A few notes

Why should the victim of a predatory crime like this one have to “prove” it to get an investigation? What does it take to get the police to investigate claims of monitoring and stalking? Victims of monitoring have no privacy and the perpetrators of monitoring and stalking, especially if they monitor police radio calls, know when the police are here and what the victim says to them. The people who are monitoring me follow me to the few attorney consultations I have been able to afford. What does it take to get the City Attorney to look into documented harassment of legal residents by the co-captains of a neighborhood watch, especially when some of those involved who are not in the neighborhood watch are real estate agents, developers and speculators?

There are a few things I’ve wanted to stress since I think they become lost in my longer blog posts. The following are crucial to consider in making a positive decision to investigate the allegations I make in this blog:

  • Satellite phones call be used to spoof and eavesdrop on calls, AND
  • A satellite phone contractor has been seen working lines on at least one of the mobbing houses around me.
  • Scanners can be used to eavesdrop and to harass, AND
  • At least one of the key persons in my situation once pulled up to me and harassed me while talking on a radio in her car that was making beeping sounds, like a police radio. I did report it to the police and never heard another word.
  • I have passed physical evidence of harassment on the part of multiple of those involved with the local neighborhood watch onto various Seattle police authorities as well as the Mayor, the City Attorney, and others. These include an email from one of the co-captains to other co-captains as well to several developers and those who live in the houses that I claim have been harassing (“mobbing”) me for more than 550 days now. Based on the avid interest shown by the owners of the mobbing houses in acquiring and holding construction permits, it is a reasonable theory that they hope to flip or extend their properties. Statements made by those owners in court demonstrate what should be a concerning pattern of harassment. Other renters have been harassed (and they moved out), though not nearly as much as have I, AND
  • I have been complaining of monitoring and stalking since May before last. The fact of the documented harassment should support my truthfulness in the complaints I have been making since May before last of eavesdropping, monitoring, network intrusions, radio, cable and wireless harassment, and so on.

I could go on. I might another time. Just getting some notes out there that I’d like to keep in the forefront.


We’ll harass you real good today and get you out of here

Last night, exhausted, I slept well and deep. Like brushing the hair out of my face, tucking the pillow away from my ear has become a gesture that continues in sleep. As I turn from side to side, should I forget to keep my ear from the pillow, I am reminded by the unceasing threats and insults that issue from the pillow. The mobbers have been a bit quieter this week, at least this last night, and I have become better at tuning them out as I focus on keeping my life going until police authorities finally investigate and make arrests. At least, that’s what I’m waiting for.

I stretch and get out of bed, call to the cat and pull on my pants.

We’ll harass you real good today and get you out of here.

Why, thank you. It’s the voice of my “main mobber.” At least, perhaps one of the more prominent ones these days. “Main mobber” has been a tagline for months used by the mobbers to get and keep my attention. Harassment requires a listener. And I listen far less than I used to. Every now and then as I attempt to live and work in my home, I stop, turn in the direction of the harassment (north or south) and tell them that I am not leaving my home and that they are going to prison. I tell them that’s all I have for them.

One of your breasts is bigger than the other. Get out!

Ah, yes. It’s the old “Like felons we’ve been spying on you in your own home so you should move on” ploy. Yawn. Been there, done that. As a matter of fact, one of my breasts is bigger than the other. This is an example of one of the mobbers’–uh–shall we say, “truthful” insults. And it’s an insult (or a compliment–I like asymmetry) that could probably be given to any woman because we are asymmetrical beings and when they started accusing me of this normal deformity months and months back, I had long since learned that in fact, most women do have one breast that is slightly bigger than the other. What’s it to ya, bubba!

I sit now at a table, in front of this old laptop, the harassing voices of the neighbors or their friends seem to be coming from the speakers of the machine as they did early in the mobbing.

You’re old and overweight.

We’re harassing the Village Idiot!

This last statement is a high-pitched familiar cackle, one of their attempts at a childish voice or perhaps a filter created from the voice of a child. I consider whether they are on the FM radio set to NPR or on this old laptop. It’s difficult to tell. But the two statements above are often repeated in this mobbing. The first attends to the stereotypical insecurities that a woman is expected to have. And for some reason, the constant restatement of such statements is supposed to make me pack up and flee my legal home. Isn’t that bizarre? I figure that if the harassment of real estate mobbing often gets to this point, that of having been ongoing in a felonious monitoring and stalking situation for 550 or more days as this one has, that it may be more for the fact of the constancy of having people talk at you than for the inane things that are said that a legal resident who has never been arrested would finally leave their home. Because the entirety of this situation is criminal and so obviously wrong that I regret that others might actually give in to it. This is one reason why I have chosen to remain in this situation and expose it. To ensure that those less able than I am to defend themselves (and my own life has been seriously damaged by this crime) may not have to suffer what I have. No one should go through what I have been going through in a civil society. And those who target isolated individuals for crimes like this should not get away with it.

But come on, police and investigative authorities. I’m making some criminals available to you. If I leave, who’s to say when you’ll get your next crack at them. But I want to get on with my life too. My birthday is coming up, I’m trying to protect a job I like, I have art to make and cycles to ride. Get these criminals off of my back and into jail. This community service project of mine needs to end soon. Investigate and arrest these buggers.

I got you out of Microsoft. And I’m getting you out of here! This from the north side of my house.

Ah yes, the bot hoax. In those early days of mobbing, May before last, I thought more in terms of physical devices or executables than in terms of the radios–FM, wireless, Bluetooth and otherwise. My current fiberoptic service through Century Link may offer more security than Comcast cable did since the service does not include shared “hot spots,” but the modem includes the wireless service as well as a hub for Ethernet and I’ve learned that wireless services are easy for mobbers who care less about changing files than about using the speakers of any radio device to harass and constructively evict.

Anyway, the bot hoax will have to wait. If the police aren’t investigating yet, I still have lots of time to write about the bot hoax, the shower-cam hoax, the potty-cam hoax… at least, I think these are hoaxes. Because this is, as I mentioned yesterday in my Slattern post, the “white glove” method of harassing someone out of their home. If the Nazis had only known about this! Forget the Wehrmacht! Technology is the apparatus of control. It’s no more necessary to actually carry out the threats of imprisonment and “killing.” You can be imprisoned in your own home, silently harassed every moment of the day, and then “killed” (or not) online. And no one will be the wiser.

Give it up! says a young voice from the south side of my house, addressing me by name. “Give it up” is an oft-repeated demand from these domestic criminals whose first gambits included the constant declaration that they were all “traffic cops,” something they also claimed to have gotten “a lot of people out with.” This is what it’s like to be treated like a criminal by criminals who call themselves “the mob,” and who do seem to be fairly well organized at that.


Slattern: Thy name is woman

“Slatternly!” This was one of the first “charges” against me as the real estate mobbers began to project harassment, threats and insults into my legal rental home in this lakeside neighborhood in northeast Seattle. Because the real estate mobbers occupy houses on either side of me and had already been seen peering into my windows enough so that I had complained to the Seattle Police Department, this was a charge that I suppose they thought I would take seriously. “Slatternly!” they intoned again and again. It was the voice of an elderly woman, an oddly familiar voice, and at this point in the mobbing they freely included or represented the voices of some of the neighborhood watch, some who may have been the same persons attempting to get the city to rezone parking to “encourage” those they disliked to move and those who were willing to not only publicly say that renters should not park on the street but to accompany other co-captains of the neighborhood watch to court to try to back up their stories. It could even have been the voice of an elderly woman I saw being chummy with a guy who is at one of the mobbing houses every night and day these days, even when the owners are not, and before him it there was a young woman who was there much of the time when I was home, often coming in right after me.

(Incidentally, the threat of “mold in the interior walls” that required the tear-down of my home was oft-repeated for months and months. When the spin on the tale that was spun was that it was my fault didn’t take, they quickly switched into the implications of the “mold in the interior walls” being that my landlords were taking advantage of me and making me, and my cat, sick and that I needed to get out so the house could be torn down.)


This is a word worth examining. Its utterance in the mobbing by the voice of an elderly woman begins its contextualization as an old word. The origin of word dates back to the 1630s, according to the Free Dictionary online at http://www.thefreedictionary.com/slattern.

The noun slattern slat·tern (slăt′ərn) speaks of “an untidy, dirty woman.” The American Heritage Dictionary suggests that it originated from the dialectical “slattering,” meaning “slovenly,” and which was the present participle of “slatter” or “to slop.”

A slattern is defined as an slovenly or untidy woman or girl. And also as a slut or a harlot. This is a morality of filth.

Webster’s College Dictionary (1991 by Random House, Inc.) first defines a slattern as a “prostitute who attracts customers by walking the streets,” or one of the following: “floozie, floozy, hustler, street girl, streetwalker, hooker, bawd, cocotte, cyprian, fancy woman, harlot, lady of pleasure, prostitute, sporting lady, tart, whore, woman of the street, working girl – a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money.”

The second definition provides a general description of “a vulgar promiscuous woman who flouts propriety.” In short, a “floozy.”

Slatternly is thus a gendered term, one old enough to be suited for use by a disapproving elder of the neighborhood watch or perhaps one that might affect the female victim of the mobbing, at least, the “tenant clears” or “real estate mobbers” who have chosen their language and tactics based on stereotype seem to expect it to. But this term is very much a gendered term, one whose underlying implication tends to be sexist. Women should be tidy, and they should be chaste. At least, here in northeastern Seattle, where malicious gossip and some privileged white kids who call themselves “mobbers” have, in conjunction with an unethical neighborhood watch and racketeering real estate interests, attempted to supplant civil rights and law, any conventions that can be used to further their rotten ends will do.

The charge of “slatternly” was intended to intimidate me into believing that my eviction was imminent, and to get me to flee to avoid it–this is the “white glove” approach to constructive, illegal eviction, and the harassing chatter along these lines often threatened that city inspectors would be showing up at my door any moment to make a proper inspection of my housekeeping. The charge was accompanied by exhortations that no one would rent to me again if I did not “get out” immediately. The charge was accompanied by allergations that there was “mold in the walls” that I would be blamed for, or that my landlords had lied to me and there was black mold in the walls that was making me sick, or that my landlords ([my] “new ones”) wanted me out.

I think at some point last year, I was able to find a legal code which actually did use the the term “slatternly” in a passage about causes for eviction. I can’t find it now and want to get out and do an errand or two. But it is important to note that the attempt to enlist the law and legal codes in illegal harassment in this instance and at other times in the mobbing does indicate the willingness of real estate mobbers or tenant clearers to ply their trade in consultation with attorneys who might have some knowledge of the law on tenant eviction.

Anyway, I’ve much to do in the next week before going out of town again and the harassment does continue every minute I sit here, coming over radio or TV if they are on, onto my cell phone if the service is active, and by projected means at least when other avenues are not available. And I continue to try to live and do my work in this, my legal home, in the midst of it all as I continue to write these blog posts in hopes that an investigation by the police, sorely needed, will clean up this situation and return my life to normal. Or as normal as it can be once you’ve pissed off some criminals who call themselves the “mob,” by not giving up your legal home to speculation.

The sky is beautiful out with muted tones of blue and pink, the autumn is here, the leaves are falling and pumpkins are outside. Even people who are so unfortunately ugly and sick that they would seek to criminally harass legal residents out of their homes can’t ruin that.

To life.

Every crime a perfect crime

When real estate mobbing proceeds according to plan, in other words, when it plays out as criminal speculators and racketeers hope, the crime of mobbing is seen and known only to the perpetrators, and to their victim. There is no holocaust, no pogrom, no diaspora. There can be no victim when there is no crime. There can be no crime when the victim is portrayed as criminal or lunatic.

At its best, mobbing proceeds silently on a quiet street in a reclusive neighborhood where would-be witnesses report no altercation, where police see no disturbances, where the victim is discredited by malicious gossip deliberately spread, and where reporting has been suppressed.

Mobbing is a crime that is interior to the neighborhood, to the physical structures they seek to raze, to the walls that whisper with derision, and to the windows that shake with sound.

In this best of all possible worlds, mobbing is as quiet as it can be, and it is in these northeastern neighborhoods of the Emerald City where the neighborhood watch, weary from the work of chastising its victims, has welcomed mobbers to lend a hand.

Mobbing is a perfect crime when the mobbers locate a victim already isolated and bullied, when the mobbers bully them relentlessly, in quiet neighborhoods, and on reclusive streets. The neighborhood watch falls silent and retires to the quiet of their homes. As the mobbing continues, they take care to avoid the appearance of collusion, to cultivate the appearance of ignorance. Real estate people come and go and avoid looking at the home of their victim. The neighborhood watch falls silent. The complaints cease. All eyes are on the street.  And through the days and nights only the victim hears the sounds of the mobbers. Like the three monkeys, the neighborhood watch sees no evil and hears no evil; it is only evil they speak.

The victim is striped of rights civil and human, defrauded out of rights with reports discredited by racketeers. The deliberate spread of malicious gossip constructs a prison of “community,” even threatening one’s life and freedom. This is the price of homestead with a neighborhood watch captained by the sick who enlist the corrupt in enticing the criminal into the neighborhood.

At its best, mobbing isolates a victim who is already isolated within a hostile neighborhood, one tried in the kangaroo court of the neighborhood watch and sentenced by criminal “peers” who’ve cut a sweet deal of harassment in exchange for real estate they can acquire or flip. It is a form of real estate investment that has no witnesses and no victim, one in which, if the victim cannot be convinced of their own criminality, they might be blackmailed into fleeing before the shower-cam pictures are released or before one of the neighborhood watch “do-gooders” report them as child pornographers, drunkards, and check kiters.

Neighbors turn a deaf ear and disavow knowledge of what is happening for they will be implicated by reports that are not suppressed. The mobbing hardens and any feelings of guilt that spectators might have over what they’ve invited into their communities are not so scrupulously balanced against fears of liability and prosecution for a crime that goes on for months and years when the victim fails to acquiesce.

The mobbers gleefully announce the mobbing as a war over property and as in wartime, the victim is stripped of humanity and denied any privacy, even during bodily functions. As in the panopticon, there is no privacy and there are no rights. The mobbers seek to make home a prison from which you will flee. Concepts of speech, protected and free, and of the First Amendment, are overtaken by mobbers who stare into the house in a continual act of forced speech as they demand your attention and claim to read your lips, to understand your micro-expressions, to know your thoughts and to see your thought crimes. This is the mobbers’ attempt to harness the speech and thought of the victim on whom they prey as they exhort you to abandon your legal home lest this be the end of your life or, at least, your reputation. This is the nasty war of the neighborhood watch and its racketeering friends against legal residents in the bucolic lakeside neighborhoods of the Emerald City where the only speech that is valid is malicious gossip and where the twittering of crows characterizes the human act of bullying instead of the amplitude of the migrating birds sounding overhead in the rainy second autumn of the mobbing as All Hallows’ Eve approaches and the hobgoblins come out.

Mobbing is a crime that to report is to invite accusations of insanity, a crime in which to report one’s victimhood is to be further victimized. The victim of mobbing is “out of her mind”; the mind is the seat of personhood. This is a crime where the victim, discredited with reports of being out of his head, is easily threatened with a finding of being non compos mentis, not of sound mind, should he fail to shut up, and to “Move on!” when real estate speculators want his lot. This is a crime in which disclosing in court the manner of the victimization can result in the immediate dismissal of a legitimate bid for protective order by an ignorant judge who neglects the law. This is a crime in which the victim is denied the right to a voice within the community and then denied the right to give voice to her victimization in the courtroom. Mobbing is a highly predatory crime of greed without conscience in which the victim is constructed as degenerate, criminal, and even insane.

In court the mobbers portray themselves as upstanding members of society who have unfortunately moved in around a crazed person. Coached by their attorney, they voice fears that the victim is out of control, the rather ironic meaning being that if the matter has entered the courtroom, the victim has not been properly suppressed, subdued, and evicted.

In the perfect crime of the mobbers’ minds as their vents whisper and their parametric speakers howl, there are no witnesses. And even the victim, regarded as non compos mentis by a construction of isolation, neighborhood lies, and parametric gimmicks, cannot be a witness. Nay, even the victim is not a victim, is only crazy, is finally constructed as the real estate mobbers began their gambit, as the “Village Idiot.”

Ultimately, in mobbing, the hoax is on not only on the victim, but is on civil society, the police authorities and investigative bureaus, and the justice system. Because the goal of mobbing is to construct a perfect crime in which there are no witnesses, and indeed, no victim. By lies and tricks, by gimmicks and legal bullying of the victim and even of those who should intervene, who may even be charged to intervene in what truly is a racket, the goal of real estate mobbing is a predatory crime as invisible as sleight of hand.

Dear City Attorney: Sue the bastards

As I pack to fly out of town and work for the next week, I have an idea.

Dear City of Seattle Attorney, sue the bastards. Please.

You see, this is a criminal matter that an unethical neighborhood watch and the real estate mobbers who have apparently been welcomed into my neighborhood attempt to cloak in more civil garb. And a significant part of the continuous harassment that is directed into my home from both sides is an attempt to badger me into thinking that there is nothing I can do about it or to convince me that it will be treated as a civil matter, or to persuade me that the City of Seattle doesn’t care if a legal resident is criminally harassed from her neighborhood.

Because the perpetrators of this crime attempt to hide it in civil cloth, it is of the utmost importance to me and to all other legal residents of the good City of Seattle, that they not get away with it. For this is an attempt to trick not only the victim but to trick the City of Seattle as well as the Seattle Police Department.

As I sit here writing this and trying to listen to NPR on the weekend, what is apparently shortwave radio or perhaps bounced projected harassment is coming off of my speakers. Every moment of every day for what must now be about 550 days, criminals masquerading as upstanding citizens and investors have monitored me inside my own home and stalked me outside of it. I am insulted, threatened, blackmailed and told countless times daily to get out of my legal home or to “Move on!” No one should have to endure this to keep their home. The harassers are angry that I have. Mobbing seems to be designed to constructively evict, and very quickly.

The City of Seattle should use what is happening to me as an example and intervene to stop it. This kind of crime should be swiftly suppressed and eradicated from the neighborhoods of Seattle. The perpetrators, who based on the very practiced nature of their harassment and the threats and hoaxes they seamlessly weave into a never-ending stream, should be severely dealt with. By my prolonged efforts, I give the city and law enforcement an opportunity to apprehend criminals who seem to merit the term racketeer as well as to commit felonies that include wireless and cellular harassment, harassment over cable systems and radio, and out-and-out stalking. The boldness of the crime suggests that it is often successful and the predatory nature makes clear their preference for victims they see as vulnerable.

Criminals who attempt to conceal their crimes in civil complaints and actions, criminals who insist that their victims should acquiesce to crime because the victims cannot compete with the attorneys that the criminals keep close, should be met with action by local, state and federal government. Lawsuits should be filed on behalf of victims of crimes such as the one that is being perpetrated against me. Any such lawsuit would represent the interests of all legal residents, homeowners and tenants, and of society at large.

Dear City of Seattle, sue the bastards. Please.

Heard and overheard

This is my last post for a week or so. Like any woman who is being harassed, I’ve lost a job or two because of the stress, and fighting the defamation has taken its toll. But I’ve been lucky in certain ways. I found a job I really like out of town and so I commute in and out of state, just hoping that any investigation is scoped for a criminal harassment situation that takes place in multiple physical locations as well over wireless services (not necessarily my own), on cellular services (again, not necessarily my own), and using any other means that allows access to me for continual harassment. This is what happens when you are a woman living alone in a neighborhood that is hostile to renters. And this is what happens when criminal real estate speculators think that because you are a woman living alone, they can pretty much get away with murder.

What’s going on in my neighborhood is becoming more and more clear. What I think has happened is that some dysfunctional people in the local neighborhood watch so wanted to show that their druthers could top my civil rights that they brought criminal speculators into the neighborhood. By “criminal speculators,” I mean to say that it appears more and more likely that they brokered some kind of nasty deal with speculators known to be “real estate mobbers.”

An increasingly strong possibility seems to be that those in the neighborhood watch saw to it that real estate mobbers were given favorable terms on the houses on either side of me in return for “mobbing” me out of the neighborhood.

I have also considered the possibility that the builder who made an unsuccessful offer on my own home persuaded those on both sides of me to allow their property to be used to harass me in return for some part of the property once it sold. After all, at one point my landlord told me that the builder had said there were things that could be done to encourage me to move. But at this point, especially since within weeks of the new owners taking hold of the properties I heard a co-captain of the local neighborhood association at a dinner at one of the new owner’s houses complaining loudly about my never parking in my own driveway, it seems more likely that my mobbing was part and parcel of a real estate deal.

(Note that I do not live in a gated community where parking is subject to community rule. I do live on a public street and in the City of Seattle.)

What is fantastic to consider is that members of a community group, a neighborhood watch, would knowingly invite criminal harassers into their own neighborhood in order to get rid of a renter who has only asserted rights granted to her by local code and under her legal lease agreement.

And, uh-oh, that renter would be me.

So, late in the day today, I see the builder of a new house that I hope was really, truly and finally sold (so that the builder and his child owner might divest themselves of the property and of their relations with the nasty neighborhood watch, although that seems unlikely since the builder found some other house to tear apart up the street…) a week or two back pull into the driveway of that house. Within minutes, the guy from the house to my north is out there talking to him.

I might also mention that this last week, security lights were activated from the house on my north so that whenever I’m out on my deck, in other words, on the property I legally lease, my use of my own property is detected and his security lights burn brightly, shining also on my property, and on me. As I often do these days, I took it as an opportunity to communicate with a City of Seattle department, this time, the Department of Permitting and Planning.

This is appropriate since I did try to complain to the Seattle DPD last year about criminal harassment and my meeting with an official was abruptly canceled. When I showed up for my meeting I told that I should take my complaint to the Seattle Police Department. Unfortunately, so far that hasn’t worked out. (But I’m still hoping you’ll come through for me, Seattle Police. There are a lot of homeowners and tenants out there who need to be protected from being victimized as I have been in this neighborhood.)

Anyway, the guy to the north, a professional whose profession generally confers a vast amount of respect, is out there talking to the builder who made an unsuccessful offer on my home and has accused me of being solely responsible for the fall-through of the offer he received last time they bothered to put the house on the market.

They chat. The guy who lives on my north and has complained about my failure to move out of my legal residence goes on about his latest sheetrock project. I hear the builder talking about some local home owner who received two offers for the full asking price the day they put their home on the market.

And the “professional” who owns the home to my north (which he bought at likely short sale from a distressed home owner in the recent market collapse), says that if I would only get out of my house, and this is a euphemistic way of putting his exact wording, perhaps he could make good on his own investment.

The builder glances over at me, standing out on my deck. To the not so nice “professional” on my north he says, “Good to see you.”

One for all and all for one.

Hare today, goon tomorrow

“On being mobbed” is written to document the many unethical and illegal acts in the “mobbing” of a Seattle tenant. She became aware of the mobbing in May of 2014 and has refused to be harassed out of her home. Because of the duration of this illegal effort and the day-in and day-out cycles of hoaxes, threats, insults and so on, it is difficult to apply a strict calendar to events. These blog entries are written thematically with the goal of inviting a criminal investigation that would expose the mobbers, end the mobbing and, hopefully, discourage this type of predatory behavior in the future.

In early to “mid-mob” as I will call it (mobbing is apparently a process), those holing up in neighboring houses in their attempt to harass me out of my home established a pattern of keeping me awake in the middle of the night. They would tell me stories—lurid, fantastic, and sad—about my life, about my family, about my relationships. They claimed to have talked to all of my lovers, they claimed to have all of the email I ever wrote, they claimed to have spoken to people I used to know about me. They even claimed to be people from my past (I remember a “This is your life” segment).

They went on at length spinning stories about my life, including details that seemed to indicate a prolonged violation of privacy, the probable involvement of private investigators dispatched even to places of my childhood, my adolescence, and my early adulthood. They claimed to know things that they shouldn’t, including my health history, tragedies in my life, and my family history. The obvious fabrications were many and the threats to disperse the stories over the Internet or in email to coworkers and family were a constant theme, one that was likely intended to compel me to abandon my legal home lest I see information that I did not want known released into the public arena. I remember again and again their saying, once even outside in the street, that they were going to “kill” me…. It was months before I realized that a “killing” was a threat of Internet defamation and eventually they began to qualify the threat of “kill” by adding “on the Internet,” probably because I began reporting as soon as the mobbing opened.

It was during this time that one of them claimed to be a roommate of mine from some 20 years earlier. The implication was that she was the lead mobber—my “main mobber”—and had been instrumental in the mobbing to take her revenge on me. Unfortunately, the mobbers had got it wrong. If I were so inclined, it would likely have been me who wanted to get back at her. In truth, she had seemed pretty troubled when I lived with her and I hadn’t thought of her much since. What angered me from the start was this illegal invasion of privacy and the appropriation of a private life—mine—in the commission of a crime.

The vast invasion of privacy that mobbing is and its harnessing of the private as a force to manipulate and control is deeply disturbing. It reminds me of McCarthyism, and of the danger of possessing secrets. I can hardly imagine why one human being would violate another in such a manner. Privacy is arguably a human right.

It was during this time of the voices harassing in the night from behind neighboring walls, that they spun wild story after story that they seemed to expect to somehow floor me into submission. One night, a long and wild story rose to a crescendo before the mobber’s triumphant and vengeful declaration that she was in fact my old roommate.

This was one of the times during these seventeen months of being continuously assaulted with harassment in my bed, in the bathroom, at work and at home, that I burst out laughing at the near adolescent line of thinking that seemed to underlie the felony crimes that mobbing seems to include.

I told the mobbers I intended to locate my old roommate and tell her that she was being impersonated by professional harassers in the course of committing a crime. These impersonations also seemed to include digital filters that do seem to be technically possible to create based on samples of others’ voices, whether knowing or unaware, and the mobbers did seem to attempt to represent many voices in my life early on as they seemed to attempt to simulate the angry mob that sought to cast me out of community. But those voices diminished after the first months when I openly told the mobbers as they monitored me in my home that I intended to tell people their voices were being illegally used.

I have story after story of the things I have had to listen to in the past seventeen months. This has been the price of keeping my home. This is the price of standing up to a criminal bullying situation when I have no assurance of the outcome.

In these months I spent more time talking to the mobbers than I would ever do now. I figured they’d get tired of it and go away. I figured if they were going to fuck with me, I’d fuck with them too. “Mob the mobbers!” I would tell them. And I lay in bed and listened to the ridiculous things they said.

During one of these nights as I lay captive to the pranks, ridicule, taunts and insults of the mobbers, I teased them with a children’s song that I could barely remember.

Little Rabbit Foo Foo
Running through the forest
Scooping up the field mice
And bopping them on the head!
Down came the Good Fairy, and she said:
“Little Rabbit Foo Foo
I don’t wanna see you
Scooping up the field mice
And bashing them on the head!
I will give you three chances,
And if you don’t behave, I will turn you into a Goon!”

It was a song I’d learned at girl scout camp one summer somewhere in Northern California around the time of my adolescence.

I teased the mobbers that I might consider moving if only they would tell me the lyrics of the the Little Rabbit Foo Foo song. I didn’t really recall what it was about and had no idea why it came to mind, except for the deliberately childish characters that some of the mobbers seemed to adopt. I later concluded that the childish voices, as well as representing the children in a community, might be a deliberate way to harass while discouraging reporting by moderating the victim’s fear.

Lo and behold, Little Rabbit Foo Foo was a big bully. The song of Rabbit Foo Foo tells the story of how the Good Fairy warns the Little Rabbit away from bopping the field mice on the head. In her goodness, she offers the misbehaving bunny three chances, but that is all the forbearance she has for bullying bunnies. If the Little Rabbit continues to scoop up the field mice and bop them on the head, well, the Good Fairy vows to turn him into a “goon.”

The moral of the story in this song that children sing is “Hare today, goon tomorrow.”

And that is the end of bullies.

Mobbing is an affront to home owners’ rights

I sent off another batch of documents to various officials and officers of the City of Seattle yesterday. They include courtroom testimony of one of the co-captains of the local neighborhood watch, a retired therapist who probably committed a breach of ethics when he attempted, on behalf of another watch co-captain, to render an assessment of his tenant neighbor who moved out earlier this year, citing harassment. The judge disregarded the offering though I should think that any professional organization would challenge what the retiree did. It was not until much later that I learned that he had sent my own landlords a letter that attempted to do the same for me. I sent a copy of it along as well. I also enclosed the 911 transcript of a call made by a co-captain of the neighborhood in which she complained, in effect, that her rights were greater than mine since, she said, she is an owner and I am a renter. I also sent the letter of a local developer to the attorney who apparently represents the neighbors on three sides of me, an attorney who appears to have been a school buddy of one of them and who apparently has already had at least one run-in with the Washington State Bar Association in his young career. Hopefully the city will review the documents I am sending over these weeks and begin to investigate.

This week has been hectic and with autumn at hand I’ve been taking time to settle the garden and organize the house for winter. I’m taking this time to write about how vastly misguided it is for home owners to mob someone, anyone, based on some stupid personal vendetta or in hopes of acquiring land.

Mobbing is an affront to the rights of tenants and home owners. Mobbing for land is simply criminal, and I hope to see an investigation into racketeering because of it. Mobbing out of some ill-conceived vendetta against a resident who has done nothing illegal, and precisely because they have done nothing illegal for which they can legally be evicted and forced out of the neighborhood, is also criminal but it is even more stupid. If I am correct, the target of mobbing is not only tenants; it is those who reside on the property that is desired, whether owners or renters, and those who are willing to take the risk of the criminal activity do it for profit. If true, this is one reason why my own mobbing has become increasingly threatening as the months go on and this is an element that police should note in any mobbing: The longer it goes on, the greater the risk to the mobbers and, therefore, the greater the potential harm to the victim.

Inviting mobbers into your neighborhood is like giving the neighborhood to organized crime. Not only is it criminal, but mobbing is against the legal rights of home owners as well as renters. Home owners have the right to legally hold their homes and to sell them or leave them as they choose so far as their exercise of these rights is within the law. Home owners in my neighborhood who know or learn that my neighbors are attempting to harass me out of the neighborhood should be extremely concerned and should report what they know to the police. It’s quite likely that a renter is considered an easy mark for real estate mobbers. After all, my own mobbers have suggested enough time in the course of the harassment that this is not my fight. They seem to think that people who rent are like snails who carry their homes on their backs. But if the goal is to gain the property at a favorable price after showing home owners that they cannot keep a good tenant, the harassment won’t stop until the house passes into the hands of the mobbers or those who put them around me.

Even if corrupt members of a local neighborhood watch invited the mobbing or financed it, the act of real estate mobbing contravenes the rights of all in civil society. Vicious harassment of a tenant or targeting a property for mobbing because it is not owner-occupied is not simply an act of tortious interference in the contract between tenant and home owner; it should be seen as tortious interference in contracts of the home owner such as a mortgage, for example, or tortious interference in the contractual agreement between home owner and city for which the city furnishes services and the home owner is responsible for taxes. In my own case, I pay for all services that come to my home; this is a common scenario for many leased properties.

Those willing to commit crimes to “property mob” are not the friend of any home owner. They don’t care about the rights and responsibilities of home ownership or of tenancy. Property mobbing is crime, it is profiteering by bullying people out of their homes. Inviting property mobbers to your neighborhood is the same thing as inviting racketeers into it, except you’re making yourself a criminal just like them. Any neighborhood association who cares about the quality of the neighborhood they tend and the values of the properties within it should act on behalf of all its residents to keep the neighborhood free of crime, free of harassment, and to ensure that in their good neighborhoods, the rights of all are safeguarded. The people who set me up for mobbing, and the people who are mobbing me, are nothing more than criminals.

Lastly, home owners should absolutely come to my aid, because every day that I live in this situation–and it has now continued for more than 500 days–I stand up for the rights of home owners like you to continue to enjoy the ownership of your own homes and to lease or sell them as you choose. On matters such as this, home owners and tenants should stand together.

And now I must go mow the lawn.

The latest

I was working out of town last week and hoped that the missives so far written would suffice. This is a quick note since it’s a workday and I am still a woman with neighbors who are criminally attempting to harass her out of her home. Try focusing on your work while voices familiar and unfamiliar on north and south sides of your home are saying things like: “We’re harassing you of your home.” “Get out!” “Zip it!” “Give us the bot!” “You’re fat, you’re old, and you’re ugly.” “We want you — someone wants you — gone.” “We want the property. We’ll build on it next year.”

Believe you me, being mobbed is not one of the life experiences I hoped to have. And it’s not one that anyone should have. That’s why I’m still here. Mobbing is a crime that cries out for prosecution.

Mobbing is a crime that attempts to hide behind threats of lawsuits, it is a crime that includes multiple felonies and that, as in my own case, can continue for years. It is a highly predatory crime that any good city should find a way to investigate. My conclusion has long been that any useful investigation can uncover what is going on because an effort like this is known. I have heard guests of one of the mobbing houses casually informing their friends that the residents of the house are harassing me out of mine. I have heard workmen at another mobbing house laughing at the harassment they’ve heard on speakers. There is a continuing pattern of different cars coming and going as though in shifts from both houses, and now an increasing pattern of the owners garaging their own vehicles as though they do not want to be seen. I have seen scanners and satellite phone contractors nearby as well as heard statements about “very sensitive microphones.” I have been told about parametric and parabolic speakers that can isolate and harass a single person without anyone being the wiser.

So this is just a short note. Before I left to work out of town last week (and was followed, as I have been for more than seventeen months by the self-dubbed “mobbers” on at least cell phone and wireless communication systems–not necessarily mine), I sent a letter to the Mayor of Seattle, the Chief of Police, the Captain of my neighborhood precinct, the head of the Department of Planning and the last Seattle Police officer who left me his card. The letter included the following pieces of documentation:

  • An email from one of the local neighborhood watch that talks about rezoning parking in the neighborhood, remarking that it will hopefully encourage me and another renter to leave. This woman is partnered with another from the local neighborhood watch who was a City of Seattle manager for some years and seems to still attempt to lobby the city for the neighborhood’s projects.
  • A letter from a local developer blaming me for the fall-through of the sale of a house he built, an event that coincidentally seems to have occurred immediately after an inspection of the home.
  • A letter from the real estate agent who was charged with selling the house mentioned above to my landlords. The letter seems to threaten legal action against me but, being that it is addressed to my landlords, could probably be seen as a threat of legal action against them as well as an attempt to tortiously interfere in my contractual relationship with them. This is the letter that the real estate agent says she did not write, though it appears to have come from her email address at the large real estate company she works for.

In the next week, I will be sending another such letter with more documents in hopes of finally piquing the interest of the City Attorney. For what is going on in my neighborhood is not just an effort to “mob” me out of my home, presumably for the real estate and out of the malicious nature of the unethical neighborhood watch that fails to value the rights of all local residents. While, according to one police officer, I lacked probable cause as to the network intrusions and the eavesdropping that were occurring when the mobbing began the May before last, I do have documents that may collectively indicate racketeering in my neighborhood. I intend to use them.

Stay tuned.