On Christmas Day

Being that this is the season of caring and sharing and a time when families come together, the publication of a post on mobbing families seems apropos. See my last post, The Family that Mobs Together.

Today is Christmas. I woke numerous times in the wee hours of this holiday not to the sounds of Santa’s sleigh or the bright red button of Rudolph’s nose, but to continued holiday demands that I leave my legal home. The mobbing continues now, this Christmas Day, from the north and south sides of my home. On weekends and holidays when the mobbers have time off, the harassment is often even more vicious and now, likely because after more than a year and a half the mobbing has not produced the desired result, forcing me from my home, the harassment has steadily escalated in intensity anyway. The mobbing houses, in the Christian tradition, are decked with Christmas trees and lights. The harassing song of the mobbers is ceaseless, with voices young and old, male and female, repeating the same refrain.

I haven’t been out yet today but except for the red SUV that these days attends much of the harassment, the driveway of the mobbing house to the south is vacant with no signs of the owners though the Christmas tree has remained lit for days. The owner of that mobbing house began keeping his large SUV in the garage some months back, about the time I began writing the Mayor of Seattle and the City Attorney. Last night, after I returned from an attempt at some Christmas Eve respite by being less directly mobbed in a Capitol Hill restaurant, probably over wireless network or the cell phone of a Christmas Eve diner (I left mine in the glove compartment), a familiar mini-Cooper pulled into the driveway of the south house. The north house was attended last night by a familiar Mazda SUV known to bring a variety of visitors who attend the harassment from that location. It seems as though my increased reporting as well as my photographing license plates has encouraged carpooling and sharing among the mobbers. The parking strip of the co-captain of the neighborhood watch who demanded that my landlords “do something” about my non-criminal activities appears to be having a quiet holiday from her location opposite my front window which is laden with sound board that only blunts the harassment she apparently instigated in collusion with others in the neighborhood watch, at least one developer and some real estate speculators against me, her neighbor, her fellow man.

Silent night! Holy night!
All is calm, all is bright,
Round yon Virgin Mother and Child!
Holy Infant, so tender and mild,
Sleep in heavenly peace!
Sleep in heavenly peace!


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