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I was working out of town last week and hoped that the missives so far written would suffice. This is a quick note since it’s a workday and I am still a woman with neighbors who are criminally attempting to harass her out of her home. Try focusing on your work while voices familiar and unfamiliar on north and south sides of your home are saying things like: “We’re harassing you of your home.” “Get out!” “Zip it!” “Give us the bot!” “You’re fat, you’re old, and you’re ugly.” “We want you — someone wants you — gone.” “We want the property. We’ll build on it next year.”

Believe you me, being mobbed is not one of the life experiences I hoped to have. And it’s not one that anyone should have. That’s why I’m still here. Mobbing is a crime that cries out for prosecution.


Mobbing is a crime that attempts to hide behind threats of lawsuits, it is a crime that includes multiple felonies and that, as in my own case, can continue for years. It is a highly predatory crime that any good city should find a way to investigate. My conclusion has long been that any useful investigation can uncover what is going on because an effort like this is known. I have heard guests of one of the mobbing houses casually informing their friends that the residents of the house are harassing me out of mine. I have heard workmen at another mobbing house laughing at the harassment they’ve heard on speakers. There is a continuing pattern of different cars coming and going as though in shifts from both houses, and now an increasing pattern of the owners garaging their own vehicles as though they do not want to be seen. I have seen scanners and satellite phone contractors nearby as well as heard statements about “very sensitive microphones.” I have been told about parametric and parabolic speakers that can isolate and harass a single person without anyone being the wiser.

So this is just a short note. Before I left to work out of town last week (and was followed, as I have been for more than seventeen months by the self-dubbed “mobbers” on at least cell phone and wireless communication systems–not necessarily mine), I sent a letter to the Mayor of Seattle, the Chief of Police, the Captain of my neighborhood precinct, the head of the Department of Planning and the last Seattle Police officer who left me his card. The letter included the following pieces of documentation:

  • An email from one of the local neighborhood watch that talks about rezoning parking in the neighborhood, remarking that it will hopefully encourage me and another renter to leave. This woman is partnered with another from the local neighborhood watch who was a City of Seattle manager for some years and seems to still attempt to lobby the city for the neighborhood’s projects.
  • A letter from a local developer blaming me for the fall-through of the sale of a house he built, an event that coincidentally seems to have occurred immediately after an inspection of the home.
  • A letter from the real estate agent who was charged with selling the house mentioned above to my landlords. The letter seems to threaten legal action against me but, being that it is addressed to my landlords, could probably be seen as a threat of legal action against them as well as an attempt to tortiously interfere in my contractual relationship with them. This is the letter that the real estate agent says she did not write, though it appears to have come from her email address at the large real estate company she works for.

In the next week, I will be sending another such letter with more documents in hopes of finally piquing the interest of the City Attorney. For what is going on in my neighborhood is not just an effort to “mob” me out of my home, presumably for the real estate and out of the malicious nature of the unethical neighborhood watch that fails to value the rights of all local residents. While, according to one police officer, I lacked probable cause as to the network intrusions and the eavesdropping that were occurring when the mobbing began the May before last, I do have documents that may collectively indicate racketeering in my neighborhood. I intend to use them.

Stay tuned.


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