Offer to assist in any investigation

It’s a beautifully crisp and cold fall day here in Seattle. I was just out in the back, scraping the last of the leaves off the near frozen earth and being harassed as I swept the rake from north to south over the mossy bricks and then ventured further from the house to accessible points near the property line that bounds the back yard to the west.

I had another thought about how I might help others and finally get a useful investigation into the real estate mobbing that I’ve been the target of for near two years.

Those who live in the mobbing houses, as well as those who come and go from each of them, keeping me ever watched from one side or the other and probably monitoring not only me but the neighborhood for possible means of detection, the passing of police cars and other vehicles with scanners, or those who might venture up my driveway and hear the harassment if it is not quieted. The mobbers in the houses to my north and south work in tandem, in an organized manner. They are working together to forcibly evict me, and with the knowledge of at least key individuals involved in real estate speculation on my street as well as those in the unethical neighborhood watch. The captain of the watch who is most responsible for instigating this violence against me lives across the street. After nearly two and a half years of waiting for results from the crime that she invited against me and my landlords, this crime of real estate mobbing, I hope she is worried. She must know that I have been monitored, stalked, and cyber-stalked through emotional crisis, job loss, complete deprivation of privacy during the most intimate acts and more during the last two years. Because she seems to be emotionally disturbed, she may have enjoyed it. Still, she must be worried. This was a crime that they all expected to easily get away with, and yet I continue to be here, and through this blog and any other means I can, giving authorities as much information as possible in order to get an investigation.

To that end, I would like to volunteer myself to any law enforcement agency in King County, the State of Washington, or the United States. I’d love to volunteer to work with European authorities because, frankly, I’d love to see Paris again, but I figure you’ve got mobbers of your own.

The people who are involved in mobbing me are likely here because they were known for it, and because they were invited. I don’t think it’s the first time they’ve done it. And, if you don’t arrest them, they’ll certainly be doing it again.

If you are someone who is being mobbed or an investigative authority looking into a matter that seems to have a lot in common with my situation, I encourage you to contact me. Those who are mobbing me come and go and may be working multiple houses, in multiple locales. After all, they can’t do the same thing too many times in one place or it may become a familiar pattern. The owners of the mobbing houses are routinely gone for periods of time while their houses are tended, and while the harassment continues, by numerous others. In addition to the information that I am slowly building on this website, I have license plate numbers and can make identification of numerous of those whose names I may not know or may not be able to disclose on this website. The crime of mobbing, too, is a crime that is easily done using mobile technologies and from remote locales. There seems to be a strong physical surveillance effort that attends the effort and is expressed in monitoring and stalking, but there is also a strong cyber-stalking and cell phone monitoring and harassment component that could be done from anywhere, and could be administered centrally for numerous mobbers who mob different houses in different locales.

If trustworthy and reliable mobbers are found through developers who build in multiple states or known to real estate companies that may have a presence in and out of the State of Washington, there’s an even greater chance that the mobbers who hole up next door to their victims to set them up and mob them out of their legal homes are specialists whose presence may be requested by speculators over a wide geographical area. As one of the mobbers recently complained to me, “I’ve got mobbers from all over the state coming to mob you.”

There’s a pattern here. If you’re investigating harassment that sounds like mine, let’s talk. You can also contact Seattle Police to tell them that you think a real crime is being committed here that they need to investigate. Note that I have put in multiple requests to the City of Seattle to launch an investigation into racketeering and believe that racketeering probably works well for a crime such as this that is highly predatory and that remains hidden outside of the legal bullying that may involve real estate speculators and developers. Use what you’ve got. I will talk to anyone who wants to talk about the crime that has made me its victim. Help me to get the scumbucket criminal real estate mobbers arrested and convicted. Help me to do the right thing here.

The City of Seattle and Seattle Police know who I am. You can find me if you are law enforcement. And I would be happy to talk to you.

Thank you for your help.


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