My ad on The Stranger, and on sharing Mayor Murray’s disgust

It’s been a busy week and I’m preparing to leave to work out of town for the next week. But I did want to tell you about the blog I wrote last night. It’s here, just posted as a page because the two-column format is too restrictive for a larger image.

If you don’t notice the new link to the blog entry up top, take this link to My ad on The Stranger, in which I share the disgust of Mayor Murray.

Aside from that, I had a few other thoughts about how to make progress towards getting a police investigation:

  • Because “mobbing” as this crowd of criminals does it seems focused on harassment using radios, from FM to wi-fi to satellite phone and to cell, and because I have seen a scanner in evidence in the neighborhood, I was thinking that perhaps if I got my own scanner or shortwave I would have a better means of picking up the radio waves that are projected at me and into my house when I am home and that I might be able to get a better recording of the harassment.I have been trying to record it on my DVR service as well as on a recorder external to radio devices, but when you’re being “monitored,” it makes it hard to attempt to document proof without being seen. And these people turn off the harassment whenever anyone comes up the driveway, whenever I am close to anyone and, for example, when there is a police car near my own. They also modulate their voices and do a lot of overlapping sound, that is, when the music falls silent, they tend to as well. They talk in the interstices of the words that fall into sentences in dialog and music, they compete with the conversations when I am talking on the phone or listening to an online event. They speak to avoid attention, but I’ve concluded that they are careful about voice choices to keep the sound of theirs familiar to me, to echo the now familiar demands for “the bot” and for me to “Move on!”, and to ensure that they have my attention as much as possible. What is important in harassment, I have concluded, is to make me know their words are intended for me.Anyway, I don’t know the laws around scanners or shortwave radios but may do some research to figure out whether there is a radio I can set up that can receive radio waves in a way that makes it easier to document their content.
  • Another thing, I’m thinking of seeing if I can get a quote on examining my wireless cable box for harassment. With digital enhancement, I think any sound that is being recorded on the DVR should be able to be separated out from the TV track and proven if it did in fact come through the TV. But I’m not confident that the DVR records at the point of the DVR instead of taking copies of canned broadcasts out of the air. When I started recording the mobbers threatened that if I got anything they would say it was illegal two-party recording but they’ve also threatened to report me as slatternly, a pederast, and to call the police for welfare checks on me (and these things are just for starters), so I don’t listen to their threats anymore. So far as I can tell, the threats are an attempt to control and shut down reporting, and then to convince me that there is nothing I can do but accept that I am being “harassed out of” my house.

Anyway, it’s late and I have to get ready to leave town. But take care if you trick-or-treat at any mobbing houses–don’t let them give you the apple with the razor from the basket.


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