Property as a motive in cyberstalking

One thing this blog should make absolutely clear is that the characterization of cyberstalking as a crime done by anonymous perves who happened to run across an attractive patsy on some social networking sites thwarts the reporting and prosecution of crimes like mine.

Cyberstalking, and “mobbing” has a pronounced feature of cyberstalking, may in many cases be a crime committed by unsavory speculators or those they hire, in the acquisition of property by criminal means including forced eviction and sale.

In the research I have done over the past year and a half since my own mobbing started, I have seen numerous references to the same pages I found when I tried to figure out what was happening to me, pages about gang-stalkers, gas lighting, and lots of bizarre stories that would tend to make someone who is trying to report a crime sound, well, kinda crazy. All the better for the mobbers, because that’s how they want you to sound when you try to report their crime against you.

For real estate mobbers, tenant clearers or criminal speculators whose goal is to bully you out of your home and to bully a sale out of you or your landlord, the crazier you sound the better. Cyberstalking is not only a charge that is difficult to report or to prove, but it’s difficult to even figure out what is happening. And all of this works in favor of the criminals who would use cyberstalking as a means to scare you of your home.

For these reasons, cyberstalking, a prominent feature of “mobbing,” “property mobbing,” or “real estate mobbing,” is likely a favored technique of the criminal speculator who prefers devious, sneaky methods to trick renters into leaving. This is the big bad wolf saying, All the better to see you with, my dear. Another statement they allowed me to overhear in the mobbing comes to mind, “Daria says she has to leave of her own free will.” “Daria” was portrayed as an attorney, and yeah, there were some wild mobber stories about all of them being attorneys too. But this letting me know that I must leave of my own free will–this is all about bullying you out of your home without giving you a shred of evidence. Who made you leave your home? Who is Daria? Who does she “represent”?

Yeah. I haven’t tried telling the cops that one. For the really good ones, I’m waiting for the FBI. This whole thing is so practiced that I doubt I’m the first victim. And there are sites just listing the cons and hoaxes that criminals use to get what they want from their victims.

Indeed, it’s a shell game. If you consult, for example, the discussion on cyberstalkers for their methods, you’ll find a list that I could use to describe real estate mobbing, and my situation is pretty clearly about property and its acquisition at the personal expense of the renter, me. Anyway, it lists things like defamation and deliberate attempts to dig up “dirt” to use to threaten the victim with.

In my case, before the mobbing began there was obviously a prolonged effort to attempt to find out if there was anything they could “get” on me. And the mobbing opened with wild claims of defamations that would soon ensue if I didn’t “get out” of my home or “move on!” In the first months, I was told again and again that they would “kill” me… then months later they began more cautiously saying that they would “kill” me “on the Internet,” perhaps because it was already clear as I made report after report,  that the mobbing was not going according to plan. They staged “killings” of me. “Kill her!” one would say, and they would respond to my instructions to just to be sure they cc’d the FBI with claims that they had put pictures of me on the toilet or in the shower all over the Internet… but where I would *never* find them.

These “killings” continued for months. But I was determined not to be blackmailed from the beginning. I was not going to let someone use my life or their invasion of my privacy to bully me out of my home or otherwise manipulate me. There was never any question about it.

Somewhere along the way, as I survived month after month of the threats of defamation and the recitations of facts and lies about my life that were the major component of the mobbing in the earlier months, I realized that the whole point of it was to clear a property with words alone, without actually carrying out any of the unending threats that the victim is made to hear. This method, which attempts to weary or to elicit guilt or shame, is the best bet when it comes to eliminating or mitigating reporting, lawsuits, and liability. If you want to get someone out, get something on them or, at least, convince them you have.

And this is the reason why real estate speculators with unsavory practices like mobbing, and why mobbing is likely an updated form of blockbusting or other forms of tenant “clearing.”  By mobbing someone, treating them like a criminal and shaming them for anything you can, crimes or ordinary human behavior, you turn a crime inside out. The speculators who overrun the neighborhood especially like it when they can appear to anti-renter neighborhood watch organizations  or anti-renter home owners who do not see the interests they have in common with renters in creating a healthy and caring neighborhood for all. When speculators and an unethical neighborhood watch unite in criminal forced eviction, their crime takes the shape of an righteous community stalking, and the legal resident who stands between them and property becomes criminal.

The phenomenology of cyberstalking contributes to its nature as a crime that cannot be reported, that cannot be proven and, at least in my case, another strong component of the mobbing is a con that is intended to convince me that “there’s nothing [I] can do,” that I’ll never “prove it,” that they will trounce me in court if I try, and so on.

Unfortunately, they assume you’ll try to take them to civil court. Me? I’m going for criminal court. This crime is predatory, brazen, and must be prosecuted.

The phenomenology of cyberstalking is heavily influenced by the technologies that are used to harass and the dearth of experience of these methods or knowledge about them that exists. And this makes those methods even more ideal for the criminal real estate speculator, the “property mobber,” and the criminal developer who turns over property using them.

Despite the fact that from the first days of the mobbing, I experienced harassment as coming from devices that have speakers, it’s only been in the last six months, perhaps, that I came to suspect radios or cell phones–which must be viewed as devices with radios–as the source of a good deal of the harassment. But if you look at it, it’s all about speakers. Computers have speakers, cell phones have speakers, business establishments have speakers, gas pumps have them too. And there are a lot of great hacker tricks that can be used to make speakers listen as well as talk.

In the last couple of weeks, I learned that a nasty neighbor trick that is described online, is using a CB radio, a radio that broadcasts at the citizens’ band, in combination with a linear antenna, as a method of putting sound on the speakers of a neighboring sound system. Too bad the judge who soundly dismissed my attempt to get protective orders against the owners of the mobbing houses didn’t know this when the owner of one of the houses stood up in court and grandstanded, asking me whether it was in fact true that I had told police (as he listened out on his veranda) that I heard harassment on the speakers of my radio.

This type of experience is so foreign to what a “radio” is or is about, that it is disbelieved by those who haven’t heard of it, even cops. And what does it take for the victim of this type of harassment, of mobbing, to begin to put it together. You turn on your weekend program, let’s say NPR, a little “This American Life” or “The Moth” (hey, have *I* got a story for you!), and every time you do you hear the voices of those people you used to think were just neighbors who may actually be criminal real estate speculators who moved in with the intention of harassing you out of your home and taking the property, or those who let you know that they “represent” them insulting you, threatening you, demanding that you decamp from your legal home, threatening to call the police on you, threatening to call people you are in relationship with and tell them this, that or the other, calling you a check-kiter, a pederast, criticizing your eating habits, going on and on about how you sound when you climax or how you look when you wipe your butt, yeah, they don’t miss a step. Yeah, this is a run-on sentence but, the thing is, I couldn’t write a sentence that would run on long enough to express what it is like to be harassed every moment of every waking day for more than eighteen months using whatever means they find available.

So back to the “radio.” How does a person who is not a ham radio specialist begin to put together how the harassment winds up on every device with speakers. I intend to write a post just about radios and their use in mobbing, but computers, TVs, stereo receivers, cell phones, and radios — what they have in common is that they’ve all got radios. And now you have software-defined radios as well.

The assumption that I made is probably not uncommon, that someone gained access to my radio or device. And this was another hoax, the mobbers allowing me to hear them talk about “repeaters.” Assuming it was a network repeater, a software friend and I broke open my radio looking for cameras or other devices. But, interestingly, in recently looking over scanner and ham radio sites, I began to see mention of “repeaters.” So we destroyed a radio looking for devices, we opened lights and switches looking for devices. The mobbers laughed and jeered as I removed panels and poked into walls and ceilings, making observations that I was getting “warmer” or “colder” and going on about the “GPS buttons” and “spray” they’d deployed throughout my home. And the cops–their minimum bar for any investigation into eavesdropping was my discovery of a device. I could call them back if I found one; otherwise, there was no probable cause.

Ever try calling the police on your neighbor after hearing someone in their driveway asking if the neighbors can get them on your router? I did. Didn’t get me far. This is one of the events that I still cannot decide was or was not a hoax. It was back in the early days, the bot hoax days. Before or after the disassembled and broken radios, the disconnected phones, the disabled network adapters, the hard drives put into safe deposit boxes for safekeeping pending that elusive FBI call….

The things is, that you don’t need devices. At least, you don’t need to plant them. You can eavesdrop cleanly from a distance with a shotgun microphone or a parabolic microphone. You can make it impossible for a person to have a moment of peace or privacy by projecting harassment using directional speaker, harassment bounced onto windows and other surfaces, ventilation systems like window fans in summer and exhaust fan systems any time of the year. It’s all wind and water. Ventilation is wind; shower and pool are water. Both carry sound. If they try to use earplugs you just convey the sound differently, through the bone, and they cannot escape you. The side sleeper suffers more with her ear to the pillow. You can’t stifle the sound. You can’t drown it out either. Turn on the radio–they’re right there. Turn on the television–with shared Comcast cable lines, you’re a sitting duck. Comcast has a meaningless policy against the use of packet analyzers but a packet analyzer is a great tool for monitoring the port 80 traffic of your victim–all the better to threaten the renter who looks at a bit of online porn from time to time. With reading privileges of the network packets off of port 80 you get the same access as Google or better when it comes to reading the email communications of every victim who doesn’t use POP mail, you learn all about the online spending habits of your mark, you get to even probe into her financial or health history. All this without changing a file. And if you switch to CenturyLink or another Internet or television service, it likely necessitates the use of a router with a wireless card anyway. At any rate, the mobbers will be with you, or will find a way to convince you that they’re with you, every moment of every day.

A real estate mobber who uses the techniques of surveillance in combination with those of the hacker, can get you coming and going in a good old-fashioned clearing by smearing and make it hard to get the forensic traces that you need to convince the cops that you’re a victim and to get help. And this is what the criminal real estate speculator is counting on. We’re not just rattlin’ trash cans now!

Enough for now. But let’s talk about the phenomenology of being mobbed, the phenomenology of being harassed over radio, the phenomenology of being monitored and followed, cyberstalked if you will, by hackers hopping over the SSIDs of the wireless systems of the businesses that line the streets you walk down, or skipping over the signals emitted by the cell phones of those around you, even if you don’t use one yourself. Let’s talk about the phenomenology of being harassed by people who have devised a means to keep you close every moment of your day, so that your only means of escaping them is by acceding to their demands to “move on” or “get out” of your home because “someone wants to build on it” or “someone doesn’t want you here,” or whatever. They live in either side of you, or they have harassers or other property mobbers who come and cover you when they cannot. When you drive your car, they use the available radios in the vehicle–AM/FM, GPS, wireless–whatever. When you’re at home, they use your windows, projecting sound by directional speakers in increasing commercial use that can isolate a single individual for a message. And the cops don’t know about them either.

Never be the target of a crime that is not yet well documented. Sadly, beat cops seem to lack imagination and to be too impatient to listen. Even more sad is the fact that to get the attention of investigative authorities like the FBI, an agency that is actually charged with investigating cybercrime, racketeering and the other felonies that attend a good “property mob,” the police have to be willing to request them to intervene.

And so here I am. More than eighteen months after becoming aware that I was being monitored and stalked, I remain a woman in a criminal bullying situation who has complained again and again to local, state, and federal agencies but still cannot get help.







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