Some people are just evil

More than two years ago, my landlord dropped by to finish a repair. The developer who built the house across the way had come over and put an offer on the house, the house I had been renting then for four years. My landlord said they’d turned it down. They were not interested in selling. He told me that the developer had then said that I was “just a renter” and there were things my landlords could do to get me out of the house. The developer also let him know he was related to a prominent Seattle attorney.

“Don’t get me sued,” my landlord cautioned me. “Some of these people, they’ll do anything… Some people,” he added, “are just evil.”

The word “evil” is one that I’ve generally considered and rejected for its religious overtones and dismal view of human nature. But now, after nearly two years of living in a “real estate mobbing” enabled by the collusion of an anti-renter neighborhood watch with real estate speculators, a “mobbing” in which I am wirelessly harassed in secured areas of airports and even on airplanes in addition to being constantly harassed by apparent tenant clearers who come and go from the houses on either side of me and probably use a combination of network intrusion, radio and directional speakers to harass me without creating witnesses, I see evil too.

After innumerable searches of the web, I’ve also come to see a pattern of what usually plays as the crazy neighbor or the paranoid self-claimed victim, but may well constitute cases of real estate mobbing by people who are at least fly-by-night, criminal real estate speculators. I’ll pull together some of the complaints I’ve seen on the web for a post on that soon.

While it’s philosophically satisfying to reflect on evil and the human condition, I’m a woman who remains the victim of an ongoing crime. I’m writing this blog to get attention and to get an investigation at the appropriate level, which is likely the FBI based on the cyber-stalking—especially given its continuance in secured areas of airports and on planes. My goal is to get these criminal harassers working from the flanking houses arrested and to expose this crime to make it harder to get away with in the future.

There’s a lot of information in the 50 plus entries I’ve written and I’ve got titles for 50 more. This entry is an easy-to-read summary of what the blog is about. If I manage to finish it up this week, my next post, Flying the Friendly Skies, will be about harassment while traveling by plane. Read on.


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