Crazy like a fox

Tonight I posted a draft image showing how “mobbers,” tenant clearers on the bleeding edge, use technology to constructively evict or harass legal residents out of their homes. I will need to make changes; there may be inaccuracies in the technical description of things like satellite spoofing. And in addition to parametric speakers, parabolic speakers can apparently be useful in bouncing sound off of windows and other surfaces when you want to harass someone.

No matter. What I did forget to mention was important, however. If the methods shown in the graphic of “Parametric, yes; prosecution, no” seem incredible, it is by design. What could be better protection for harassers with “respectable” clients than to use methods that are so crazy that reporting them makes the victim seems even more so?

Come on Seattle Police, look into this mess. Don’t let me down. I think there are professional tenant clearers working my street. I’ve taken a lot of damage trying to report this and get help. Let’s get these people out of Seattle and into the prison system where they belong.

Thank you.


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