Mobbing is an affront to home owners’ rights

I sent off another batch of documents to various officials and officers of the City of Seattle yesterday. They include courtroom testimony of one of the co-captains of the local neighborhood watch, a retired therapist who probably committed a breach of ethics when he attempted, on behalf of another watch co-captain, to render an assessment of his tenant neighbor who moved out earlier this year, citing harassment. The judge disregarded the offering though I should think that any professional organization would challenge what the retiree did. It was not until much later that I learned that he had sent my own landlords a letter that attempted to do the same for me. I sent a copy of it along as well. I also enclosed the 911 transcript of a call made by a co-captain of the neighborhood in which she complained, in effect, that her rights were greater than mine since, she said, she is an owner and I am a renter. I also sent the letter of a local developer to the attorney who apparently represents the neighbors on three sides of me, an attorney who appears to have been a school buddy of one of them and who apparently has already had at least one run-in with the Washington State Bar Association in his young career. Hopefully the city will review the documents I am sending over these weeks and begin to investigate.

This week has been hectic and with autumn at hand I’ve been taking time to settle the garden and organize the house for winter. I’m taking this time to write about how vastly misguided it is for home owners to mob someone, anyone, based on some stupid personal vendetta or in hopes of acquiring land.

Mobbing is an affront to the rights of tenants and home owners. Mobbing for land is simply criminal, and I hope to see an investigation into racketeering because of it. Mobbing out of some ill-conceived vendetta against a resident who has done nothing illegal, and precisely because they have done nothing illegal for which they can legally be evicted and forced out of the neighborhood, is also criminal but it is even more stupid. If I am correct, the target of mobbing is not only tenants; it is those who reside on the property that is desired, whether owners or renters, and those who are willing to take the risk of the criminal activity do it for profit. If true, this is one reason why my own mobbing has become increasingly threatening as the months go on and this is an element that police should note in any mobbing: The longer it goes on, the greater the risk to the mobbers and, therefore, the greater the potential harm to the victim.

Inviting mobbers into your neighborhood is like giving the neighborhood to organized crime. Not only is it criminal, but mobbing is against the legal rights of home owners as well as renters. Home owners have the right to legally hold their homes and to sell them or leave them as they choose so far as their exercise of these rights is within the law. Home owners in my neighborhood who know or learn that my neighbors are attempting to harass me out of the neighborhood should be extremely concerned and should report what they know to the police. It’s quite likely that a renter is considered an easy mark for real estate mobbers. After all, my own mobbers have suggested enough time in the course of the harassment that this is not my fight. They seem to think that people who rent are like snails who carry their homes on their backs. But if the goal is to gain the property at a favorable price after showing home owners that they cannot keep a good tenant, the harassment won’t stop until the house passes into the hands of the mobbers or those who put them around me.

Even if corrupt members of a local neighborhood watch invited the mobbing or financed it, the act of real estate mobbing contravenes the rights of all in civil society. Vicious harassment of a tenant or targeting a property for mobbing because it is not owner-occupied is not simply an act of tortious interference in the contract between tenant and home owner; it should be seen as tortious interference in contracts of the home owner such as a mortgage, for example, or tortious interference in the contractual agreement between home owner and city for which the city furnishes services and the home owner is responsible for taxes. In my own case, I pay for all services that come to my home; this is a common scenario for many leased properties.

Those willing to commit crimes to “property mob” are not the friend of any home owner. They don’t care about the rights and responsibilities of home ownership or of tenancy. Property mobbing is crime, it is profiteering by bullying people out of their homes. Inviting property mobbers to your neighborhood is the same thing as inviting racketeers into it, except you’re making yourself a criminal just like them. Any neighborhood association who cares about the quality of the neighborhood they tend and the values of the properties within it should act on behalf of all its residents to keep the neighborhood free of crime, free of harassment, and to ensure that in their good neighborhoods, the rights of all are safeguarded. The people who set me up for mobbing, and the people who are mobbing me, are nothing more than criminals.

Lastly, home owners should absolutely come to my aid, because every day that I live in this situation–and it has now continued for more than 500 days–I stand up for the rights of home owners like you to continue to enjoy the ownership of your own homes and to lease or sell them as you choose. On matters such as this, home owners and tenants should stand together.

And now I must go mow the lawn.


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