Fear itself

Winston Churchill once said, All we have to fear is fear itself. In wartime, and even in the “property wars” of criminal real estate speculators, wars that are not graced with principles but with profiteering, fear can be a disabling weapon. For real estate mobbers, fear is the first technology of mobbing, in which the big bad wolves of childhood transmogrify into the boogie-men of adulthood. For the vulnerable renter or for home owners most vulnerable to real estate mobbing, the civil origins of which cannot be fought off without financial resources, these boogie-men might include debt collectors, lawsuits, loss of dignity, and victimization by predatory crime.

Here is where gang-stalking comes in. Gang-stalking is multi-stalking, the exponentially multiplied scary circumstance of being stalked not just by one person but by many, and being stalked every moment of every day, in and outside of one’s home. The FBI does say that cases of multi-stalking exist, as I mentioned in a related post this last week. But what makes it appealing to tenant clearers is that if you try to report it you sound “paranoid.” And no one listens to the reports of people who say things that sound unlikely. In fact, saying things that sound unlikely and that do not mesh with others’ experience in the world, defines a person as “crazy,” “delusional” or “psychotic.” Your experience is always judged from the vantage point of another. And if the mobbers play gang-stalkers well enough, no one will listen to your reports of the crime and you’ll probably stop reporting, because being maligned as crazy makes it difficult to live in community with others.

What is the appeal of gang-stalking to a tenant clearing operation?

Imagine, you’re a well paid “tenant clearer” referred by developers and speculators who want more houses to flip and lots to build on in a northeast neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. You’re welcomed to the neighborhood because the local neighborhood watch organization is guided by unethical members who, instead of carrying out their mission to work on behalf on all residents, use their position to wage personal wars against renters and home owners they don’t like.

When the disliked fail to “move on” despite constant complaints to the city about their parking and trash cans, as well as baldfaced accusations that they’re pornographers or cocaine dealers, the improper union of real estate speculators with neighborhood watch leads to the sale of houses on both sides of a disliked renter. The houses are sold to men who are willing to harass and to host professional harassers in exchange for a good investment opportunity.

From the standpoint of the professional tenant clearers, this is indeed a powerful position. Here you are, a criminal without a lease, and you’re given a better footing in the community than the legal renter who has faithfully paid her rent month after month and who gardens more than anyone else on the street, and on her own dime. And you’ve been invited into the community to enjoy its ample lakeside offerings and some pretty decent houses for entertaining, while you harass out this renter whose landlords turned down the offer of one of your developer friends. And all the while, the chief instigator and co-captain of the neighborhood watch provides support from the house just across from the renter’s.

Sounds peachy.

But the job does come with some risks. Because, unfortunately, what you have come to do is entirely against local, state, and federal law, and you, and your clients, will all be charged with felonies if you slip up.

Never fear, the reason the developers referred you, is because you’ve got your bases covered and, yes, all your device are belong to us! You’ve got the rules of mobbing down. And if you’re not the real estate speculator with your name on the deed of the mobbing house, don’t worry, you don’t have to pay the utilities.

The developers referred you, and the unethical neighborhood watch were just delighted to receive you, because of your tenant clearing methodology, which, you’ve assured them, is inscrutable, 100% foolproof and robust as all get-out! No one will be the wiser, you tell them. And that’s good, because these are people who have no intention of getting caught.

You have a willing combination, you assure them with a smile, you’ve got the special sauce: You and your crew pretend to be gang-stalkers. This is the core of your oh-so-very successful tenant clearing business strategy and a winning methodology of criminal property mobbers coast to coast!

No one, you assure your new clients, will know. We fool people out of their homes every day. She’ll be so freaked out, she’ll run straight out the door. We’ve done this all over, the first thing we do is to let the renter know she’s a “target,” then you treat her like a criminal, let her know she has no privacy and throw a fake stakeout or too. So what if she’s done nothing criminal or ever been arrested. We’ll make something up. We always do. Usually these renters go easy, they don’t even know what hit them. If not, we have a lot of cars and we’re pretty good at playing the gang-stalking game. No worries,  you tell your new clients, we manage them by threatening to call the police or by telling the police they’re harassing us if they call. You can just kick back and just enjoy the show.

This is how I suspect it might go, anyway, based on being in this situation for nearly two years now. It’s cruel. And criminal. And when I go back and look at descriptions of gang-stalking on the web, to me they often sound like people who are being harassed out of their homes by tenant clearers and criminal real estate speculators but haven’t been able to put it together. This is because the hoax of gang-stalking hides the true motive behind the crime, which is acquisition of property. And the tenant clearers know that if you cannot give the police a coherent motive to work with, they will likely disregard any possibility that a crime is underway. This is the burden of being the victim of a deceptive crime. And because those people who claim to be victims of gang-stalkers are being harassed by people they cannot see or do not know for no good reason, their fears run away with them and they latch onto overarching theories of nefarious government conspiracies. Everyone needs a way to make sense of their lives.

Perhaps an investigation into this racket, because that’s what this type of criminal real estate speculation must be, would reveal that gang-stalking is a common ploy used by criminal speculators and tenant clearers to harass people out of their homes and make them available for development and speculation in gentrifying neighborhoods like my own.

And as I’ve been sitting here this beautiful and foggy fall morning writing this, I am assailed by demands that I “move on” and “get out” from criminal tenant clearers or those supporting offsite and perhaps mobile harassers. I am told I am “too old, and too bold,” and that they’re “going to get [me] out, no matter how [I] scream and shout.” I am insulted and taunted and threatened. All this while I know the houses the harassment comes from and it continues in the light of day. But I can identify these people, at least enough of them so that more could ultimately be arrested. And if I’m correct about the systematic and practiced nature of this crime, perhaps a network of tenant clearers or “property mobbers” could be apprehended. I have plate numbers, these people work in the houses right beside me, leaving in their cars and changing shifts when I am away from the windows, leaving quickly so that they are not seen and to try to avoid me photographing their vehicles or their license plates. The owner of the house to the north has extended his permits now to 2016 but if this property is not soon “cleared” and forced to sale, there is little chance he will  benefit. So they work to induce stress in me, even stress to levels that constitute assault and that may endanger my life. If any of them are paid, they have so far failed and must make good my eviction to collect their fee. If they are not paid, their level of exposure has risen with the months over which I have attempted to report, to get an investigation, and now to expose them and denude their methods of power by blogging about them. They have to get me out, they probably tell themselves, they don’t want to go to prison, and a deal is a deal. So they stay inside, on the other side of the walls of the neighboring houses on this wonderfully foggy cold morning, bullying a legal resident out of her home in the good City of Seattle.





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