Put your ear against the pillow and we’ll gently harass you

It was a brisk afternoon in Seattle and I spent it in the garden, trying to get plants moved around before the earth freezes and exposing their roots risks their survival into spring. It’s easier to ignore the harassment when I’m outside and, with new neighbors across the street, the mobbing house on my north side is increasingly cautious.

An inspector from the Seattle Department of Planning and Development (DPD) dropped by today as I stood in the driveway picking sodden ginkgo leaves from beneath a small varietal I planted a few years back.

Weeks back, when a motion detection device on a light belonging to the mobbing house to my north began activating a glaring light on me as I walked across my deck and onto my porch, I’d submitted a complaint to the DPD. In other words, instead of detecting motion on his property, the owner of the mobbing house had directed the light so that it detected motion on mine.

Probably par for the course, I figured. Another nasty tactic in the mobbers’ bag of tricks to try to make someone uncomfortable in their own home.

For the first few weeks after the complaint, the same happened a few times when I came back from California or came in at night. The last few weeks it stopped, to be replaced with some garish Xmas decor. It was the same decor the guy used in previous years, for the most part.

If you find yourself in a situation of being criminally harassed in your own home by people who seem to be mobbers, by the way, don’t be surprised if they display American flags or make great (and tacky) shows of being in the Christmas spirit, inflatable Santas and all.

At any rate, this afternoon I’m throwing in this blog on “gentle harassment.” This is the harassers’ term for it, and their use of it demonstrates their criminal intention to ensure you cannot escape their harassment, that you have no quiet, and that you stand a good chance of being broken or otherwise capitulating because of their unrelenting harassment.

When you’re being harassed 24 hours a day, there is no such thing as “gentle harassment.” And when you have people harassing you who claim to be “gently” harassing you, you’re being conned.

Telling you that they want to “gently” harass you is asking you to be complicit in your own harassment. Making the choice to stay in your home, as I have done, has been a choice to endure whatever I must to insist upon my rights to keep my legal home and to expose the crime of “property mobbing by those who out of greed would do something to another human being that the Geneva Convention prohibits against prisoners of war.

But living my choice does not mean I consent.

If you find yourself in my shoes, be careful to draw a clear line between the cons of the criminals who “property mob” and the choice you make as a legal resident in the face of a predatory crime.

Note that another one of their cons is to complain, “You won’t even let us harass you.” The more you successfully thwart the harassment, the more likely you are to hear this. Even if all you’ve done is leave the TV and radio off and you’re reading in an easy chair away from the window, you may hear this complaint from your mobbers.

What, then, is “gentle” harassment?

It tends to be quieter. Perhaps there are short periods that seem “quiet” between the insults and threats. Or maybe the mobbers don’t feel like working,  maybe they want to have sex or they’re just trying to make a deal with you, to regain your compliance and get you to make yourself available for harassment. Or if you’re being mobbed by the same people who are mobbing me, there’s a good chance there’s a football game on.

So, they find another way to harass you, maybe they “babysit” you with some prerecorded harassment. Maybe they  point a directional speaker at you and play some trashy show or a run-on infomercial since, if you felt like watching TV (and giving them a platform for harassment), you’d probably already have turned it on and they could shoot some harassment onto your tuner with their CB radio and linear antenna. Maybe they go for white noise and project the sound of water running through pipes or the whirring of the same ventilation fan they use to propel low-tech harassment at you on those sultry summer nights. Maybe you suddenly begin to hear the sound of a telephone conversation.  Or maybe they’ll put on a sound loop of the insults they decided, having applied the mobbers’ pop psychology and come up with some trashy psychological profile, are the most likely get you to cover your ears and flee your legal home. Maybe they even put on the sound of some people having sex, maybe they just let the microphone stay on during their sex, or they play back the sound of your own sex.

The key thing is mobbing by forcing you to hear unwanted sound no matter where you are, until you give them what they want.


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