Let the punishment fit the crime


His object all sublime
He will achieve in time —
To let the punishment fit the crime —
The punishment fit the crime;
And make each prisoner pent
Unwillingly represent
A source of innocent merriment!
Of innocent merriment!

—  The Mikado (1885), W.S. Gilbert

The crime of real estate mobbing is, in many respects, extraordinary. This is true at least of the crime that takes me as its victim, the crime of real estate mobbing as practiced in my northeastern Seattle neighborhood.

This collection of posts, titled with a lyric from W.S. Gilbert’s opera The Mikado, examines a few of the “special circumstances” deserving of severe charges and penalties in what the harassers mobbing me once gleefully declared to be “a professional real estate hit.”

The first of these entries is subtitled, A crime of duration.


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