Second rule of mobbing

Don’t let the “target” know you’re in real estate.

To wit, it might not be a good idea to harass your victim with taunts that it is a “professional real estate hit.”


Fear itself

Winston Churchill once said, All we have to fear is fear itself. In wartime, and even in the “property wars” of criminal real estate speculators, wars that are not graced with principles but with profiteering, fear can be a disabling weapon. For real estate mobbers, fear is the first technology of mobbing, in which the big bad wolves of childhood transmogrify into the boogie-men of adulthood. For the vulnerable renter or for home owners most vulnerable to real estate mobbing, the civil origins of which cannot be fought off without financial resources, these boogie-men might include debt collectors, lawsuits, loss of dignity, and victimization by predatory crime.

Here is where gang-stalking comes in. Gang-stalking is multi-stalking, the exponentially multiplied scary circumstance of being stalked not just by one person but by many, and being stalked every moment of every day, in and outside of one’s home. The FBI does say that cases of multi-stalking exist, as I mentioned in a related post this last week. But what makes it appealing to tenant clearers is that if you try to report it you sound “paranoid.” And no one listens to the reports of people who say things that sound unlikely. In fact, saying things that sound unlikely and that do not mesh with others’ experience in the world, defines a person as “crazy,” “delusional” or “psychotic.” Your experience is always judged from the vantage point of another. And if the mobbers play gang-stalkers well enough, no one will listen to your reports of the crime and you’ll probably stop reporting, because being maligned as crazy makes it difficult to live in community with others.

What is the appeal of gang-stalking to a tenant clearing operation?

Imagine, you’re a well paid “tenant clearer” referred by developers and speculators who want more houses to flip and lots to build on in a northeast neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. You’re welcomed to the neighborhood because the local neighborhood watch organization is guided by unethical members who, instead of carrying out their mission to work on behalf on all residents, use their position to wage personal wars against renters and home owners they don’t like.

When the disliked fail to “move on” despite constant complaints to the city about their parking and trash cans, as well as baldfaced accusations that they’re pornographers or cocaine dealers, the improper union of real estate speculators with neighborhood watch leads to the sale of houses on both sides of a disliked renter. The houses are sold to men who are willing to harass and to host professional harassers in exchange for a good investment opportunity.

From the standpoint of the professional tenant clearers, this is indeed a powerful position. Here you are, a criminal without a lease, and you’re given a better footing in the community than the legal renter who has faithfully paid her rent month after month and who gardens more than anyone else on the street, and on her own dime. And you’ve been invited into the community to enjoy its ample lakeside offerings and some pretty decent houses for entertaining, while you harass out this renter whose landlords turned down the offer of one of your developer friends. And all the while, the chief instigator and co-captain of the neighborhood watch provides support from the house just across from the renter’s.

Sounds peachy.

But the job does come with some risks. Because, unfortunately, what you have come to do is entirely against local, state, and federal law, and you, and your clients, will all be charged with felonies if you slip up.

Never fear, the reason the developers referred you, is because you’ve got your bases covered and, yes, all your device are belong to us! You’ve got the rules of mobbing down. And if you’re not the real estate speculator with your name on the deed of the mobbing house, don’t worry, you don’t have to pay the utilities.

The developers referred you, and the unethical neighborhood watch were just delighted to receive you, because of your tenant clearing methodology, which, you’ve assured them, is inscrutable, 100% foolproof and robust as all get-out! No one will be the wiser, you tell them. And that’s good, because these are people who have no intention of getting caught.

You have a willing combination, you assure them with a smile, you’ve got the special sauce: You and your crew pretend to be gang-stalkers. This is the core of your oh-so-very successful tenant clearing business strategy and a winning methodology of criminal property mobbers coast to coast!

No one, you assure your new clients, will know. We fool people out of their homes every day. She’ll be so freaked out, she’ll run straight out the door. We’ve done this all over, the first thing we do is to let the renter know she’s a “target,” then you treat her like a criminal, let her know she has no privacy and throw a fake stakeout or too. So what if she’s done nothing criminal or ever been arrested. We’ll make something up. We always do. Usually these renters go easy, they don’t even know what hit them. If not, we have a lot of cars and we’re pretty good at playing the gang-stalking game. No worries,  you tell your new clients, we manage them by threatening to call the police or by telling the police they’re harassing us if they call. You can just kick back and just enjoy the show.

This is how I suspect it might go, anyway, based on being in this situation for nearly two years now. It’s cruel. And criminal. And when I go back and look at descriptions of gang-stalking on the web, to me they often sound like people who are being harassed out of their homes by tenant clearers and criminal real estate speculators but haven’t been able to put it together. This is because the hoax of gang-stalking hides the true motive behind the crime, which is acquisition of property. And the tenant clearers know that if you cannot give the police a coherent motive to work with, they will likely disregard any possibility that a crime is underway. This is the burden of being the victim of a deceptive crime. And because those people who claim to be victims of gang-stalkers are being harassed by people they cannot see or do not know for no good reason, their fears run away with them and they latch onto overarching theories of nefarious government conspiracies. Everyone needs a way to make sense of their lives.

Perhaps an investigation into this racket, because that’s what this type of criminal real estate speculation must be, would reveal that gang-stalking is a common ploy used by criminal speculators and tenant clearers to harass people out of their homes and make them available for development and speculation in gentrifying neighborhoods like my own.

And as I’ve been sitting here this beautiful and foggy fall morning writing this, I am assailed by demands that I “move on” and “get out” from criminal tenant clearers or those supporting offsite and perhaps mobile harassers. I am told I am “too old, and too bold,” and that they’re “going to get [me] out, no matter how [I] scream and shout.” I am insulted and taunted and threatened. All this while I know the houses the harassment comes from and it continues in the light of day. But I can identify these people, at least enough of them so that more could ultimately be arrested. And if I’m correct about the systematic and practiced nature of this crime, perhaps a network of tenant clearers or “property mobbers” could be apprehended. I have plate numbers, these people work in the houses right beside me, leaving in their cars and changing shifts when I am away from the windows, leaving quickly so that they are not seen and to try to avoid me photographing their vehicles or their license plates. The owner of the house to the north has extended his permits now to 2016 but if this property is not soon “cleared” and forced to sale, there is little chance he will  benefit. So they work to induce stress in me, even stress to levels that constitute assault and that may endanger my life. If any of them are paid, they have so far failed and must make good my eviction to collect their fee. If they are not paid, their level of exposure has risen with the months over which I have attempted to report, to get an investigation, and now to expose them and denude their methods of power by blogging about them. They have to get me out, they probably tell themselves, they don’t want to go to prison, and a deal is a deal. So they stay inside, on the other side of the walls of the neighboring houses on this wonderfully foggy cold morning, bullying a legal resident out of her home in the good City of Seattle.




Offer to assist in any investigation

It’s a beautifully crisp and cold fall day here in Seattle. I was just out in the back, scraping the last of the leaves off the near frozen earth and being harassed as I swept the rake from north to south over the mossy bricks and then ventured further from the house to accessible points near the property line that bounds the back yard to the west.

I had another thought about how I might help others and finally get a useful investigation into the real estate mobbing that I’ve been the target of for near two years.

Those who live in the mobbing houses, as well as those who come and go from each of them, keeping me ever watched from one side or the other and probably monitoring not only me but the neighborhood for possible means of detection, the passing of police cars and other vehicles with scanners, or those who might venture up my driveway and hear the harassment if it is not quieted. The mobbers in the houses to my north and south work in tandem, in an organized manner. They are working together to forcibly evict me, and with the knowledge of at least key individuals involved in real estate speculation on my street as well as those in the unethical neighborhood watch. The captain of the watch who is most responsible for instigating this violence against me lives across the street. After nearly two and a half years of waiting for results from the crime that she invited against me and my landlords, this crime of real estate mobbing, I hope she is worried. She must know that I have been monitored, stalked, and cyber-stalked through emotional crisis, job loss, complete deprivation of privacy during the most intimate acts and more during the last two years. Because she seems to be emotionally disturbed, she may have enjoyed it. Still, she must be worried. This was a crime that they all expected to easily get away with, and yet I continue to be here, and through this blog and any other means I can, giving authorities as much information as possible in order to get an investigation.

To that end, I would like to volunteer myself to any law enforcement agency in King County, the State of Washington, or the United States. I’d love to volunteer to work with European authorities because, frankly, I’d love to see Paris again, but I figure you’ve got mobbers of your own.

The people who are involved in mobbing me are likely here because they were known for it, and because they were invited. I don’t think it’s the first time they’ve done it. And, if you don’t arrest them, they’ll certainly be doing it again.

If you are someone who is being mobbed or an investigative authority looking into a matter that seems to have a lot in common with my situation, I encourage you to contact me. Those who are mobbing me come and go and may be working multiple houses, in multiple locales. After all, they can’t do the same thing too many times in one place or it may become a familiar pattern. The owners of the mobbing houses are routinely gone for periods of time while their houses are tended, and while the harassment continues, by numerous others. In addition to the information that I am slowly building on this website, I have license plate numbers and can make identification of numerous of those whose names I may not know or may not be able to disclose on this website. The crime of mobbing, too, is a crime that is easily done using mobile technologies and from remote locales. There seems to be a strong physical surveillance effort that attends the effort and is expressed in monitoring and stalking, but there is also a strong cyber-stalking and cell phone monitoring and harassment component that could be done from anywhere, and could be administered centrally for numerous mobbers who mob different houses in different locales.

If trustworthy and reliable mobbers are found through developers who build in multiple states or known to real estate companies that may have a presence in and out of the State of Washington, there’s an even greater chance that the mobbers who hole up next door to their victims to set them up and mob them out of their legal homes are specialists whose presence may be requested by speculators over a wide geographical area. As one of the mobbers recently complained to me, “I’ve got mobbers from all over the state coming to mob you.”

There’s a pattern here. If you’re investigating harassment that sounds like mine, let’s talk. You can also contact Seattle Police to tell them that you think a real crime is being committed here that they need to investigate. Note that I have put in multiple requests to the City of Seattle to launch an investigation into racketeering and believe that racketeering probably works well for a crime such as this that is highly predatory and that remains hidden outside of the legal bullying that may involve real estate speculators and developers. Use what you’ve got. I will talk to anyone who wants to talk about the crime that has made me its victim. Help me to get the scumbucket criminal real estate mobbers arrested and convicted. Help me to do the right thing here.

The City of Seattle and Seattle Police know who I am. You can find me if you are law enforcement. And I would be happy to talk to you.

Thank you for your help.

A bit of good news

In the last months, three houses within a few doors of me have changed hands. All along, I’ve been saying that what was needed was change in the neighborhood, good people to move in. After all, lots of nice people walk by every day since we’re very close to the Burke-Gilman bike trail. We just need some people to move in who want to live here, not just to flip houses at others’ expense.

The first one was furthest away; two doors down this reclusive street and on the same side. I did finally say hello to them but suspect they’ve been scared off by something said by the neighborhood watch co-captain who practically runs up to strangers with malicious gossip about others. Or maybe they’re uncomfortable with the anti-mobbing bumper stickers displayed on my vehicles. I did finally say hello to them and hope that they’ll warm up to me. They bought the house from an independent builder whose wife, I was told, claimed to have wanted to leave the neighborhood after being harassed by the same co-captain of the neighborhood watch. Perhaps they’re avoiding the possibility of becoming involved in whatever is going on up here, a few doors away.

The second one that sold, but has just become occupied, is adjacent to one of the mobbing houses, the one to my north. That still leaves the south mobbing house a lot of privacy to their south since the house on that side of them remains in the hands of the bank after its owner died during the recession. And there is a decently sized yard between the mobbing house and the house that sold to its north. But it still means they have to exercise some caution, for example, if they are using CB radio with a linear antenna to project harassment on my speakers, there was a lot of conjecture on the page describing the technique on whether the speakers of all in the neighborhood would be affected. I’m hoping that risk exists. And I met the woman yesterday. She and her husband are writers so we have something in common, and they have a child.

I am hopeful.

The third one that sold is the house built by the man who put an offer on my own house and told my landlord that I was “just a renter.” This is the builder who is now ripping down what was a nicely architected Asian-influenced home up the street. I’ve been waiting for the house across the street to finally change hands for about two years now. The open harassment began when ground was broken on construction for that house, I’ve been threatened with lawsuits and more multiple times because of that house, and so have my landlords. The fact that the house remained unsold made it easy for it to be used to mob, as well as for the mobbers to mob more openly with little risk of witnesses. This house is also directly across from the mobbing house to my north and the increased caution of the mobbers was obvious immediately after the new residents moved in. The fact that it changed hands means they’ll no longer be able to use it for overflow parking. It also means that the constant comings and goings of different cars from the house will likely be noticed by others, besides myself, who are not taking part in the mobbing. It’s clear the mobbers are aware of their comings and goings and modulate themselves accordingly. This is one more driveway they have to watch, shutting down at least certain types of harassment whenever the new residents emerge from their house. I’ve met one of the new residents; lent him a hammer and told him about mail and utility services on the street. They share a common profession with the owner of the mobbing house across from them, the one on my north. I’m hoping that they get a bad feeling about this guy, just like I did.

I’m hoping that good comes out of this. I injured my knee earlier this year and missed most of the cycling season. Without bike rides to see me through, the mobbing has been hard on me as of late. Since I returned from my most recent trip to California, the mobbers have been going at me non-stop as much as possible.

With the third house changing hands, the mobbers lost an important foothold in the neighborhood; even the co-captain of the neighborhood watch across the way is showing more caution about displaying her nastiness. None of the new neighbors have asked me about the anti-mobbing stickers on the car. But they can find out what the stickers are about by looking online. So long as they wait, and watch, I’m confident they’ll start to see that something in this neighborhood is very wrong. Even my roommate, who is out working most of the time and who hides downstairs in a concrete basement where she hears nothing, has gotten a bad feeling about the houses around us. This is the kind of thing that people have a sixth sense about if they are attentive to their instincts.

I hope the instincts are good.

My weekly address to the Seattle Police Department and Mayor Murray of Seattle

I demand that you investigate my situation or invite the FBI to do so.

I am a legal resident reporting a predatory crime that requires a productive investigation.

What is happening in my neighborhood is a serious crime and I have been its victim for going on two years. Moreover, what has happened to me has probably happened to others. These people need to be arrested and the crime exposed to save other people from what I have been subjected to.

Investigate this situation. You could at least begin to get into it by looking at racketeering charges.

I am tired of being a crime victim. Arrest these people so I can continue my life.

Gang-stalking for real estate?

Numerous of the Internet references to mobbing list “gang-stalking” as a synonym and link to definitions of gang-stalking. For example, take the following from the Urban Dictionary at

Gang stalking is organised harassment at it’s best.  It the targeting of an individual for revenge, jealousy, sport, or to keep them quite, etc. It’s a psychological attack that can completely destroy a persons  life, while leaving little or no evidence to incriminate the perpetrators.

To get some revenge we had Joe stalked, mobbed and harassed 24/7, the gang stalking never stopped. We had him followed, cut off, we bugged his house, made that guy think he was going loco, crazy. We really messed with him till he was broken.

Grammatical errors aside, this is an oddly boastful description of a crime. You might almost say, “badass” or “gangsta.” The definition is written almost as though the perpetrators themselves are writing it. And yes, it gives a rough description of the “mobbing” harassment I have faced in my neighborhood for going on two years now.

It would not surprise me if real estate mobbers love the myth of gang-stalking, if it is mythical outside of real estate, because it’s scary, and because the local police are likely to think people are nuts if they try to report they are being “gang-stalked” by some shadowy criminals for some dark reason.

The FBI does claim—I forget which Wikipedia page I found this on but do remember reading—that there have been instances of multi-stalkings, that is, people being stalked by more than one person or by apparent gangs. And those are indeed my circumstances. But I wouldn’t be surprised if gang-stalking is a scam that real estate mobbers use to terrorize people out of their homes. Nor would I be surprised if the likes of the people who are mobbing me went out of their way to seed the web with scary descriptions of gang-stalking that might contribute to the success of their con.

It would be pretty interesting to look at cases where tenants or home owners were scared out of their homes after making wild claims of stalking and other bedtime terrors. It would also be interesting to have a look at what happened to their homes after they left. Did they sell to developers for redevelopment? Did a real estate speculator buy the home and flip it? If you think you’re being “gang-stalked,” look at the motives that could be involved. Did you recently turn down an offer on your home? Do you have a neighborhood watch attempting to gentrify the neighborhood, to enforce its own law or to force those individuals its members don’t like to sell their homes to speculators?

Think about it, because the police don’t know this crime well enough to recognize that property acquisition, the acquisition of your neighbor’s property, is in fact a motive. But the crime of forced eviction itself is illegal enough so that both motive and crime must be hidden. This is what real estate mobbing, as performed by the real estate mobbers of northeast Seattle, and probably by criminal speculators and mobbers elsewhere in the United States, does for the criminals. Hidden motives, and hidden methods.

Is claiming to be “The Mob” just another way to try to bring the terror home and to make good a forced eviction?

All your device are belong to us

Tonight I’m in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the mobbers are with me. When I’m here, I stay in the city where I grew up, with an older family member. I tried to tell her, to warn her, in the early months of the mobbing when I believed the hoaxes I heard about them contacting her. In these days, they played back phone calls between she and I, as well as between myself and others. In these days, they seem to have used digital filters or splicing to fake the participating in the mobbing of people I’m pretty sure would never have been involved, my landlords, for example. The goal was pretty clearly to make me think that everyone I’d ever met was “working with” them. At least, this is what they used to say. The police were “working with” them, city officials were “working with” them, even my friends and family, I was to believe, had turned against me.

The sad thing is that the mobbers were so practiced that it’s hard to imagine that they haven’t done such a thing successfully to someone else. This is part of the reason why I have long figured that they got their victim wrong, at least, they got this victim wrong. They saw the strength of the anti-renter sentiment in my neighborhood and knew that no one would come to my aid. They saw some middle-aged single woman and made a bunch of assumptions about how they could “get [me] out.” At least in this, they were wrong. And as I remained and have made a point of trying to expose the felony harassment, including the complete or near-complete deprivation of privacy that I live in, the mobbers wound up in quite the pickle.

That pretty much brings us to today, more than eighteen months after the day-in-day-out harassment called “mobbing” started in an attempt to forcibly evict me from my rental home of what is now more than six years, longer than I’ve lived anywhere in my adult life.

This is tenant clearing, I figure. This is hacking for real estate, the bleeding edge of tenant clearing where the harassment travels with you, where criminal real estate speculators use sneaky dirty tricks to scare tenants out of their homes so that they can force their owners to sell at a favorable price and then tear down and build anew. This is where putting profiteering over affordable housing gets us, to speculators with mentalities the likes of those “badass” and “gangsta” investors at, investors who advocate the use of property violations to convince “reluctant owners” to sell. This is real estate mobbing, cited by the United Nations as a major cause of forced eviction.

But back to the here and now. This “mobbing” uses a blend of techniques that I have slowly been attempting to document here, usually as I am learning about them and my knowledge remains incomplete. But there is clearly a hacking component. And wireless is perhaps one of the weakest links.

As I mentioned in a post this past week, much of this year I worked for a network security company. From where I sit, it was a gratifying experience, interesting on numerous levels, from programming code, to network infrastructure, to enterprise application. The people who hired me were smart people I could relate to, and they were believers. Good people interested in stopping the wrongs that criminal hackers do.

One of the things I concluded from my experience is that “managed” devices are those devices in the enterprise. Security comes first to the corporation. Sure, you and I have software that scans our hard drives and looks for known malware, but this is of limited value in the age of mobility and mobile devices that are considered “unmanaged,” that is, left out of management even within the enterprise. It could scarcely be otherwise with portable devices that eliminate the air-gap between the workplace and home. To manage mobile devices raises an array of privacy questions, including the subsuming of private data by corporate need.

There are numerous obstacles to securing cell phones, for example, not the least of which is the capacity of cell phones to convey information using cellular signals, wireless signals, and to function as personal “hot spots.” And cell phones using wireless access on home or corporate network extend their own vulnerabilities to the network that shares wireless with them.

Comcast is a great example of this. With a service that is fundamentally and by design insecure and based on shared access through public “hotspots,” Comcast gives the criminal hacker a place at the table, yours. And if you’re being mobbed, like me, being forced to use Comcast or any household service that provides a conduit that is so easily abused gives the mobbers a direct “line in” to you.

This is what the mobber wants; remember, mobbing is like the old blockbusting updated with the newest technologies. They used to use “twitterers” to send noise on the water pipes, they can now do that and more. They can sit outside on a shared Comcast line with a packet sniffer and intercept your port 80 (browser) traffic, see your health information, the bills you pay, read your email about your troubles with family and your job. They’re not just in your living room. Heck, they’re in your pants.

You don’t have to know how to hack to put spyware on a cell phone but once its on your cell phone the criminal who put it there gets full access to all your data, as well as the ability to listen to your calls.

But what is most meaningful for the victim of cyberstalking and mobbing, is that cell phone intruders can open applications and control speakers. I haven’t quite worked out whether using a spoofed cell phone tower is what allows the mobbers to play party line with my cell phone, that is, to harass whenever I’m on the phone and, I think, even to send tones to interfere with my use of automated phone systems, but there are supposedly lots of hacks that allow for the control of speakers.

Games with cell phones are nothing new. Think about what much earlier hackers did with phone phreaking. Incidentally, when the mobbing started I did not have a cell phone. So, using the mobbers’ bag of tricks, they phone phreaked me. My cordless phone calls were probably monitored since long before I knew it but suddenly I had a “party line” with one of the mobbing houses. I shut down the cordless base unit when I walked into the bedroom and saw the “Intercom” light lit on one of the stations. When I complained to the Washington State provider I had–Century Link–I had great difficulty working with customer service to even get to someone who know what phone “phreaking” was.

Wireless speakers can also be used as two-way speakers, so far as I understand. And they can be accessed by IP address, which means that a hacker can control the speakers in buildings. Consider the recent impromptu pornography that rolled off of the public address systems in one Target store (

That’s what being mobbed is like. Even now as I type this from the Bay Area on an old laptop, the mobbers are using the speakers and probably accessing them using Comcast wireless technology. Last year when I would come to visit, this house wasn’t nearly so wired. And it was quiet. Then my relative added wireless capabilities to her TV, a second TV, which Comcast handles with wi-fi, a couple of iPads… suddenly there was wireless in every room. Now when I’m here, I have to sneak around unplugging the wireless at night, because the mobbers, knowing that I’m staying with an older relative, either mob more in certain voices of certain pitches or they know they can more safely mob because the older person I stay with now turns up the volume of the TV and radio significantly beyond what a person with normal hearing would do. Basically, what I do, here and at home in Seattle, is disconnect access to speakers. I mean, if a CB radio with a linear antenna can possibly put sound on speakers that are not powered, you need to keep those sine waves out of the house, away from transistors, and away from radios of all kinds.

That said, before leaving the house this morning to fly here, I removed some sound board from my windows to let the house breathe while I’m gone. And now that I have, should you ever have the need to use sound board, while it’s great to measure it to fit tightly into your windows, that’s not the thing to do in a damp climate like Seattle. Instead of having a leisurely bowl of hot chocolate with bread and jam, I had to spend my time this morning using Windex to get the mold that was beginning to grow off of windows and sashes. Word from the wiser, don’t put the sound board against the window panes. Lean it against the windows of the rooms you’re working in and then spend the extra time to take it down and put it up every day. Let the air circulate; let the sun come in. It’s all part of learning how to live in harassment.

Tip to an investigative agency that might finally be taking an interest in me–please, please, please, the holidays are upon us, please get the scumbucket mobbers off of me–I am in the Bay Area at least through Tuesday night. If there’s any way to detect someone sending harassment into the Comcast TV system, please do. When the TV is on, the mobbing is on, and the sound level increases and decreases with the volume. They use other things and if any knowledgable investigator is involved, you probably can figure out how they do it. But anything with a radio, they seem to have it covered.

In Seattle, I used to have Comcast. I hoped the new Century Link fiberoptic service would be more challenging for them to hack. But the TV works off of a wireless card in the router, even though the line is private. And the mobbers haven’t missed a beat. I got the DVR service in hopes of recording the harassment but am not sure whether the recording is off the air or whether the harassment is put into the TV system in a way that the DVR service will record. Also, because I have no quiet room, if I play back a recording with harassment, I can’t be certain whether the harassment is on the recording or is being projected at me in another manner as I listen. Anyway, if you want good forensic proof, you typically need someone qualified to assess these things. I want forensic proof for a criminal investigation. Pretending that I can wholly get that on my own would be like the victim attempting to gather the fingerprints of the thief after a break-in.

The mobbing opened to harassment on my computer, through speakers. Despite having worked in high tech for years, it was disorienting and confusing. The harassment has always included a fair amount of disinformation so, though this post is already much too long to detail the bot hoax, I was led to what was probably a false conclusion, that there was a bot on my machine, a root kit. What did I know from root kits? I’m no hacker. Lots of people in high tech don’t know what a root kit is. I had to explain it again and again to the people I was working with at Microsoft, and to Microsoft Security. You see, I dutifully took great pains to report the situation to Microsoft Security to protect the corporate network from any risk owing to any malware that might have been put onto my computer over the shared Comcast line that even then seemed the greatest point of vulnerability. Can you imagine? Let’s see, what did I say to the woman who finally consented to see me from Microsoft Security? Something like, “I can hear them on my machine”? Or was it, “I hear voices on my machine”?

You can imagine how that went over. Needless to say, my contract of more than two years was ended within weeks.

Anyway, between devices that are left out of management and public utilities and services that are essentially designed without security, the consumer is at the mercy of the hacker, the tenant and the home owner are at the mercy of the real estate mobber. In light of incidents like the use of the Target public address system to play pornography and the growing awareness of cell phones and wireless systems as low-hanging fruit for hackers, corporations are beginning to face the need to at least make decisions about whether and how to manage devices on the premises and not just devices on the network. But consumers who don’t understand the risks they take are forced to use technologies from monopolies that are tantamount to putting your private information on the web. It might even be like making yourself available for monitoring, or mobbing, even if no one is mobbing you.

One last thing before I sign off for the night. I keep going back and forth about whether these are tenant clearers, in other words, criminal speculators or investors who use hacking as one tool in their arsenal, or whether some of these people might really be hackers who find it lucrative to work for real estate speculators. When the whole thing first started, a friend from Microsoft told me that it’s not hard to put a rootkit on a system and I know now that there are a lot of recipes for hacks or software, like spyware, for people who want what hacking can give them without learning hacking. I have to say, I hope it’s the first possibility, that is, criminal real estate speculators just expanding their tool kits to include hacking techniques. You’d think any decent hacker could make more money doing penetration testing with the business interest these days in penetration testing. People who attempt to invade someone’s privacy to find ways to coerce, blackmail and harass them from their homes are psychopaths of a different kind. Either that, or they think whatever money they make is easy money because they will never be caught. Why? Because being hacked, hoaxed, and pranked out of your home is, at least as of yet, not even recognized as a crime.



What kind of sickness is this?

Granted, I’m of a more idealistic time and place, but I cannot fathom what must be the immense emotional disturbance of the co-captain of the local neighborhood watch who was instrumental in setting up my  mobbing and who has likely participated, or has been “represented” in the parlance of the mobbers, in the mobbing.

Take, for instance, today, a sunny autumn day in the northwest. I slept in, able to ignore the insults and demands of the mobbings thanks to the pile of sound board in my north window and the two plus layers with beach towel draping in the west window. I got up and dared to remove the sound board from the front windows overlooking Lake Washington. Some days I’m just not willing to shut myself off from the natural beauty in this northeastern neighborhood of Seattle. Of course, it helps when I put the stereo speakers outside to listen to the radio. At least I don’t have a symphony row seating to it, and then the mobbers have to ensure that the sound isn’t so loud that passersby will pick it up, the same way they have to watch the street for police cars and other vehicles that have scanning radios that could pick it up. And if the sound is conveyed using CB radio with a linear speaker, apparently there may be the possibility of the sound appearing on the speakers of others as well.

So I was sitting at the front windows having breakfast and who should emerge from her house but the co-captain of the neighborhood watch, who seems to spend an inordinate amount of time out on the street side of her house when I’m outside or seems to emerge whenever I might sit at my windows, though her own garden borders every side of her house except for the street side. She comes out and moves her husband’s sedan out of her parking strip and instead of parking it in a real parking space, or even in the parking of an occupied house nearby that everyone uses and that, from time to time, is the subject of contention, she parks the vehicle pretty much in front of the driveway of the house whose driveway is merged with my own, so that her vehicle is pointed at my own vehicle on front of my own driveway.

And then she gets out and begins to sweep up the crackling autumnal leaves into piles, being as carefully loud as possible in moving her trash cans about and scraping her tools over the paving of her strip.

This is a woman who was described to me soon after she began complaining about me to my landlords, as someone who was very vindictive and passive-aggressive. Oddly, mobbing has been described as the utmost in passive-aggressiveness. And this is a woman who has let me know that she is instrumental in the mobbing, by the inclusion of her voice in the harassment from time to time, though I think less now (many of the voices that had been participating in the mobbing have dropped out; these were the voices of those who portrayed themselves as either being or representing certain not-so-notable neighborhood figures, numerous of them in real estate or acquisitive of real estate). She allowed me to hear her tell her then boyfriend, years back, that she was “getting rid” of me by announcing it as they stood on her parking strip, and she is a woman who admitted in the court proceeding in which she attempted to get a protective order against some other renters on my street, that it was she who had submitted the most complaints about my vehicles to Seattle Parking Enforcement.

This is a woman who seems to need me to know that she is the pivotal force in the felony harassment that I have been subject to for more than eighteen months now, harassment whose goal it is to force me from my neighborhood.

What kind of sickness is this that possesses a person to so want to hurt someone that she is not only willing to bring others into the area to commit crimes and to commit crimes at least of association with them that are felonies that could, and should, put her behind bars for decades? And what kind of sickness is this that makes it so important for her to rub it in my face that she knows what I am subjected to and that she invited it?

I am grateful that I cannot comprehend it.

Indicators of Compromise

For much of the current year, I have had the unexpected pleasure of working a contract in the field of network security, which was more interesting than I might have thought, particularly given my own circumstances of being the victim of a “property  mobbing” that has a strong component of monitoring, hacking, and various radio- and speaker-based forms of harassment.

The network security field is focused on incident response (IR), that is, responding to network intrusions. The leaders in the field are focused, perhaps, on the real-time detection of intrusions, but this requires up-to-the-minute visibility into the state of all network endpoints, that is in most cases, physical or virtual devices on the network that can be identified or associated with IP addresses or with MAC addresses. A MAC address uniquely identifies a device with information that includes the device manufacturer and type. The combination of IP address and MAC address can give a hacker a secure footing on the path to the Holy Grail of hacks.

In the last months, I have learned a little, and have a few ideas.

If there is any merit to my experience of being followed over wireless services that the hackers manage to somehow chain together into an access point for harassment using whatever speakers the devices on those networks make available, the technical viability of this type of following must be established.

If there is any merit to my experience of being followed on other people’s cell phones, it is likely based on their wireless services being allowed to remain on. But my understanding is that phones give off signals even when services are turned off. The technical viability of this should be established. Another possibility is the use of satellite phones that spoof towers providing a foothold on devices that have cellular services turned on. I know that cell phone calls can be eavesdropped on by using satellite phones to spoof cell towers. But this is an interesting angle to explore.

An Indicator of Compromise (IOC), in the field of network security, defines a pattern of “artifacts” that indicate that a system has been compromised by an intrusion. These might include changes to specific files, command-line instructions to run executable files like the Windows Service Host (svchost.exe) on Windows machines, or the names of files that are characteristically used to save credentials dumped from a plain text file.

If cellphone harassment relies on the use of the speaker on the device, then perhaps an IOC should look for an intrusion that is followed by changes to speaker settings and perhaps even the use of on-board sound applications that might be required to play the sound on the speaker. The most important artifacts would be use of the speaker that cannot be related to user request and similar use of sound applications.

If the problem is recording the harassment while it plays, what would at least stop the harassment would be a software mechanism that would detect this use of the speaker, record it, and shut it down. This would be helpful for victims who, like me, are being monitored. Being monitored makes it difficult to get proof of the harassment since the harassers shut the harassment off, minimize the volume, or perhaps change the vehicle of the harassment to a different source whenever detection is close at hand.

I have also wondered if the cell phone harassment might come through channels reserved for system sounds or phone rings and have experimented with keeping them off.

I recently learned that there are recipes online for using a CB radio and a linear antenna to project harassment onto speaker systems in a neighboring home and am curious about whether it is possible to project harassment onto other radio systems, including wi-fi, by simply changing the frequency to another gHz range. Would its effect be limited to interfering with the signal? Or can you put sound on those radios too? Perhaps I’ll look more into this this weekend if I get the change to do a more substantial post on radio, something I’m also just beginning to learn about.

My understanding is that a parametric speaker can also be used to project sound directly onto speakers, so this may be another option for the scumbucket mobbers who seem to be having a social gathering this Friday night next door that is probably not coincidental to the evening program of harassment now increasing in intensity on my TV over the news of the Paris bombings. I have considered whether, if the mobbers are hired harassers, whether they kick it up a notch depending on the count of their benefactors resident at the mobbing houses. This would, after all, lend more of a feeling of credibility if I’m to believe that the strangers who’ve come to their houses are all participating. Or is it in fact that they actually perform for each other when they have gatherings to see who can deliver the “best,” most cutting harassment, who might cause me to cry, or who might actually finally break me and cause me to flee my home! Oooo, Burn! I can just picture them on the other side of their exhaust fan that vents into the narrow space between their house and mine, craning their necks forward and whispering into the venting (that I probably wasn’t supposed to have seen father and son putting together in their garage one day, or to have seen a workman later repositioning to the height of the window in my facing kitchen door), “You’re old, you’re ugly, get out!”, or perhaps they’re using some computer-based mixing system cobbled together on their ground level. What won’t some privileged white kids turned felons do for a good time?

Either way, the mobbers or those who’ve hired them are much less “cool” or “badass investors” (aka real estate “property mobbers”) than plain pathetic and probably emotionally disturbed to boot. But that does not lessen the criminality of either being or hiring professional bullies to harass someone day-in-and-day-out and ensure they don’t even have privacy in their bed or bath. That does not lessen the criminality of the human rights crime that is forced eviction. Nor does it lessen the inherent criminality of having your attorney chum from college who advertises a specialty in eviction law and is also in attendance this evening, participating in the harassment as well as attempting to discredit the victim in court. These people may be professional tenant clearers, attorney in tow to refer clients to them and to defend them against their crimes. These are people who have no right to professional licenses of any kind. These are people who need to be arrested and prosecuted. Come on, Seattle Police. This shouldn’t be difficult to see through. These people have big mouths and are confident that they cannot be prosecuted. There are people who know what they do.

Another idea is an application that detects the use of the speaker by an unauthorized application or one that is not related to the current processes on the phone. Detection should trigger recording of the sound on the speaker, if any. If the speaker has been activated to listen, an alert should be sent and the listening capability squelched. The two-way use of the speaker makes it possible to both  monitor and to deliver harassment.

Apparently there are meetings these days where people are told not only to turn off their phones, but to leave them outside the meeting room because of these capabilities, which will likely be shown to be useful in corporate espionage. Even the public swimming pools I go to have become increasingly sensitive about the use of cell phones onsite, probably because of “camfecting,” that is, using the onboard cameras on cell phones to spy. But monitoring sound should also be of concern. At this point, phones are largely unmanaged devices, making them very attractive, I would imagine, to criminals such as those who have been pursuing me in an attempt to harass me out of my home for some corrupt and criminal real estate speculators in my neighborhood.

Maybe I’ll look into what it takes to detect the use of a smart phone speaker to listen, and to speak.

Back to my day.