Sound check, one two

The day before yesterday a friend took me to get a few full sheets of plywood. I wanted to try blocking my bedroom windows from the the outside with a softer wood instead of just relying on absorbing the harassment from the inside with layers of sound board. This is one of the countermeasures I’ve used to survive as a victim of “real estate mobbing” in a northeast neighborhood of Seattle, Washington that is the focus of heavy speculation. Amnesty International describes the crime of real estate mobbing as “harassment of tenants to force them off property” (Spain: Submission to the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, 48th Session, May 2012,, but this is a crime that affects residents and land owners alike, interfering with basic rights to live in peace and to enter into contracts.

The intensity of the harassment has continued to heighten as I reveal more information in this blog—the kind that often elicits the interest of the FBI—and write the Attorney General of the State of Washington, Mayor Murray of the City of Seattle as well as the City Attorney and other local and state officials and investigative authorities. Alongside my increasing requests for help could be factors related to the permitting and building schedules of a developer now working up the street who was likely instrumental in arranging for me to be surrounded by “real estate mobbers,”  as well as permits I’ve been told were extended into 2016 by the owner of at least one of the mobbing houses.

I’m writing this post after being harassed while taking a bath. The tub is in a bathroom on the north side of the house, and I rest in the tub with my head against the interior side of the north wall of the house. The most likely methods to direct harassment at me while I’m positioned in this manner in the tub include projecting sound against the exterior wall of the bathroom (for harassment by bone conduction) or projecting sound against the window that is less than a foot from and over the tub.

I was soaking in the tub in hopes of relieving a flare-up of pain from a lasting cycling injury I got early in 2015 when I apparently over-cycled; cycling has been one of the ways I’ve coped with the stress of the mobbing as well as a means to be outside in an environment that makes it harder for them to harass me and somewhat quiets the harassment. (I’ve speculated in other blog posts about how they delivered harassment while I’ve been cycling; they may be using a stalker application to jump onto the cell phones of other cyclists and walkers since I often hear a louder, clipped phrase of harassment when I pass those who presumably have them; I don’t carry my cell with me.) So I injured myself trying to cope with the harassment and am now vulnerable to increased harassment as I am forced to stay off the bike and care for the injury at home. This morning it’s the whining voice I believe to be that of the girlfriend of the owner of the mobbing house to my south, the nasal voice of the owner of the mobbing house to the north and a few other haranguing voices as well.

You’re old, and too bold!

You’re a gimp!

We’re harassing the village idiot!

Get out!

Move on!

I killed your cat!

(And I’m going to kill you if you don’t get the fuck out!)

Using layers of sound board on the windows of the living room and kitchen during the days and in the bedroom and back of the house at night has made it possible to survive, but the strategy of the mobbers changes with the countermeasures I apply. Quite possibly, they continue to elevate the volume of the directional (and for that reason less detectable) sound until it penetrates the sound board or they work to utilize any unprotected surfaces.

These last weeks as I’ve added layers of sound board, I’ve heard the mobbers working from the north of this house check in with the mobbers working from the south of this house and vice versa. This “cross-talk” has been a constant over time. I’ve assumed that as well as allowing them to communicate with each other, it allows them to constantly remind me that I, the mobbing “target,” am being monitored, that people are “looking” at me, studying me, taunting me, insulting me, and talking about me.

It has seemed from time to time that the mobbers working on one side or the other have also had eyes on me, despite the fact that I put window film over those windows that were clearly being used to look into my house, something I concluded was an attempt to make me uncomfortable enough to move out before adding the more criminal feature of continuous projected harassment to the mobbing. At one point they joked that they had access to some Google backend that allowed them to see through roofs, every now and then, they’ve suggested they have a satellite (and since I’ve seen a satellite phone contractor working the line of one of the mobbing houses, perhaps they have used a satellite phone as an IMSI catcher to eavesdrop on my cell phone calls—I have a post coming up on short-range mobbing methods using IMSI catchers), and they’ve even giggled that they use night vision goggles, which seems like the most likely of the three methods. Continuing to play the mobber’s game of shells, from time to time they also insist there are cameras in my house and that my landlords let them in to plant them. This despite the fact that it’s been more than a year since I realized the threat of devices in the house was probably just another hoax designed to freak a person out and scare them into moving.

I’ve tended to assume that the purpose of the cross-talk was to watch for and communicate recognition or other signs in my facial expressions that indicated that I was listening to the harassment, that the strategy was having an effect. After all, depending on which way I am facing in the house, even with a penetrative method of vision, the mobbers cannot see my eyes through the back of my head.

Early on, there was a time when they would tell me to turn around because they could not “hear” me. This made me fairly certain that there was a component of lip-reading to a “feedback loop” in which directional sound projected close to the ear is intended to convince the mobbing target that she hears “voices” while any “reading” of her expressions and lips is intended to assure her that the “voices” are “in” her head and privy to her very thoughts. Apparently directional—parametric—speakers can be experienced, if well aimed, like the sound of your own thoughts “inside” your head (Soundlazer focuses audio like laser beam,

Recently on a night when I stacked the interior side of the bedroom windows with sound board and was putting things away in the bedroom, a mobber on the north informed a mobber on the south: “She can’t hear you.”

It was a sound check. It occurred to me that as I add layers of sound board in different configurations depending on the extent to which the harassment is bothering me at the time, they don’t just turn up the volume on the speakers, the directional speakers, or whatever device they use to project the harassment, they can use parabolic or shotgun microphones to sample “room tone” or the ambient noise level to ensure that the harassment penetrates the board and is audible to me. It makes sense that this would have been a strategy in even setting up the mobbing to begin with. When I wasn’t home, before I was aware of what was being planned, they probably practiced, simultaneously deploying speaker and microphone for level and effect. I think they sometimes use audio filters to change the sound, to make it appear more ethereal, to make it sound as though it was delivered over a crackling radio or from a distance, in the same manner that Foley artists historically created their own sound effects. Things like this have made it seem more likely that they would sometimes use audio applications for mixing and streaming sound, or deliver sound over streaming applications depending on the channels open to them. With schemes and techniques this elaborate, you can see why I would conclude that these were professional tenant clearers or criminal real estate profiteers whose “deals” depend on successfully, and quietly, “clearing” the residents of the properties they want to acquire.




There was a time when I joked with the mobbers that I might experience just the right amount of fear if they fired at me with a “pop-gun,” a symbolic gun of childish play, and a night later heard just such a sound being projected at me, along with their giggles, as I lay in bed. They later insisted they’d fired blanks from a “real” gun. This was much earlier in the mobbing, when I thought if I just laughed at them, they’d go away. This was when I used to tell them that I was “mobbing the mobbers.”

The mobbers complained about the plywood, but by last night, they were working hard to get around it. This week I’m trying to get a roommate for the upstairs room near mine since last time I had a person staying upstairs, the harassment on their side of the house was quieted when they were in the house, at least, it was quieted anytime they were near me. Predictably, it’s more dangerous for them to project sound at the upstairs surfaces of the house when others are near me, so they must monitor the house and shut down the harassment on radio and TV whenever someone enters the upper floor of the house where I reside.

Why wouldn’t the mobbers just harass everybody in this rented home? I wish they would since that would create witnesses to corroborate my story. And this is why they don’t. When you’ve gone out of the way to create a crime that relies on the use of highly directional speakers and hoaxes to convince the victim that she’s gone crazy or to make her appear crazy if she reports, you don’t want anyone to be able to back up her story.

There’s the possibility that they are using something of a dipole system to project waves of sound at the surfaces of the house too—at least it felt like this last the morning of the day I went to get the plywood when the front of the house seemed awash in harassment after I was woken from sleep at 5:00 am. Or maybe, if they have enough directional speakers, they don’t have to rely on line-of-sight methods except to put sound on tuners. And when I sleep, I turn off everything possible, including the router that supplies a WiFi access point.

I have pictures of a workman raising a ventilation system for one of the mobbing houses to be centered squarely opposite the half-light for my kitchen side door. Until I needed it, I put a ladder out there these last few months, blocking continuous access to the window surface by any ventilated sound, and that seemed to work pretty well. I had thought I’d cut one of the sheets of plywood and nail it to the side porch railing to entirely block any linear access to the window surface from that vent. I’ll let you know how that works out. ▪






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