We’ll harass you real good today and get you out of here

Last night, exhausted, I slept well and deep. Like brushing the hair out of my face, tucking the pillow away from my ear has become a gesture that continues in sleep. As I turn from side to side, should I forget to keep my ear from the pillow, I am reminded by the unceasing threats and insults that issue from the pillow. The mobbers have been a bit quieter this week, at least this last night, and I have become better at tuning them out as I focus on keeping my life going until police authorities finally investigate and make arrests. At least, that’s what I’m waiting for.

I stretch and get out of bed, call to the cat and pull on my pants.

We’ll harass you real good today and get you out of here.

Why, thank you. It’s the voice of my “main mobber.” At least, perhaps one of the more prominent ones these days. “Main mobber” has been a tagline for months used by the mobbers to get and keep my attention. Harassment requires a listener. And I listen far less than I used to. Every now and then as I attempt to live and work in my home, I stop, turn in the direction of the harassment (north or south) and tell them that I am not leaving my home and that they are going to prison. I tell them that’s all I have for them.

One of your breasts is bigger than the other. Get out!

Ah, yes. It’s the old “Like felons we’ve been spying on you in your own home so you should move on” ploy. Yawn. Been there, done that. As a matter of fact, one of my breasts is bigger than the other. This is an example of one of the mobbers’–uh–shall we say, “truthful” insults. And it’s an insult (or a compliment–I like asymmetry) that could probably be given to any woman because we are asymmetrical beings and when they started accusing me of this normal deformity months and months back, I had long since learned that in fact, most women do have one breast that is slightly bigger than the other. What’s it to ya, bubba!

I sit now at a table, in front of this old laptop, the harassing voices of the neighbors or their friends seem to be coming from the speakers of the machine as they did early in the mobbing.

You’re old and overweight.

We’re harassing the Village Idiot!

This last statement is a high-pitched familiar cackle, one of their attempts at a childish voice or perhaps a filter created from the voice of a child. I consider whether they are on the FM radio set to NPR or on this old laptop. It’s difficult to tell. But the two statements above are often repeated in this mobbing. The first attends to the stereotypical insecurities that a woman is expected to have. And for some reason, the constant restatement of such statements is supposed to make me pack up and flee my legal home. Isn’t that bizarre? I figure that if the harassment of real estate mobbing often gets to this point, that of having been ongoing in a felonious monitoring and stalking situation for 550 or more days as this one has, that it may be more for the fact of the constancy of having people talk at you than for the inane things that are said that a legal resident who has never been arrested would finally leave their home. Because the entirety of this situation is criminal and so obviously wrong that I regret that others might actually give in to it. This is one reason why I have chosen to remain in this situation and expose it. To ensure that those less able than I am to defend themselves (and my own life has been seriously damaged by this crime) may not have to suffer what I have. No one should go through what I have been going through in a civil society. And those who target isolated individuals for crimes like this should not get away with it.

But come on, police and investigative authorities. I’m making some criminals available to you. If I leave, who’s to say when you’ll get your next crack at them. But I want to get on with my life too. My birthday is coming up, I’m trying to protect a job I like, I have art to make and cycles to ride. Get these criminals off of my back and into jail. This community service project of mine needs to end soon. Investigate and arrest these buggers.

I got you out of Microsoft. And I’m getting you out of here! This from the north side of my house.

Ah yes, the bot hoax. In those early days of mobbing, May before last, I thought more in terms of physical devices or executables than in terms of the radios–FM, wireless, Bluetooth and otherwise. My current fiberoptic service through Century Link may offer more security than Comcast cable did since the service does not include shared “hot spots,” but the modem includes the wireless service as well as a hub for Ethernet and I’ve learned that wireless services are easy for mobbers who care less about changing files than about using the speakers of any radio device to harass and constructively evict.

Anyway, the bot hoax will have to wait. If the police aren’t investigating yet, I still have lots of time to write about the bot hoax, the shower-cam hoax, the potty-cam hoax… at least, I think these are hoaxes. Because this is, as I mentioned yesterday in my Slattern post, the “white glove” method of harassing someone out of their home. If the Nazis had only known about this! Forget the Wehrmacht! Technology is the apparatus of control. It’s no more necessary to actually carry out the threats of imprisonment and “killing.” You can be imprisoned in your own home, silently harassed every moment of the day, and then “killed” (or not) online. And no one will be the wiser.

Give it up! says a young voice from the south side of my house, addressing me by name. “Give it up” is an oft-repeated demand from these domestic criminals whose first gambits included the constant declaration that they were all “traffic cops,” something they also claimed to have gotten “a lot of people out with.” This is what it’s like to be treated like a criminal by criminals who call themselves “the mob,” and who do seem to be fairly well organized at that.



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