A few notes

Why should the victim of a predatory crime like this one have to “prove” it to get an investigation? What does it take to get the police to investigate claims of monitoring and stalking? Victims of monitoring have no privacy and the perpetrators of monitoring and stalking, especially if they monitor police radio calls, know when the police are here and what the victim says to them. The people who are monitoring me follow me to the few attorney consultations I have been able to afford. What does it take to get the City Attorney to look into documented harassment of legal residents by the co-captains of a neighborhood watch, especially when some of those involved who are not in the neighborhood watch are real estate agents, developers and speculators?

There are a few things I’ve wanted to stress since I think they become lost in my longer blog posts. The following are crucial to consider in making a positive decision to investigate the allegations I make in this blog:

  • Satellite phones call be used to spoof and eavesdrop on calls, AND
  • A satellite phone contractor has been seen working lines on at least one of the mobbing houses around me.
  • Scanners can be used to eavesdrop and to harass, AND
  • At least one of the key persons in my situation once pulled up to me and harassed me while talking on a radio in her car that was making beeping sounds, like a police radio. I did report it to the police and never heard another word.
  • I have passed physical evidence of harassment on the part of multiple of those involved with the local neighborhood watch onto various Seattle police authorities as well as the Mayor, the City Attorney, and others. These include an email from one of the co-captains to other co-captains as well to several developers and those who live in the houses that I claim have been harassing (“mobbing”) me for more than 550 days now. Based on the avid interest shown by the owners of the mobbing houses in acquiring and holding construction permits, it is a reasonable theory that they hope to flip or extend their properties. Statements made by those owners in court demonstrate what should be a concerning pattern of harassment. Other renters have been harassed (and they moved out), though not nearly as much as have I, AND
  • I have been complaining of monitoring and stalking since May before last. The fact of the documented harassment should support my truthfulness in the complaints I have been making since May before last of eavesdropping, monitoring, network intrusions, radio, cable and wireless harassment, and so on.

I could go on. I might another time. Just getting some notes out there that I’d like to keep in the forefront.


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