Heard and overheard

This is my last post for a week or so. Like any woman who is being harassed, I’ve lost a job or two because of the stress, and fighting the defamation has taken its toll. But I’ve been lucky in certain ways. I found a job I really like out of town and so I commute in and out of state, just hoping that any investigation is scoped for a criminal harassment situation that takes place in multiple physical locations as well over wireless services (not necessarily my own), on cellular services (again, not necessarily my own), and using any other means that allows access to me for continual harassment. This is what happens when you are a woman living alone in a neighborhood that is hostile to renters. And this is what happens when criminal real estate speculators think that because you are a woman living alone, they can pretty much get away with murder.

What’s going on in my neighborhood is becoming more and more clear. What I think has happened is that some dysfunctional people in the local neighborhood watch so wanted to show that their druthers could top my civil rights that they brought criminal speculators into the neighborhood. By “criminal speculators,” I mean to say that it appears more and more likely that they brokered some kind of nasty deal with speculators known to be “real estate mobbers.”

An increasingly strong possibility seems to be that those in the neighborhood watch saw to it that real estate mobbers were given favorable terms on the houses on either side of me in return for “mobbing” me out of the neighborhood.

I have also considered the possibility that the builder who made an unsuccessful offer on my own home persuaded those on both sides of me to allow their property to be used to harass me in return for some part of the property once it sold. After all, at one point my landlord told me that the builder had said there were things that could be done to encourage me to move. But at this point, especially since within weeks of the new owners taking hold of the properties I heard a co-captain of the local neighborhood association at a dinner at one of the new owner’s houses complaining loudly about my never parking in my own driveway, it seems more likely that my mobbing was part and parcel of a real estate deal.

(Note that I do not live in a gated community where parking is subject to community rule. I do live on a public street and in the City of Seattle.)

What is fantastic to consider is that members of a community group, a neighborhood watch, would knowingly invite criminal harassers into their own neighborhood in order to get rid of a renter who has only asserted rights granted to her by local code and under her legal lease agreement.

And, uh-oh, that renter would be me.

So, late in the day today, I see the builder of a new house that I hope was really, truly and finally sold (so that the builder and his child owner might divest themselves of the property and of their relations with the nasty neighborhood watch, although that seems unlikely since the builder found some other house to tear apart up the street…) a week or two back pull into the driveway of that house. Within minutes, the guy from the house to my north is out there talking to him.

I might also mention that this last week, security lights were activated from the house on my north so that whenever I’m out on my deck, in other words, on the property I legally lease, my use of my own property is detected and his security lights burn brightly, shining also on my property, and on me. As I often do these days, I took it as an opportunity to communicate with a City of Seattle department, this time, the Department of Permitting and Planning.

This is appropriate since I did try to complain to the Seattle DPD last year about criminal harassment and my meeting with an official was abruptly canceled. When I showed up for my meeting I told that I should take my complaint to the Seattle Police Department. Unfortunately, so far that hasn’t worked out. (But I’m still hoping you’ll come through for me, Seattle Police. There are a lot of homeowners and tenants out there who need to be protected from being victimized as I have been in this neighborhood.)

Anyway, the guy to the north, a professional whose profession generally confers a vast amount of respect, is out there talking to the builder who made an unsuccessful offer on my home and has accused me of being solely responsible for the fall-through of the offer he received last time they bothered to put the house on the market.

They chat. The guy who lives on my north and has complained about my failure to move out of my legal residence goes on about his latest sheetrock project. I hear the builder talking about some local home owner who received two offers for the full asking price the day they put their home on the market.

And the “professional” who owns the home to my north (which he bought at likely short sale from a distressed home owner in the recent market collapse), says that if I would only get out of my house, and this is a euphemistic way of putting his exact wording, perhaps he could make good on his own investment.

The builder glances over at me, standing out on my deck. To the not so nice “professional” on my north he says, “Good to see you.”

One for all and all for one.


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