“They don’t investigate cell phone harassment”

“On being mobbed” is written to document the many unethical and illegal acts in the “mobbing” of a Seattle tenant. She became aware of the mobbing in May of 2014 and has refused to be harassed out of her home. Because of the duration of this illegal effort and the day-in and day-out cycles of hoaxes, threats, insults and so on, it is difficult to apply a strict calendar to events. These blog entries are written thematically with the goal of inviting a criminal investigation that would expose the mobbers, end the mobbing and, hopefully, discourage this type of predatory behavior in the future.

This mini-blog is titled after an oft-repeated utterance of my mobbers, in other words for those of you new to this blog, the harassers and sundry others who are in the midst of an attempted tenant clearing of me, a legal tenant, from my northeast Seattle home of more than five years. A prominent feature of the mobbing is apparently the repetition of statements like They don’t investigate cell phone harassment in an attempt to convince the victim that there is nothing she can do, that no one cares what is happening to her and that the only possible course of action is to finally acquiesce and allow herself to be harassed out of her home, likely because of some unethical members of a neighborhood watch acting in concert with real estate speculators.

This is the type of comment that is continually projected into my home, onto my television (cable hacking, most likely), onto systems that can be accessed wirelessly or through the use of cellular technologies and so on.

So heads-up, investigative authorities, the mobbers (those attempting to illegally and feloniously, in their words, “harass [me] out of the neighborhood”) assure me that you do not investigate cell phone harassment. But then, they’ve also assured me that you don’t investigate land deals or complaints of Internet bots, and they’ve also said that no one cares what happens to me.

It is statements like this that make certain facets of this crime identifiable as a con. The mobbers have put a slightly more euphemistic name on it in the past, cavalierly declaring themselves “hoaxsters.”

It would be a pity if those who are doing this to me in the good City of Seattle get away with it and do it to others who cannot stand up to such a predatory crime. Just because the neighborhood watch fails in its duty to safeguard and protect all of its citizens doesn’t mean that my city, state and country should do the same.


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