A bit of good news

In the last months, three houses within a few doors of me have changed hands. All along, I’ve been saying that what was needed was change in the neighborhood, good people to move in. After all, lots of nice people walk by every day since we’re very close to the Burke-Gilman bike trail. We just need some people to move in who want to live here, not just to flip houses at others’ expense.

The first one was furthest away; two doors down this reclusive street and on the same side. I did finally say hello to them but suspect they’ve been scared off by something said by the neighborhood watch co-captain who practically runs up to strangers with malicious gossip about others. Or maybe they’re uncomfortable with the anti-mobbing bumper stickers displayed on my vehicles. I did finally say hello to them and hope that they’ll warm up to me. They bought the house from an independent builder whose wife, I was told, claimed to have wanted to leave the neighborhood after being harassed by the same co-captain of the neighborhood watch. Perhaps they’re avoiding the possibility of becoming involved in whatever is going on up here, a few doors away.

The second one that sold, but has just become occupied, is adjacent to one of the mobbing houses, the one to my north. That still leaves the south mobbing house a lot of privacy to their south since the house on that side of them remains in the hands of the bank after its owner died during the recession. And there is a decently sized yard between the mobbing house and the house that sold to its north. But it still means they have to exercise some caution, for example, if they are using CB radio with a linear antenna to project harassment on my speakers, there was a lot of conjecture on the page describing the technique on whether the speakers of all in the neighborhood would be affected. I’m hoping that risk exists. And I met the woman yesterday. She and her husband are writers so we have something in common, and they have a child.

I am hopeful.

The third one that sold is the house built by the man who put an offer on my own house and told my landlord that I was “just a renter.” This is the builder who is now ripping down what was a nicely architected Asian-influenced home up the street. I’ve been waiting for the house across the street to finally change hands for about two years now. The open harassment began when ground was broken on construction for that house, I’ve been threatened with lawsuits and more multiple times because of that house, and so have my landlords. The fact that the house remained unsold made it easy for it to be used to mob, as well as for the mobbers to mob more openly with little risk of witnesses. This house is also directly across from the mobbing house to my north and the increased caution of the mobbers was obvious immediately after the new residents moved in. The fact that it changed hands means they’ll no longer be able to use it for overflow parking. It also means that the constant comings and goings of different cars from the house will likely be noticed by others, besides myself, who are not taking part in the mobbing. It’s clear the mobbers are aware of their comings and goings and modulate themselves accordingly. This is one more driveway they have to watch, shutting down at least certain types of harassment whenever the new residents emerge from their house. I’ve met one of the new residents; lent him a hammer and told him about mail and utility services on the street. They share a common profession with the owner of the mobbing house across from them, the one on my north. I’m hoping that they get a bad feeling about this guy, just like I did.

I’m hoping that good comes out of this. I injured my knee earlier this year and missed most of the cycling season. Without bike rides to see me through, the mobbing has been hard on me as of late. Since I returned from my most recent trip to California, the mobbers have been going at me non-stop as much as possible.

With the third house changing hands, the mobbers lost an important foothold in the neighborhood; even the co-captain of the neighborhood watch across the way is showing more caution about displaying her nastiness. None of the new neighbors have asked me about the anti-mobbing stickers on the car. But they can find out what the stickers are about by looking online. So long as they wait, and watch, I’m confident they’ll start to see that something in this neighborhood is very wrong. Even my roommate, who is out working most of the time and who hides downstairs in a concrete basement where she hears nothing, has gotten a bad feeling about the houses around us. This is the kind of thing that people have a sixth sense about if they are attentive to their instincts.

I hope the instincts are good.


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