The First Hoax: “They’ve agreed to sell us the house!”

“On being mobbed” is written to document the many unethical and illegal acts in the “mobbing” of a Seattle tenant. She became aware of the mobbing in May of 2014 and has refused to be harassed out of her home. Because of the duration of this illegal effort and the day-in and day-out cycles of hoaxes, threats, insults and so on, it is difficult to apply a strict calendar to events. These blog entries are written thematically with the goal of inviting a criminal investigation that would expose the mobbers, end the mobbing and, hopefully, discourage this type of predatory behavior in the future.

It was May of 2014 and I was balancing a full-time job and an academic program that I hoped would prepare me for a midlife career change. One day, as though by prearrangement, the neighbors on two sides of me stood in the driveway adjacent to my own, excitedly talking not far from my open windows. They were talking about an offer made to my landlords to buy the house in which I had resided for more than four years. One of the leaders of the local neighborhood watch congratulated the thirty-something couple who lived next door to me and, in her nasty way, began talking about how nice it would be to have me gone. Yes, they agreed. She went on to talk about the “green space” they’d have when I was gone. It wasn’t the first time I’d heard about this “green space.” One, maybe two years before that, she’d apparently called up my landlady and said she thought that the front yard or the front yard and driveway of the property that I leased should be “returned to green space.” They went on, talking about how glad they were that I’d finally be leaving, about their plans for the garden I tended after I was gone, and so on. It was an event obviously staged, one that continued through that week.

That week they went on about how my landlords planned to accept the offer and let me know by Friday. The hoax continued all week. There was a lot of talk about whether they would want to be my landlords. And there was talk about how they would encourage me to leave if I did not leave of my own accord.

By midweek I wrote my landlords to ask if such a thing had really happened.

Friday night the thirty-something couple had a gathering, their portion of our merged driveway was jammed with vehicles, their windows open and the drapes that allowed those sitting in their living room to see into my dining room open, as usual. Guests seemed to be directed to look into my house; some seemed uncomfortable. Like the outside gathering on the driveway “announcing” the offer on my home, the event seemed staged for my benefit.

Indeed, there was continuing talk about the supposed offer made to my landlords and how they would deal with my tenancy once they took possession of the property. The thirty-something girlfriend of the owner of the house confidently told an older woman that she thought I would “be more comfortable” if I left.

My landlords told me there had been no such offer. And they told me they were not interested in selling the house and were happy with my being there.

Soon thereafter, I began to experience harassment with “monitoring” in my own home and stalking elsewhere. Note that I didn’t know the word “monitoring” at the time, nor did I know what to make of the voices that began appearing or overlapping those on my cable TV, my radios, and more.

My being mobbed came after years of a more mundane neighborhood bullying and harassment situation, some parts of which are documented by my own public disclosure requests, letters to the city and police, and so on. Because of its origins and the many, many events that preceded my becoming aware of something that I came to call “mobbing” based on the words of the harassers and the sparse information available on the Internet, it’s hard to say when the first hoax happened. But this one comes close.

The next hoax would be the bot hoax. It led to my losing a contract of more than two years duration. More on that in a later post.


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