Every crime a perfect crime

When real estate mobbing proceeds according to plan, in other words, when it plays out as criminal speculators and racketeers hope, the crime of mobbing is seen and known only to the perpetrators, and to their victim. There is no holocaust, no pogrom, no diaspora. There can be no victim when there is no crime. There can be no crime when the victim is portrayed as criminal or lunatic.

At its best, mobbing proceeds silently on a quiet street in a reclusive neighborhood where would-be witnesses report no altercation, where police see no disturbances, where the victim is discredited by malicious gossip deliberately spread, and where reporting has been suppressed.

Mobbing is a crime that is interior to the neighborhood, to the physical structures they seek to raze, to the walls that whisper with derision, and to the windows that shake with sound.

In this best of all possible worlds, mobbing is as quiet as it can be, and it is in these northeastern neighborhoods of the Emerald City where the neighborhood watch, weary from the work of chastising its victims, has welcomed mobbers to lend a hand.

Mobbing is a perfect crime when the mobbers locate a victim already isolated and bullied, when the mobbers bully them relentlessly, in quiet neighborhoods, and on reclusive streets. The neighborhood watch falls silent and retires to the quiet of their homes. As the mobbing continues, they take care to avoid the appearance of collusion, to cultivate the appearance of ignorance. Real estate people come and go and avoid looking at the home of their victim. The neighborhood watch falls silent. The complaints cease. All eyes are on the street.  And through the days and nights only the victim hears the sounds of the mobbers. Like the three monkeys, the neighborhood watch sees no evil and hears no evil; it is only evil they speak.

The victim is striped of rights civil and human, defrauded out of rights with reports discredited by racketeers. The deliberate spread of malicious gossip constructs a prison of “community,” even threatening one’s life and freedom. This is the price of homestead with a neighborhood watch captained by the sick who enlist the corrupt in enticing the criminal into the neighborhood.

At its best, mobbing isolates a victim who is already isolated within a hostile neighborhood, one tried in the kangaroo court of the neighborhood watch and sentenced by criminal “peers” who’ve cut a sweet deal of harassment in exchange for real estate they can acquire or flip. It is a form of real estate investment that has no witnesses and no victim, one in which, if the victim cannot be convinced of their own criminality, they might be blackmailed into fleeing before the shower-cam pictures are released or before one of the neighborhood watch “do-gooders” report them as child pornographers, drunkards, and check kiters.

Neighbors turn a deaf ear and disavow knowledge of what is happening for they will be implicated by reports that are not suppressed. The mobbing hardens and any feelings of guilt that spectators might have over what they’ve invited into their communities are not so scrupulously balanced against fears of liability and prosecution for a crime that goes on for months and years when the victim fails to acquiesce.

The mobbers gleefully announce the mobbing as a war over property and as in wartime, the victim is stripped of humanity and denied any privacy, even during bodily functions. As in the panopticon, there is no privacy and there are no rights. The mobbers seek to make home a prison from which you will flee. Concepts of speech, protected and free, and of the First Amendment, are overtaken by mobbers who stare into the house in a continual act of forced speech as they demand your attention and claim to read your lips, to understand your micro-expressions, to know your thoughts and to see your thought crimes. This is the mobbers’ attempt to harness the speech and thought of the victim on whom they prey as they exhort you to abandon your legal home lest this be the end of your life or, at least, your reputation. This is the nasty war of the neighborhood watch and its racketeering friends against legal residents in the bucolic lakeside neighborhoods of the Emerald City where the only speech that is valid is malicious gossip and where the twittering of crows characterizes the human act of bullying instead of the amplitude of the migrating birds sounding overhead in the rainy second autumn of the mobbing as All Hallows’ Eve approaches and the hobgoblins come out.

Mobbing is a crime that to report is to invite accusations of insanity, a crime in which to report one’s victimhood is to be further victimized. The victim of mobbing is “out of her mind”; the mind is the seat of personhood. This is a crime where the victim, discredited with reports of being out of his head, is easily threatened with a finding of being non compos mentis, not of sound mind, should he fail to shut up, and to “Move on!” when real estate speculators want his lot. This is a crime in which disclosing in court the manner of the victimization can result in the immediate dismissal of a legitimate bid for protective order by an ignorant judge who neglects the law. This is a crime in which the victim is denied the right to a voice within the community and then denied the right to give voice to her victimization in the courtroom. Mobbing is a highly predatory crime of greed without conscience in which the victim is constructed as degenerate, criminal, and even insane.

In court the mobbers portray themselves as upstanding members of society who have unfortunately moved in around a crazed person. Coached by their attorney, they voice fears that the victim is out of control, the rather ironic meaning being that if the matter has entered the courtroom, the victim has not been properly suppressed, subdued, and evicted.

In the perfect crime of the mobbers’ minds as their vents whisper and their parametric speakers howl, there are no witnesses. And even the victim, regarded as non compos mentis by a construction of isolation, neighborhood lies, and parametric gimmicks, cannot be a witness. Nay, even the victim is not a victim, is only crazy, is finally constructed as the real estate mobbers began their gambit, as the “Village Idiot.”

Ultimately, in mobbing, the hoax is on not only on the victim, but is on civil society, the police authorities and investigative bureaus, and the justice system. Because the goal of mobbing is to construct a perfect crime in which there are no witnesses, and indeed, no victim. By lies and tricks, by gimmicks and legal bullying of the victim and even of those who should intervene, who may even be charged to intervene in what truly is a racket, the goal of real estate mobbing is a predatory crime as invisible as sleight of hand.


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