location

Another house is on the market up the street, and the For Sale sign bears the name of a prominent managing agent for a large northwestern real estate company whose name begins with “W”. I think you know the one I mean. That woman is the same managing agent who, based on the fact that her children went to the same school as my landlords’ kids, called them on the phone about six to nine months before the mobbing started, telling them it was my fault that an offer fell through on the house of a developer  she was representing. The managing agent, someone I’ve never met, spoke of damages and civil suits for valuation. Less than a year later, the real estate mobbing began after an offer on my home was tendered by that same developer and rejected by my landlords.

That developer seems to have bought another house instead, one that languished on the market for some time after the Great Recession. Likely that house was purchased by the developer for less than the owner wanted when it couldn’t be sold. It’s now being rebuilt just up the street from the latest house that has been put up for sale.

In the last few years, probably more than 50 percent of the homes in this neighborhood have changed hands, been rebuilt, or been built anew. And for the last two years, I’ve been the target of an criminal attempt to harass me out of my home using techniques I’ve come to understand as real estate mobbing, an effort in which I am the target of constant harassing sound and voice that appears to come from the houses on either side of me. My landlords and I have no argument with one another and they do not wish to sell their home. I am a middle-aged woman who faithfully pays my rent and tends my home in a manner I have been told is comparable to a homeowner. Yet I am constantly demanded by obvious criminal real estate speculators or tenant clearers working from the houses around me and supported by an obviously corrupt neighborhood watch, to “Get out!” and “Move on!”

The real estate company whose name begins with “W” seems to be doing a lot of deal-making in my neighborhood. For Sale signs with the name of the same managing agent or one of her subordinates have been all over this hill, in front of houses being flipped and in front of lots being parceled out for sale despite the steep  and fragile terrain of this hillside area over Lake Washington with its tendency to landslides. And this agent is not the only real estate agent who has tried to cause problems for me, an apparent strategy to get the owners of my house to put it on the housing market where the food chain of investors, builders, real estate agents and other speculators can all take their cut as they push up the prices of homes in my neighborhood and make them evermore unaffordable for the 99 percent of us.

One of the agents that woman manages, whose name has also been displayed on numerous For Sale signs in the neighborhood and who brokered the deal on at least one of the mobbing houses to the new owners, sent an email to my landlords that I have in my possession and have passed along to the City of Seattle. I realize I should also send a copy of it to the Better Business Bureau; hopefully I’ll get around to that this week.

That email informed my landlords that the real estate company intended to put the house with the failed offer back on the market, the one they’d attempted to say could not be sold because of me. It threatened to get an order to stop me from talking about that house or talking to any potential buyer. That was pretty amusing, because the one time I’d talked to the couple who put an offer on that house, they had approached me after witnessing the inopportune appearance of Seattle Parking Enforcement as they stood outside the house they’d put an offer on. Parking Enforcement had likely showed up at the behest of the neighborhood watch or the seller’s own real estate agents, to chalk my legally parked vehicles once again. Not to mention the fact that the offer seemed to fall apart soon after the day of the property inspection, an event obvious because of the inspector’s marked truck in the driveway of the house to be sold, as well as by the attendance of sellers and buyers. The couple considering the house had asked me, after exchanging pleasantries, whether I was being harassed by the builder of the house they’d put an offer on; because of the intimidation and the threats to my landlords of valuation law suits, I had declined to answer. But if I were investigating this matter, I would look at the documents on the offer, if they still exist, find the couple who made the alleged failed offer, and ask them why the offer fell through. Because I seriously doubt it was because, as the developer later claimed in a letter to the court, the prospective buyers had said that I was a “true psychopath.”

The email from the real estate agent went on to tell my landlords that I claimed, oddly enough, to hear harassment on my speakers. This letter was sent right after the weekend when I saw that subordinate real estate agent talking to the owner of the one of the mobbing houses. The same agent had tried to flag me down and bothered me numerous times in the past, likely attempting to pressure me into parking where she and her client wanted me to park and to otherwise make me feel uncomfortable in my own neighborhood.

It’s likely that the house I live in has always been the target and that I am viewed as an obstacle to the “turning over” of this house, something like those “reluctant sellers” that the “badass” and “gangsta” members of the site complain about, but with nary a title to grab nor the resources to discourage a mobbing, I am just a renter who’s making it too easy for those damned “reluctant sellers” to hold their property despite a climate of greed.

The email was sent the same weekend that this mobbing house owner came out onto his veranda and made a pretense of working on his house while listening to what I would tell police after he had called them and complained that I was listening to music outside. This event took place in the daytime, during hours that were not quiet hours; in other words, it was probably not an infraction. This owner, by the way, had been quick to install and use speakers outdoors after moving into his residence; I have no installed outdoor speakers.

Accosting legal residents on the street and calling and sending their landlords defamatory email seems like rather unprofessional behavior for real estate agents and, in my case, reveals the entrance by real estate agents into the neighborhood bullying campaign. This type of conduct by professionals whose interest is driven by money is a pretty good indicator of a racket.

A few days later, unfortunately before I received information from my public disclosure request to Seattle Police Department that the owner of that mobbing house who stood out on his veranda listening to my conversation with police was the same person who had made the complaint to police, that owner asked me at the anti-harassment hearing I had brought against him as well as the owner of the other mobbing house, if it was true that I told police I heard harassment on my speakers.

Of course all this was before I found the recipe on the Internet you can use to do just that: Pair Citizen’s Band radio with a linear antenna to put whatever noise you want on your neighbors’ speakers.

It was pretty obvious where the owner of that mobbing house wanted that line of questioning to go, and when I admitted that I had told the police that I do hear harassment on my speakers, the judge did exactly what these people wanted. The judge immediately dismissed my petition for an order for anti-harassment. Apparently, having neighbors who use technology to pipe harassment into the houses of their victims, especially neighbors who appear to be criminal real estate speculators, means that the victims have developed sudden cases of paranoid schizophrenia, cases that will undoubtedly pass as soon as they give the scumbucket mobbers what they want.

At that time, when I finally tried to get anti-harassment orders against the owners of the mobbing houses, I had endured the mobbing for one year.

Months later, the same subordinate real estate agent approached me in the street to ask for a hammer to secure her For Sale sign on the house the developer built but had held off the market for more than a year while blaming me for lack of a sale. When I confronted her about the email to my landlords, she denied having written it and said that her client—the owner and relative of the developer—may have done so. But the email clearly came from her own email address.

I did not lend her a hammer.

The house sold quickly when they finally put it on the market again. The new buyer told me recently that he’d heard the offer that fell through failed because the couple buying it had decided to move to Portland instead.

When legal residents of any neighborhood are harassed by real estate agents, real estate speculators or tenant clearers working for them, real estate speculation is out of control and has become racketeering. Situations such as mine beg the question of whether real estate companies have a business strategy of harassing tenants and might even contract with harassers to turn over properties for speculation or knowingly broker deals to sell to criminal real estate speculators who make harassment part of their investment strategy. Real estate mobbing is by definition an organized crime and a racket.




Sleep better during mobbing harassment by combining a change of sleeping position with the use of sound board

The last couple of nights I changed sleeping position, reversing the position of my head and feet in the bed. The significance of the change is that my head is no longer close to the north wall of the house. Instead, I’m in the north bedroom with my head about 4 feet from the south wall of the bedroom, an interior wall with a second bedroom on the other side. I’ve tried this position before but it didn’t change things much then. That was before I started using sound board, much less stacking layers of it in the two windows in the north bedroom. The combination of the layers of sound board on the windows on the west and north walls of the bedroom with the change in sleeping position has made a further difference, probably making it more difficult to reach me by the projection of sound or by bone conduction as I sleep on my side with my head further away from the exterior wall of the house.

Note that because I am a side sleeper, something those real estate mobbing me have taken great advantage of, I am more vulnerable to certain types of sound harassment than those who sleep on their backs or stomachs may be. For more information about sound transmitted through “bone conduction,” see my blog entry Mobbing close to the bone.

So the tip for those being real estate mobbed by those using similar techniques would be to sleep with your head closest to an interior wall, not an exterior wall or one that can be accessed by projecting sound through a window pane and into your house. To make it harder to reach you, use generous amounts of sound board on the windows, in layers. As of late, depending on the window I use a piece of sound board that was cut to fit tightly into the window frame. I use a second piece to cover the entire opening of the window and the trim that frames the window several inches beyond in every direction. I might use some other pieces depending on what I have available but covering the window using those two strategies is key. I make sure that I remove them during the day to allow the house, and its inhabitants, to get fresh air and light.

This blog entry offers a countermeasure to some of the harassment I experience in the course of my own real estate mobbing. As such, this advice works for my situation, in which those “mobbing” me seem to be using methods of projecting sound by directional speakers, radio and ventilation onto the surfaces of my home. This may include projection onto external walls of the house, from one mobbing house to the other through my house using a dipole ground or other system or transmission, or may be limited to the surfaces of window panes. Your mileage may vary.

I put away childish things

When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

—1 Corinthians 13:11

Just now, as I was standing at the sink washing cilantro and being harassed by those in the south mobbing house, I was thinking about what bothered me in my own discussion of adult bullying. I commented in a recent post that while there is increasing legislation that explores the criminality of bullying of children, bullying of adults seems to be considered civil. But the bullying that attends organized crime, that attends racketeering, that accompanies and enables crimes like coercion, is not and should not be considered civil.

Note that the south mobbing house seems to be having a gathering tonight, one that I often refer to as a “harassment party,” in which the owner and his girlfriend seem to invite others who are involved in property mobbing to the house to stack their driveway—which ends with the fence that I put there because of this type of behavior, a fence whose removal they have unsuccessfully sought—with cars until they spill out onto the street, sometimes blocking my vehicles or driveway though they don’t dare do this much any longer because they know I’ll call the police. They then seem to spend their evening  competing with each other to see who can affect me with the harassment they are projecting into my house over the TV using an unlicensed band or by projection with directional speakers. Then they finally leave in a noisy manner, sometimes even almost hitting each others’ cars as they recklessly maneuver them on their driveway, and a few times hitting the vehicles in the parking strip of the neighborhood watch captain across the street, the woman they assured they were “getting [me] out.”

The people who are doing this to me seem to think they’re cool. They change their voices to sound like cartoon characters and apparently think they can get people to leave their legal homes with these funny voices. In reality, however, changing their voices and harassing others while hiding themselves in neighboring structures might legally be considered a form of “masking” oneself to commit a crime, an act that invites additional penalties in states with laws on the use of masks in crime. Based on the use of directional speakers, an obvious strategy of avoiding witnesses to their harassment and a technique they also use to discredit the victim as a madman, the mobbers go much further than masking. They create hoaxes that may not only exert irreparable damage to the victim’s life but are obstructive of justice in their very intention. These are a bunch of snarky criminals who think they are above the law. It’s time to show them otherwise.

My statements seemed to indicate that I thought “bullying” should be criminalized. I do not think that adults should require the same protection that children do. But I also do not think that bullying should be disregarded when it is linked to crime or when it is used as a means of accomplishing bad acts without culpability.

Most importantly, perhaps the reason why bullying is not seen as a crime that affects adults, is because we trust that children leave bad behavior like bullying behind in middle school and certainly by the time of high school as they move into society as adults. We trust that those over the age of majority have not only learned how to handle their liquor but to use their power as individuals kindly and compassionately. We trust that our children are gifted with the confidence and compassion that it takes to experience power in themselves instead of power over others, without their power requiring the weakness of others. And in the same manner, we trust that those who seek positions of power—for example, those who take up positions in neighborhood watch organizations—will protect all those in their neighborhoods instead of creating a stratified community where the rights of some residents are respected and others disparaged. We trust that adults have developed empathy for others and have learned how to balance their own needs and wants against the rights of others. We trust that adults have learned how to live among others, to live in relationship with the millions of others who inhabit this world.

Bullying is a childish thing, boorish and bad behavior. A pattern of bullying that continues into adulthood is usually a sign of emotional disturbance or criminal behavior. When adults bully for profit, we call it racketeering; we call them racketeers. Real estate mobbers should be prosecuted as such.

Better log on

On being mobbed is a blog about being “mobbed,” that is being the victim of real estate mobbing or property mobbing, in what should be a peaceful northeast neighborhood of Seattle at the shores of Lake Washington and just over the Burke-Gilman bicycle trail.

It’s Friday night tonight and I had just come in when a male voice intoned “Better log on,” so I’ll just title this entry with that, the kind of threat I hear constantly through my days as men seem to come to the forefront of the bullying effort that this real estate mobbing is. Let me clarify that “log on” is a reference to the bot hoax of the early days of the mobbing. Where “log on” is used on this site, it is mobber doubletalk for “Get out!”

Real estate mobbing is all about hoaxing, hacking, threatening, and ultimately bullying a person out of their legal home. But the hoaxing, hacking, and threatening haven’t worked in my case, so increasingly, it’s down to the bullying of me—a single middle-aged woman—by some pricks whose real estate deals aren’t likely to come to fruition since I have refused to play the frightened female renter and leave my legal home.

While I was outside just now, the owner of the house to my south opened his garage door and made the usual pretense of standing around and playing with his unleashed dog. This is the one whose mother told me on first meeting that “most renters aren’t very good people.” I guess this is an example of how prejudice is taught at home. Now he’s banging his trash cans around on the south side of my house, a common theme in the harassment. When I’m especially lucky, they project recordings that are likely sound loops (meaning an unending loop of the same sound, a film technique) of endless trash can migrations over apparently vast stretches of asphalt. The insults and threats that I commonly hear when I work outside are likely him or one of the other “mobbers” standing in the darkness of the garage or aiming the “beam” of a highly directional speaker like the Audio Spotlight ( or the SoundLazer (  to harass me without those walking by on their way down to the Burke-Gilman bike trail hearing it. In a recent post, I remarked on the tendency this owner has had to leave the garage open and the likelihood of his garage serving as a “chamber” to amplify sound for my hearing.

This sort of thing is typical on Fridays. The prick who owns the house to the south doesn’t work Fridays and though he hides his own large SUV in his garage much of the time since I began writing the City of Seattle, the Chief of Police and the Attorney General for the State of Washington, there is usually a shift in the harassment that marks his presence on these weekends.

Because three houses nearby have changed hands, and because of the information I am increasingly sending to the City of Seattle and perhaps because of what I am writing in this blog, they modulate their harassment a bit more, at least some of the time. When I turn on the TV, however, they no longer seem terribly affected by my use of the DVR to record the TV broadcasts as they harass over them,  and now that they’re accustomed to it, they don’t bother to quiet the harassment when I set up a digital recorder in front of the television speakers as a fallback recording method in the event that the DVR recording doesn’t pick up radio projected using a low-power pirate station or an unlicensed band sent by linear antenna from a nearby property.

I think they’re just hoping they can threaten me out of my home before an investigation begins.

This is in fact probably the case, dear Mayor Murray and City of Seattle, Washington State Attorney General, Chief of Police Kathleen O’Toole and the Seattle Tenants Union that I am now copying on my snail mail letters. So please give me a hand here. I’m someone who has been trying to do the right thing for years now, to get some criminal scumbucket real estate profiteers who seem to “acquire” property by harassing out its residents the attention they deserve.

It’s just another Friday night for me, when to stay home is to watch a film with harassment dubbed in on-the-fly over the sound track from my neighbors, another night when to walk from window to window in my home is to be followed by harassment projected onto the surfaces of the panes:

You’re old and ugly!

You’re the Village Idiot!

Get the fuck out!

Literally running people out of their homes is a “business strategy” for these speculators. Crime is the basis of their real estate speculation; this may be a trend nationwide. I’m probably not the first person they’ve done this too—the hoaxes and scams are too practiced—and the means they use to accomplish the harassment include interstate crimes and cyber-crimes such as stalking in secured airports and on airplanes.

I shouldn’t have had to go through what I’ve had to experience here in my legal home. But I’ve refused to let it force me out of my home because, in part based on the fact that it has been so difficult to get help from authorities, it is absolutely clear that this crime must be exposed and its perpetrators arrested. Those who move in around a property to take it by criminal means should be prosecuted for racketeering. In cases where a corrupt neighborhood watch invites criminal speculators into a neighborhood or supports their crimes, they should be prosecuted as well.

Come on Mayor Murry, come on City of Seattle and State of Washington. I’ll continue to write and send information, and I’ll continue to blog. But I hope you’re investigating by  now. This is not a healthy situation for anyone to endure. Arrest these scumbuckets so I can resume my quiet enjoyment in my home.

Here’s a tip that might help. Two of the cases I found a few years back for two of the names, one name associated with each mobbing house, seemed to involve property. Could be other bad behavior (one incident involving someone who now holds a  license to practice law appeared to be a case of property destruction), but the transcript is probably worth looking at for references to “mobbing” or harassment. One more name associated with one of the houses came up with a domestic violence conviction. At the time I noted that stalking was a subset of domestic violence. If I’m lucky, this kind of research is something the Seattle City Attorney’s Office is already doing to investigate this organized crime of racketeering in northeast Seattle.

Give me a hand out here. I can’t keep the crooks here indefinitely.


A day in a mobbing

I hoped that my recent post, My neighborhood has a problem with bullying, might finally do the trick and arouse the interest of the Seattle City Attorney in looking into racketeering in my northeastern neighborhood in Seattle, Washington. This post made clear that the same person standing at the side of Mayor Murray as he signed documents to return the NE 130th “park” on the lakeside lane of Riviera Place NE to public hands—Sandra Motzer—authored an email that was sent to other members of her neighborhood watch—Lee Mozena, John Clark, husband Tim Motzer—as well as to two developers working the neighborhood, the owners of houses north and south of a tenant who would later attempt to get anti-harassment orders and, curiously, Office Kipp Strong of the Seattle North Precinct Community Policing Team (CPT). This email written by Sandra Motzer, the chair of a Lake City committee weighing in on Mayor Murray’s plan on housing for the homeless, spoke openly of using Seattle parking and zoning codes to compel the occupants of two rental houses to leave her neighborhood. For excerpts from Sandra Motzer’s email, see the blog. The My Neighborhood entry also contains other bedtime stories from the same cozy neighborhood, including one in which a renter is publicly though only symbolically flogged by a placard of more than 3′ by 8′ (likely exceeding the maximum dimensions permitted signage in a residential zone) demanding her to stop using legal security cameras to protect herself.

I’m still hoping that the My neighborhood blog, together with blogs like Flying the friendly skies, an entry that details being harassed by real estate mobbers in secure areas of airports like Seattle-Tacoma and on the Boeing 737 (an aircraft well afforded with an in-flight entertainment (IFE) wireless network), have started the City of Seattle and hopefully the FBI poking around into what is almost certainly an organized ring of tenant “clearers” or criminal real estate speculators. In the first scenario, the tenant clearers are paid to bully on behalf of developers, real estate speculators or a nasty neighborhood watch willing to host them in the neighborhood; in the second scenario criminal real estate speculators profit off of bullying to “clear” and “turn over” property for their own speculative purposes.

Real estate mobbing is a crime acknowledged by Amnesty International and the United Nations. My contention is that it occurs in the United States much more than we recognize. This is why I write and why I will continue to do so. There is much more I must write to document and expose this ongoing crime so that it is less likely to befall others and so that those who are doing it to me are not only apprehended, but can be successfully charged and convicted.

Let’s get these scumbucket real estate mobbers off to prison. This blog takes the Greek letter Lambda as a glyph, a character used in the emblem of the American Criminal Justice Association for the Greek word Lambano, to detect and apprehend.


Let me tell you about my recent life in my legal rental home in this northeastern neighborhood of Seattle. Part of the mission of this blog is to document the crime as it is ongoing so that investigators who read it can get the information they need without giving the criminals the heads up that they’re investigating. After all, these people are working from houses to my north and south, and I am being monitored.

Why would they invest such resources in the forced eviction of one person? I suspect that mobbing doesn’t usually go on for two years but once the mobbers or those who use them are exposed, they attempt to cure their vast liability by harassing the victim to finally give in, after which they can discredit them further or sue them for defamation and perhaps coerce them into recanting the reports they’ve made to police. In most cases, it’s likely that the minute a mobbing victim believes that he or she is being watched in bed or in the bathroom, they leave, and they probably assume that their landlords are the harassers. One of the mobbers boasted that some people feel so uncomfortable about expressing their sexuality while they are being monitored that they quickly abandon their legal home. So document I must. Because, as Bettye LaVette says, “I’ve got my own hell to raise.”

In my last twenty-four hours I’ve been harassed in bed, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, while writing this blog, while swimming, driving, listening to the radio, watching TV and walking to and from my car. All this while cars have come and gone, especially from the mobbing house to my south. I see less of the ingress and egress to and from the mobbing house to the north than I used to since some decent people moved in across the street from them so they no longer use their parking. A hedge and the siting of that house also gives me less visibility into their comings and goings.

As is customary, the harassment travels with me, whether I am walking from room to room in my own home, driving down the street, or shopping at Whole Foods. The character of the harassment, however, does vary based on my location and accessibility to the mobbers. A basic tenet here is that if someone is close to me in public, the harassment ceases. If a police car or a car that might have a radio is close to me in traffic, the harassment pauses. If the mobbers’ access to me using one means of harassment is closed, there is a pause as they move to a different form of harassment. Mobbing is a mix-and-match methodology, mixing in part to confuse and in part to create a continuous stream of harassment with the minimum amount of glitching between source and delivery and broken only by changes in mobbing staffing and their competencies.


So far as I’ve come to understand them, the primary forms of harassment are enabled using radio and projective technologies. Radio may include software-defined radio running on a computer and on the application layer of the OSI (Open Systems Interconnect) Model, a model that specifies the relationship between network layers. The use of software-defined radio is significant because it provides easy access to sound applications used to mix and play sound as well as the network layers used to transmit information across the Internet. According to one of the forums, the use of software-defined radio is something that hackers are highly interested in and the use of software-defined radio in mobbing should be a strong indicator of a hacking in real estate mobbing, even if that hacking is limited to lurking, listening, and accessing applications and speakers to monitor and harass. There are increasing hacks that involve the use of radio signals.

With real estate mobbers who live nearby, especially if they have access to a shared neighborhood hot spot, live within range of their victim’s wireless network or set up wireless services that extend the range of their own wireless network over the victim’s home, the use of a packet sniffer to silently read browser traffic is an easy add-on. And with mobbers closer to the victim than the nearest cell tower or satellite, the lack of protections on cell phones against IMSI catchers makes the victim a sitting duck for the interception of all his or her calls.

Regardless of whether the TV is over traditional coaxial cable, broadband or fiberoptic connection, the proliferation of wireless and streaming TV provides no lack of entry points to mobbers who hack the signal and overlay your communications and entertainment services with a continual stream of babbling harassment. The Internet gives recipes for common hacks using Citizens Band (CB) radio with a linear antenna to put sound or voice over the victim’s speakers.

This is only a quick look at what is enabled over the radio bands that encompass AM and FM, UHF, WiFi, and cellular devices.

The projective means of harassment and monitoring include parametric speakers which are directional to the point where they can isolate a single individual to hear a message; advertisers are starting to use them as gimmicks in stores to get listeners to stand in a spot and listen to their spot (, shotgun microphones, parabolic microphones (; and laser microphones can be made at home ( These links show how mobbers can amass and hide an arsenal of eavesdropping equipment, making much of it themselves from ordinary household objects to avoid suspicion. Indeed, a lampshade or umbrella can function as the dish for a parabolic microphone. These projective means, which are often based on the physical properties of sound, enable the use of surface harassment on window panes or listening through window panes without detection by potential witnesses.

Now, on to a typical timeline of the harassment I’ve lived in, at the hands of real estate mobbers who demand night and day that I “Move on!” or “Get out!”, for going on two years.


Midnight: Knowing that the mobbers do their best to ensure that I cannot sleep, I wait until I am exhausted and falling asleep on the living room couch before going to bed. I confess that a 12oz. bottle of Evil Twins’ Lil B is the sleeping aid of choice for victims of mobbing, at least it is for this victim. Decant it into a fine glass and drink up! I recommend a pairing with a square of 70% dark chocolate. (I hope to make a career of making plugs for Evil Twins after the scumbucket mobbers are arrested. It seems unlikely that Microsoft is going to give me another contract after getting rid of me when I tried to warn them there was a bot on my machine. Oh, Microsoft Security, I hear voices on my machine! Really! As of late, I’ve been attending a few security presentations and have learned that root kits—real ones—are seldom packaged as device drivers in system (.sys) files these days. That could have saved me a lot of time trying to find .sys files with recent timestamps on my laptop back when the mobbing kicked off with the bot hoax. No matter. It’s no great loss. There are a lot of employers who pay quite a bit more for work that is more interesting.)

Preparation for sleep includes stacking layer upon layer of sound board against the windows in my bedroom. Lately I use the poorly written brief of the attorney pal of one of the owners of the mobbing houses to shim up a board for a tighter fit in one of my windows. I’ve also realized that it’s best to vary the pattern used to stack the boards in the windows. If done well, I have time to fall asleep before they figure out how to project the sound “beam” and adequately amplify the volume of what is probably a directional speaker to access any scrap of the window pane left uncovered. If I stack the soundboard amply and well, their babble is reduced to a murmur when I draw back the covers.

My bedside clock radio was destroyed early in the mobbing when a friend and I took it apart to try to find any bugging devices that might have been secreted inside. Of course, there were none. So there’s no radio in the bedroom they can use to transmit radio-based harassment onto. And my cell phone, which is probably nowhere near the bedroom, is turned off with cellular and wireless signals disabled. What’s out of my control is whether any roommate who is out has left a radio, TV or computer turned on and accessible. As I can, I turn off the wireless router before bed to at least make it harder for the mobbers to jump on that. Did I mention, by the way, that I’ve never been arrested and that I am a legal resident of this neighborhood with a contract to lease my home here?

The next hurdle for a side sleeper like me is to find a comfortable position in which the pillow supports my head without my ear touching the pillow since sound appears to be transferred to my pillow using vibration and they may be counting on bone conduction to ensure that, sooner or later, I have to sleep while they continue what is likely and legally torture. For a blog entry explaining the use of bone conduction, see Mobbing close to the bone.

3:00 am: At the outset of the mobbing, they did not continuously harass. Now they do, night and day. I’ve been woken up at 3:00 am several times lately. It’s difficult to wake people from a sound sleep, especially when they’re tired. They use some Foley tricks from time to time to do this, for example, they’ll project loud crashes or create a din of directional sound that only I can hear.Another element that makes clear theirs are well practiced techniques and that they are likely professionals or that they engage in serial forced evictions.

They seem to confirm that I am awake by the sound of my breathing, whether I swallow and whether I turn in a manner that people who are asleep do not. Early on, at the opening of the mobbing, they seemed to be observing when I was in REM sleep. I do not know how they would know that if they could not see the rapid eye movement; this and other indications of their awareness of my body position have long tended to make me assume they use infrared or some method to at least roughly see body position.

They complain when, as of late, I cover my head with a sheet, which seems to dim the harassment for some reason. I move the pillow away from my ear to quiet the harassment and attempt to go back to sleep. If they’ve defeated the sound board, sometimes I still try to use one ear plug in one ear or another.

Lately I’m finding that depending on the window I face, which is determined by which side I sleep on, things can be much more quiet. If none of this works and I’m too upset by the disturbance to sleep, I sometimes just get up and try sleeping on the couch with the cat. The mobbers have less privacy at the front of the house and may not be able to elevate the volume of the harassment as safely as they can at the back of the house. Either that or there may be someone sleeping in the front bedrooms of the houses that they don’t want to wake. This could be true since, to my knowledge, the owners of both houses have master bedrooms facing the lake. Either way, there have been numerous days when I’ve eventually been able to fall asleep for another hour or two in the living room of my small home.

5:00 am: The hours from 5:00 am to 7:00 am have been hours of high activity for the mobbers since the opening of the mob. Interestingly, these hours correspond with the eventual departure of at least a few of those who live or stay in the mobbing houses, ostensibly for work. Again, the techniques used in this time period are projective for the most part. It is rare for any useful devices to be turned on in my home during these hours. Depending on what they’re up for, those staying in the mobbing house to the north may creating noise in the backyard by dragging trash cans back and forth; similarly, those in the south mobbing house indulge in the same behavior, sometimes in concert with the captain of the neighborhood watch who lives across the street. Before they started projecting the harassment into the house, these early morning exterior disturbances were pretty common.

8:00 am: I rise, and as my activities move from the bedroom into the living areas of the house, the mobbers’ activity follows. As I walk past windows in the kitchen, bits of surface harassment are flung at me, as I open the refrigerator door, what is likely ventilation harassment hitting the half-light of the kitchen door transmits insults about my body and demands that I “Get out!” or “Give us the bot!”

The “bot” demand was established early in the mobbing with the bot hoax that led to my losing my contract at Microsoft; its constant reiteration is likely supposed to remind me and make me feel humiliated. This is part of their pop psychology approach to trying to get a legal tenant to leave a home she has a contract to lease.

When I stand at the sink to rinse out the French press and wash some mushrooms and onions for scrambled eggs, they wail on me. If I’m alone in the house, these days I might go to the bedroom and get a piece of sound board and stick it in the window to put an obstacle between them and me.

Probably from decks that protrude past the facade of my own smaller home, they project voice harassment or maybe garbled TV onto the surfaces of my own windows that provide my modest view of Lake Washington. If it’s not too cold or wet, I unlatch one of them and break the surface. The harassment is momentarily quieted, then they jump back onto another window, a gap or a crack.

I go to the bathroom and they babble as I urinate. When they decided to increase the level of their game and began talking while I sat on the pot, they would go on about being able to smell me from “here.” (I note for any investigative authorities picking up the scent, that the bathroom I use is on the north side of the house.) They also like to critique the technique I use to wipe myself and if the toilet happens to clog they fall over laughing, but that’s nothing new. Part of mobbing seems to be to make continual comment on everything the victim is doing. It may be in part a way to fill silence with abuse, but may also be used to remind the victim of the extreme loss of privacy.

These days, if I acknowledge the mobbers, it’s usually by flicking my forefinger across the pad of my thumb, flicking them off like a gnat. I used to go on at length about how they were going to prison, comparing them to the Stasi, the Nazis, the KKK, and to fascists in general, but mobbers love getting you exercised. The more they can exercise and stress you, the more you listen and engage with them, the more likely they are to be able to manipulate you or otherwise exhaust you to the point where you’ll acquiesce to their demands to leave a home you love, and then they can lowball your landlords into submission too.

9:00 am: I step into the shower. More projected insults about my body and demands that I leave my home. I ignore them and hope the hot water lasts. The mobbers ignore my ignoring them and continue on, talking about my breasts and which one is bigger than the other, then they talk about the order in which I wash my genitalia and anus and about how I touch myself as I wash. Rub-a-dub-dub, the mobbers are in my tub!

Early on, they used to talk about the shower cam they said they had put on the Internet of me. But I would never find it, they said. For a time, they dropped the threats of potty cams and shower cams. Maybe this was after I told my landlords that the neighbors were saying they’d put cameras in my bathroom. But when I refused to move they would bring back the threats, as though to “manage” me somehow. “We’re turning your potty cam on again,” they would warn. “Great,” I would respond. “Just send a copy to the FBI.”

This was one of the hoaxes that eventually allowed me to catch on to the fact that mobbers don’t really want to carry out the threats, they just want you to believe them, and to act on them by fleeing your legal home. Mobbers who don’t want to expose the people they work for or to expose themselves don’t carry out these threats because it would mean creating evidence that could be used to prove a crime. Remember, mobbing is the “white glove” method of tenant clearing. I sit down in the tub and let the hot water fill the basin.

Recently it occurred to me that the shower doors themselves provide a surface to receive harassment and I’ve found that opening one of them can quiet it. Today I think about whether I might be able to quiet the sound further if I slink down into the cast iron tub. It seems to help a bit. The hot water exhausted, I drain it and grab a towel. The bathroom is small and with a narrow path running from the entry to the window, it’s impossible to evade the harassment. I’m glad for the clatter of the fan that I use to dissipate the steam as I slather on the body lotion, pull on my clothes, and then leave the room.

The mobbers catch up to me in the kitchen, hitting the windows over the kitchen sink as I pour coffee from the French press on the stove that is a straight line from the window. I knock it back and grab the blow dryer from the bedroom; they put fit and finish on the harassment that the hairdryer somehow picks up as I move it around my skull. I pick up my coffee and sit at the computer.

They’d like to jump onto the speakers of the computer, but I don’t use the wireless. That wouldn’t stop them but what makes it no longer worth the trouble is more likely that I keep system sound volume off and don’t hesitate to plug a headset into the jack if I hear them on it. Not like the start of the mobbing, when they were all over the speakers of the Windows laptops I thought they must have put root kits or other malware on to create back door access. Since then, they use the cell phones of others, the wireless networks of the buildings I walk by, the public address systems and wireless speakers of the buildings I’m in. Since then, much of the time they use the devices of people who have no idea what mobbing is or what it sounds like, people who don’t know I’m being mobbed.

10:00 am: I work on the computer, and they work on me. My powers of concentration have increased over the duration of the mobbing, at least they seem to have on a good day when I ignore the mobbing to the extent that they seem to go quiet, or when they’re quiet because they’re watching me write and, it seems, what I’m writing. If it’s not such a good day, little by little, increasing layers of sound board move from the bedroom to the living areas of the house so that I can work.

They have to use projective sound for this scenario. Unless of course they’re bathing my house in radio waves from both sides using an array of directional speakers or some dipole system that runs from north house to south house and conveniently through my own. I rarely listen to John Gilbreath on 91.3 KBCS if I’m home weekday mornings anymore because to turn on the radio is to give them a platform. In better weather, I used to put a speaker outside more. This would diffuse the harassment somehow transmitted onto my tuner and not let the mobbers get away with making me acquiesce to the harassment in my home. It doesn’t take long before they jump onto any exposed surfaces with projected harassment, but the sound of the radio, even outdoors, covers some of that and I can usually muffle it further by breaking or covering surfaces.

Several times, the mobbers have called Seattle Police Department when I’ve done this despite the fact that it was not quiet hours. The purpose was probably to ensure that I couldn’t listen to the radio without listening to the harassment, at least in part, as well as to continue the pattern of clamping down on my rights and squelching my enjoyment of my legal tenancy through the filing of violations. The pattern of violations would probably also be useful to a hostile neighborhood watch that would like to see this house deemed a “nuisance” and forced to sale, hopefully to one of them. One time one of the owners of the mobbing house stood outside on his deck as I told the police officer that the neighbors were putting harassment on my speakers. Within weeks he made me look foolish in court by asking me whether it was true that I told the police such a thing. A few weeks later I found instructions on the Internet making clear that a simple way to harass neighbors in this way is to use CB radio with a linear antenna.

Occasionally I get mail telling me people are trying to reach me. I turn on the cell phone, set the cellular service to on and leave the wireless service off. I ignore the harassment that crops up on the speaker of the phone as I talk to the friend, employer or business contact. If I have to take a streaming meeting or a meeting over a conferencing application or need to see a video, I turn the sound up on the computer and immediately the mobbers jump on board, harassing me on the speaker whenever the microphone on my machine is shut down and exercising caution when the microphone is active.

Noon. I break away to go swimming, usually at a pool in Shoreline, a small community just north of Seattle. If I drive a new car there with a better sound system and better speakers, the harassment is difficult to control. If I leave the radio on, I can turn the volume way down but even with it on mute, the sound seems to be carried from the radio over the ventilation system. In the new car, the wiring of the dash seems to make it impossible to turn off all power to the radio. If I drive an old beater, I try shutting all the heating vents and directing the flow of ventilation at my feet to keep the volume of the harassment low. I’ve tried disabling and removing the antenna but that doesn’t stop the harassment. Lately I’ve considered buying and cutting up a sound baffle and applying it over the speakers and vents in the car. Regardless of whether I use the gym or go swimming, the mobbers jump onto the cell phones of others in the locker room or they use the speakers of the public address system or wireless network. It has seemed that they see me when I’m on the street or at a stop sign. I don’t know if this is from onboard cameras from other vehicles, from the wireless connections on traffic cameras, whether they actually follow me around town or whether they simply pretend they can see based on knowledge of routes and habits. I often leave my cell phone at home and if I bring it to hear music, I leave cell and wireless service off as much as possible.

One of the most interesting parts of going swimming, is the fact that as well as continuing in the dressing area over public address system or others’ cell phones, when I’m swimming I hear the harassment. When I stand in the pool so that my head is out of the water, it is silenced. Today I asked the pool staff if they had underwater speakers because I wanted to rule out that readymade option. They don’t, they said. They said the speakers suspended high over the pool are for out-of-water exercise.

Once I began to understand that there is a radio band for everything, I had thought that a band used for submarines or underwater might be a possibility. I also wondered if the mobbers had to be at the pool hitting some water line or circulating pump with a focused beam of harassment from a parametric speaker. I’ve learned that there are underwater radios people use, that employ bone conduction to send sound to the person who wears the headphones, but I haven’t seen people obviously using radios in the pool. Moreover, when people are close to me in the pool, in other words, if everyone is splitting lanes and there are swimmers in the half-lanes on either side of me, the harassment is quieted. I had thought that, perhaps if they used a drone to project harassment that followed me through the building roof, they might pause the harassment when others got close enough to me so that they might hear what I hear. But today I wondered if swimmers close to me break up the wave forms of the sound so that the sound cannot be heard. At any rate, I don’t understand enough about sound under water to have a theory about how this works.

The pool I swim at in Shoreline is soon closing for maintenance for a period of months. It will be interesting to see how the harassment plays at one of the pools further north that I’ll probably begin swimming at. In the past, when I’ve used other swimming pools, the effects have varied depending on structure of the facility, its network and public address systems, the number of people who use it and whether they have cell phones with them.

Ventilated harassment is also a prominent theme, with a ventilation duct of one of the mobbing houses having been raised up to a height that directs sound right into the middle of the half-light of my kitchen door. I intended to get a piece of plywood today and nail it in place as an obstacle between the vent and the surface of my kitchen door window but instead got involved with writing this post. Perhaps tomorrow. In summer there are other opportunities for vented harassment from open windows and curiously slow circulating fans, particularly from the mobbing house to the south. I’ve also started wondering about the capabilities of the overhanging outdoor shades and multi-level verandas on the mobbing houses, as well as the frequently left open garage door of one mobbing house. But basically, the countermeasures seem to be the same: Breaking surfaces, applying sound board, diffusing harassment or blotting it out with louder music, having people around to create potential witnesses for the mobbers to avoid, or setting up a fan of my own on exhaust to counteract the harassment “stream” from the window of an upper floor of one of the mobbing houses. Although I haven’t had the resources to investigate it, I think I remember reading online that another way to thwart surface sound harassment involved the application of an opposing vibrating force to the window pane. I recently also added exterior plywood sheets to provide overnight cover to windows sound-boarded from inside the house. Soundboard would fall apart outside in rainy or damp conditions but the rain makes the plywood soft and that should make the surface absorb the sound. That made a big difference. I would probably have better results if I put the sheets flat against the house, but that would stop this damp northwestern house from breathing.

This is the way that I spend most of the day at home now, stacking sound board against projected harassment and rarely turning on the radio or listening to movies as I work since it increases the level of the harassment. I got the Century Link DVR service but am not confident that this records from whatever is transmitted over my tuner rather than straight out of the airwaves. I would imagine the easiest way to implement DVR for a wireless TV service might be to just create a marker or stub for each of the shows a person says they want to record, until the allocated “space” is exceeded by size of all of the shows. Recording doesn’t even have to occur.  At any rate, the mobbers don’t seem to pay much attention to it when I select the record option. It’s possible they pay for attention to it and that it modulates the harassment if I’m watching a local station. Sometimes I set a recorder with a microphone in front of the TV speakers and they modulate themselves a bit. But if I were to listen to the recordings I’ve made, I wouldn’t even know if I had anything, because I would be harassed during the playback. Not to mention the fact that as a mobbing victim trying to keep a job and a roof over her head while she attempts to expose the crime, I’ve got my hands full. I figure that if anyone is going to listen to my recordings, or is able to listen to the sound crossing the TV tuner, it should be an investigator who can listen from a place where they can isolate the harassment on my devices from the harassment in my environment. There’s variation in effect and sound and the volume can be modulated by turning devices down or off or by stacking sound board. It should be clear that what is happening to me is happening in the real world, even though the mobbers would like their victims to believe yet another hoax that “it’s all in their heads” and flee in a panic.

3:00 pm: It stops raining and go out to get a bit of gardening in before dark. As soon as I step out on the deck, I’m followed with speaker harassment.

I killed your cat!

What you did to that kid!

I yawn and put on my gardening gloves. The harassment follows me around the yard.

Get out!

You’re the wrong demographic!

Last summer I found that if I held the garden hose high in front of my face, the harassment, which must have been directional, was silenced. Standing in the shelter of a tree or tall shrub has also been effective. On a fairly frequent basis, the captain of the neighborhood watch comes out of her house and throws things around on her front porch or makes a big show of gardening the plants that don’t exist on her parking strip. She is often accompanied by the residents of one or both of the houses on either side of me who suddenly find reason to open their garages, vacuum their decks or cars, or hammer some boards on the side of their homes. The harassment pauses whenever a police car is nearby or when people walk by on their way to the Burke-Gilman.

Between the physical labor, the kind people who walk by, the wild and migrating birds and the feel of the air on my skin, I usually feel complete after working in the garden. Some days, however, the stress never clears as I dodge insults, threats and demands from multiple directions. I don’t let it control me but am mindful of possible violence from mobbers who may be increasingly nervous about the possibility of my getting an investigation. I look over my shoulder when I walk down the street to the mailbox. I stand behind my car when I water. I seldom work in the front of the garden without parking a vehicle at the end of the driveway since the time a neighborhood watch captain drove her vehicle straight at me, so fast that her daughter braced herself against the dashboard when her mother hit the brakes a few feet before hitting me.

Working in the garden has been an act of resistance for some time. A garden is a place of care and cultivation. Planting and tending a garden as criminal profiteers try to harass me out of my home has seemed all along to be a way to create meaning in the midst of ugly circumstances.

6:00 pm: Back in the kitchen for more harassment and dinner. Turning on the evening news and checking to see if any films are on that I want to see with overlapping harassment. Closed captioning would be a possibility, I suppose, but why bother. I prefer to listen to the sound of the language even with foreign films where I have to read the subtitles. I go out on the deck and grill a piece of salmon. As I walk back into the house, a parting shot:

Get out!



Countermeasures against cell phone lurking and harassment

I’ve been promising a column on IMSI catchers and other hacks and devices that real estate mobbers use to eavesdrop on their victims and get information they can use to blackmail them, to continuously stalk and monitor victims until they give up their tenancies, and to harass victims using the speakers of their own phones. This column is not it.

That said, I wanted to note something new I tried today on my smart phone. On the theory that some of the harassment that comes over my own smart phone speaker when the wireless is off is enabled by silent calls to the device, I found the privacy setting that rejects all calls on my iPhone. While it’s the kind of configuration that will likely cause me problems if I get calls and forget that I’ve changed my privacy setting in this manner, it’s worth a try to see if some of the harassment that comes onto my speaker might be enabled by calls to the device that are not signaled by ringer or alert but enable a stalker to access an active speaker.

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