Dear City Attorney: Sue the bastards

As I pack to fly out of town and work for the next week, I have an idea.

Dear City of Seattle Attorney, sue the bastards. Please.

You see, this is a criminal matter that an unethical neighborhood watch and the real estate mobbers who have apparently been welcomed into my neighborhood attempt to cloak in more civil garb. And a significant part of the continuous harassment that is directed into my home from both sides is an attempt to badger me into thinking that there is nothing I can do about it or to convince me that it will be treated as a civil matter, or to persuade me that the City of Seattle doesn’t care if a legal resident is criminally harassed from her neighborhood.

Because the perpetrators of this crime attempt to hide it in civil cloth, it is of the utmost importance to me and to all other legal residents of the good City of Seattle, that they not get away with it. For this is an attempt to trick not only the victim but to trick the City of Seattle as well as the Seattle Police Department.

As I sit here writing this and trying to listen to NPR on the weekend, what is apparently shortwave radio or perhaps bounced projected harassment is coming off of my speakers. Every moment of every day for what must now be about 550 days, criminals masquerading as upstanding citizens and investors have monitored me inside my own home and stalked me outside of it. I am insulted, threatened, blackmailed and told countless times daily to get out of my legal home or to “Move on!” No one should have to endure this to keep their home. The harassers are angry that I have. Mobbing seems to be designed to constructively evict, and very quickly.

The City of Seattle should use what is happening to me as an example and intervene to stop it. This kind of crime should be swiftly suppressed and eradicated from the neighborhoods of Seattle. The perpetrators, who based on the very practiced nature of their harassment and the threats and hoaxes they seamlessly weave into a never-ending stream, should be severely dealt with. By my prolonged efforts, I give the city and law enforcement an opportunity to apprehend criminals who seem to merit the term racketeer as well as to commit felonies that include wireless and cellular harassment, harassment over cable systems and radio, and out-and-out stalking. The boldness of the crime suggests that it is often successful and the predatory nature makes clear their preference for victims they see as vulnerable.

Criminals who attempt to conceal their crimes in civil complaints and actions, criminals who insist that their victims should acquiesce to crime because the victims cannot compete with the attorneys that the criminals keep close, should be met with action by local, state and federal government. Lawsuits should be filed on behalf of victims of crimes such as the one that is being perpetrated against me. Any such lawsuit would represent the interests of all legal residents, homeowners and tenants, and of society at large.

Dear City of Seattle, sue the bastards. Please.


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