National crime databases

These must exist already, but if they allow only searches for specific types of crimes, say, breaking and entering, or searches by name, or if they are not available to all levels of local investigative authorities, national crime databases should have expanded searches available to all investigators nationwide.

For example, I’ve tried to search the Internet for crimes involving parametric speakers. Investigators should be able to search national databases to bring up all crimes involving the use of parametric speakers by device or “weapon,” all crimes involving “bot” hoaxes by methods, and not just whatever crimes have been committed by certain persons by name. And this information should be shared between the FBI and local authorities. If the FBI cannot be involved in a case without local police investigation, the local police should at least have all information that has been collected and amassed in a database about certain types of crime. Victims should not languish because they are the targets of crimes that will not be investigated by the local police.

Advanced searches should, of course, allow filtering by place, suspects, motives such as property, and more.

Perhaps this all exists already.


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