Mobbing is coercion

The criminal nature of real estate mobbing, at least in my case, is strongly indicated by the amount of time the harassers spend attempting to coerce me, to con me, out of reporting the ongoing crime of my own forced eviction in a quiet northeastern neighborhood of Seattle heavily worked by developers and speculators.

Yet I have persistently reported during the nearly two years of continual monitoring, stalking, cyberstalking and verbal harassment. I have called the police, written the City of Seattle and the Seattle Police Department, talked to attorneys, and am now even writing this blog. And as I have done so, the mobbers have threatened me with a vicious intensity. A major portion of the harassment is devoted to issuing threats and the threats increase with my reporting of the crime. It used to be bombs in my car, or that they would kill my cat, that they would call for a welfare check on me if I didn’t shut up, that no one will believe me because of malicious gossip they’ve spread, that they’ve “triangulated” me and I have no choice, that they would bring lawsuits against me and my landlords for valuation or put private information about me online. Time and time again, they assured me that they would “kill” me in court, but at this point, I think they’ll have to worry about the prosecutor and the judge.

Since I returned from California, and since my contract with a network security company has ended and I have become unemployed, the real estate mobbers have intensified the harassment. There are no signs of the owners of the houses on either side though one of them increasingly keeps his large SUV out of view in his garage these days. Lights in both houses go on at night and the cars of others come and go, as though by schedule, as the harassment continues. When someone comes up the driveway, the harassment stops, when residents other than me come and go from driveways, the harassment ceases until they depart. And as I add layers of sound board to my windows and turn TV and radio off or away to quiet or diffuse the harassment, they’ve cranked up the volume and worked harder to project the sound at portions of the windows panes not adequately covered and to wake me again and again during the night.

Months ago I speculated as to whether they had derived some formula for the optimum frequency with which they should deliver threats or harassing statements; the only confirmation of such a consideration was the sound of the voice of the owner to the north telling someone to make sure I had no quiet. And as I remember this moment, I also remember hearing the builder of a new house across from me, the one who made an offer on this house that was rejected, leaving one day and directing his painter to “Watch her!” That was so long ago, years now, that I didn’t before think of it in the context of the monitoring, but it does seem to fit and may also indicate the origin of the strategy as well as of a longstanding intention to one way or another “turn over” the property I rent.

This viciousness is a strong indication of the predatory nature of this crime, a crime that makes the most of less detectable means such as radio technologies and parametric —directional—speakers to isolate me for hearing the harassment and to ensure that I have no witnesses. Now that I’m not working, they probably again hope to run me out of money or to use their increased access to me to finally run me out of my home.

This shows the urgency of this matter and gives more reason why the City of Seattle, Seattle Police Department and other investigative authorities, and the Attorney General of the State of Washington to investigate this matter and arrest these criminals. This is not “neighbor harassment,” this is not civil. I have been the victim of a string of felonies, probably for more than two years and the harassment is organized, with probable goals of the sadistic pleasure of the local neighborhood watch as well as profiteering on those sadistic aims on the part of criminal real estate speculators who may be the mobbers, or may have retained the mobbers in trade or with funds to harass me out of my home.

And because one of the most prominent technologies of harassment is the parametric speaker, I will again write the City of Seattle, Seattle Police and the Attorney General this week and send them literature about the affordable parametric speakers and speaker kits on the market. I will stress the likelihood that they are being used in crimes based on isolation and trickery and that the technology can easily be used to harass under the eyes of law enforcement. For example, complaints of noise transmitted by a parametric speaker will not be credible to the police, not even if the noise continues as the complainant speaks to the police outside his own home, so long as the police remain out of range of the projected sound.

I will tell the city, the police and the Attorney General that they should alert other law enforcement agencies to the use of these consumer products in crime. There should be a way to detect the use of parametric speakers. But if they are used in a criminal situation where the victim is constantly monitored, such as in my own case, no police authority could enter the residence and check for infrared without be seen and the speakers likely shut down. A detection device would likely have to be installed at the site and for the duration of the harassment. Such an installation could discourage the suspicious use of parametric speakers, which would provide some relief to the victim, or it could shut down the mobbing and scare off the mobbers.

But there’s another way around the fact that this crime is not well enough known for there to be a good method of detecting the use of techniques like directional speakers. In many cases, like my own, the antecedent to mobbing is likely a more “civil” harassment that, depending on its formation, could be used to open an investigation that would reveal the numerous felonies that mobbing includes.

The origin of my own situation, for example, can be traced by public disclosure requests that the City of Seattle has in its possession, along with other documents I’ve already sent the City of Seattle and a few civil court transcripts. These documents may show organized harassment of selected residents of my area by the co-captain of the neighborhood watch as well as her cronies in real estate and development. I have suggested that an investigation into racketeering could be appropriate and would likely expose the criminal harassment to which I’ve been subjected and that has likely affected others.

At any rate, with technologies such as the parametric speaker becoming prominent in crime, investigative agencies must devise a protocol for dealing with them. I would suggest that in cases like mine, the police need to give greater credence to the statements of the victim and the victim complaint. It may also be necessary to begin to look at those who have surrounded the alleged victim as well as to begin to question the presence of the vehicles in the area and those who come and go in them. In cases where the owners are not present, where they begin to hide their own cars, and where the houses likely give shelter to participants in the crime, looking at this is probably a baseline requirement for any investigation.

It doesn’t matter how it happens, but investigation of real estate mobbing cases is critical. What happens when there is a deadlock between the mobbers and their victim? When the victim rightly maintains her homestead and the mobbers realize that her goal is their arrest for crimes that any lay person can see are felonies? What happens if the mobbers, unable to expel and completely discredit their victim, get desperate?

Cases like my own could be quite dangerous and, in fact, the very willingness of the mobbers to risk mobbing may indicate the failure of local police and government to intervene in a troubled neighborhood despite years of victim complaints.

Since no protocol on how to deal with the potential use of parametric speakers is in place to help me, I’ll write another post this week about predatory crimes that involve them and will be composing another letter to the Washington State Attorney General with carbon copies to Mayor Murry, the Seattle Police Department, and the Seattle City Attorney. I’ll send them literature on parametric speakers and suggest they take a lead role in sharing information with police nationwide on their use in crime. And then, because certain persons and vehicles are suspicious in their presence during the day after day verbal harassment to which I am subjected, harassment which includes threats and exhortations for me to “get out” of my legal home as well as verbal description to make me think they are watching me shower and use the toilet in the privacy of my home, I will start giving the City of Seattle and the State of Washington at least the plate numbers of those vehicles used by those I’ve seen going into and out of the houses as the harassment continues, now nearly two years of my life after it began.

Come on City of Seattle, Attorney General and City Prosecutor. Come on, Seattle Police. I’ve been giving you a fantastic opportunity to arrest criminals who may routinely harass people out of their homes and to stop a highly vicious and predatory crime and human rights violation from occurring. I can’t hold them here forever. Come and get them. Bring the paddy wagon.





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