To catch a mobber, a note

In an earlier post with a title similar to this one, I described how I thought it might be possible to gather information in a mobbing case like my own. But perhaps the best way to catch a mobber, to catch those who are mobbing me, have likely mobbed others and will likely mob others in the future, is to follow me.

I want to make it clear that police authorities who seek to investigate this matter are more than welcome to follow me. I haven’t had any privacy for more than sixteen months so it makes no difference to me and I would hope that your interest would either give me some much needed relief or bring this to a close. So if you don’t feel that hands-off police work is likely to be productive–for example, interviewing people in the neighborhood who probably know there is something going on–please find a way to put surveillance on me or on the harassment.

In light of my beginning this blog, or perhaps in light of the failure so far of the “mobbers,” who may be experienced tenant clearers, professional harassers or “World’s Worst Neighbors” who harass people from communities for whatever reasons are supplied by those who pay them, or even people who actually move in around you and harass you out so they can take the property and profit off of real estate speculation, things have been rather intense as of late with round-the-clock harassment, deprivation of sleep, and even comments from the mobbers that they don’t care if they harass me into a health emergency of some kind of another. After my starting to use sound board sized for my windows at the recommendation of a private investigator, and since I have a device on order that should be able to pick up sound projected onto my windows… not to mention my writing more letters as of late to Seattle city officials, the mobbers are kind of testy.

So here is some information about what to look for.

When I leave the house, no matter what car I’m driving, there is harassment. If I am not driving a car that I can patch my iPhone into for music, or if I really need a break from the harassment, I leave my cell phone at home for the most part. I only drive one vehicle new enough to have anything other than a traditional radio with or without CD player and perhaps an AUX patch-in. I drive one car with a radio that is unusable and that I even disconnected the antenna from in an attempt to see if that stopped the sound. And yet there is harassment of varying levels in any car I drive. It’s either got to be live harassment projected at me or there is some manner of projecting sound from, for example, a radio type device, most likely. Perhaps I’m being followed. I don’t think these people are using any traditional device–they like hoaxes where they can fool people into spending time and money looking for eavesdropping devices inside their homes–this happened at the beginning of the mobbing and they projected laughter and ridicule into my house as I bought it and inspected light fixtures and switches. I never found a device.

So, follow me in cars and find a way, if I’m listening to music, to pick up the sound that is on my speakers, however faint. All of the radio- and TV-based sound can be modulated by my changing the volume settings. If I have the radio loud, they shout over it. They try to only talk over lyrics or dialog so that I hear them because their voices are familiar to me. They are silent if, for example, someone engages me in conversation. Interestingly, they are silent when police cars are near me.

They follow me using the wireless systems of businesses I am in or pass. At least, this is the perception I have. They also follow me based on the availability of cell phones or devices belonging to others. For example, if I am cycling on Seattle’s Burke-Gilman bicycle trail, the sound is usually quiet, but if I pass someone who likely has a cell phone, suddenly the volume is much higher. I have been able to have a few moments of quiet on the Burke-Gilman if they don’t seem on the ball with the technology at the start of a ride, if I ride after dark and the battery in my bike light dies, or sometimes, if I walk away from my bicycle.

Follow me and listen closely. At this point in time the mobbers do not use my name but mostly refer to me as an animal commonly kept as a pet. They may say, “Get out!” Or they may insult me in some manner and titter or laugh. They like to say things that seem intended to remind me of painful events in my life. Or they may say things that are supposed to make me feel uncomfortable in public, like saying I did something to a child or saying they have pictures of me in the bathroom when I’m in a store or at the register, but they say it in the midst of a high level of ambient noise and it feels like it is said on a speaker near to me, like at the self-service checkout I’m using. And it seems that others do not hear it because they are not sensitized to the voices, are not listening, or have no idea of the meaning of the odd statements they hear.

What the harassers say is largely said for the victim. They want the victim to feel chagrin, to panic in fear of being somehow found out, and to feel so endangered that she or he will leave home or give them whatever they demand. The mobbers don’t always say “Get out!” Over time in the mobbing certain phrases have been adopted as as demands based on events in the mobbing. One of the first hoaxes was a “bot” hoax that I’ll be writing about soon–it led to me losing a contract of more than two years at a large software company. And now the mobbers constantly demand, “Give us the bot.”

Look for overlapping speech, in short, clipped and changing voices, and odd but apparently meaningless demands.

It occurred to me that if I were to be able to record my television or radio for the harassment that they overlap with whatever I am watching, that a subtractive process would work well to isolate the harassment. A copy of the broadcast could match and cancel out everything except for the harassment. It’s not quite the famed backmasking of Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven, but it’s a thought. (Note: These people very definitely seem to be trying to manipulate by subliminal messages, which is kind of creepy.)

Mind you, I haven’t so far been able to actually patch in recorders on TV and radio broadcasts. I have tried to use a small digital recorder but don’t think that anything picked up is likely to be good evidence. However, Monday I’ll be getting Prism TV, Century Link’s fiberoptic service installed. So then if they want to be on my TV, they’ll either need to project a directional speaker at the speakers (if that in fact does work–I think that may be another hoax intended to make me believe that there was no use in trying to capture the harassment in order to prove it) or they will be recorded because I am getting the DVR service and intend to activate recording every time I watch TV. My goal is to make it harder to harass me and to make the harassment more easily traceable. To that end, now that I have fiberoptic Internet bandwidth at home, I’m trying to take the house off of wireless as much as possible so that the stakes increase for the mobbers. Of course, I’d be completely happy if some police investigators knew exactly how they might be able to capture the harassment, and the harassers too. Come on over, come on in. Let’s make it a party:

On weekdays, if I am working at home and if I am not tired of the overlapping harassment with every radio broadcast I turn on, I listen to 91.3 FM and sometimes listen to that until well into the afternoon. Sometimes I put my speaker out the door and face it outwards so that the harassment is more diffuse and in hopes of making the harassers deal with the harassment by having it directed onto the street. If I’m not listening to 91.3 FM, I might be listening to NPR stations 88.5 FM or 94.9.

On Saturday mornings, I try to listen to 94.9 FM before Car Talk and usually through the morning, despite harassment. I often put the speaker outside to diffuse the harassment and listen to it from inside the house with the door open.

On Sunday mornings, I listen to 94.9 until 10am, if I do, and then turn on 88.5 for a rebroadcast of “Wait, wait, don’t tell me.” At noon or so, and by 1pm, if I’m home I’m listening to 94.9 again, and that can continue into the afternoon.

Now, back to following me….

At Whole Foods, I think they’re on the PA system and on others’ cell phones. I shop at the Roosevelt Whole Foods Market.

I swim at a local pool and I hear them there too. It’s possible that they use building systems to project the harassment onto, in which case it must be possible to project sound onto a water line or I would think they would have to be using a drone. I have in fact seen drones twice in my neighborhood, I note. One was being tested in the driveway of a house built by a developer who tried to buy the house I live in some months before I became aware that I was being mobbed.

This criminal harassment extends to the public arena. For example, I shop at 99 Ranch Market in Edmonds and there, I think I hear them on others’ cell phones for the most part though they might also be on the public address system. The few times I’ve been at Home Depot, I think I’ve heard them on the public address system in addition to others’ phones.

One of the most concerning places I’ve heard what is at least the cell phone harassment is at the airport, and in flight. They also follow me onto Seattle’s bus system, into my CarToGo rentals, and on Seattle’s light rail as well as the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system. Between wireless, cellular and wireless cable systems, it is apparently easy to stalk people everywhere without having the risk of physically following. Note that cyber-stalking and stalking across state lines are also cases where the FBI is appropriate.

When I’m outside in my garden, the harassment continues. The mobbing houses have become quieter and quieter, or the numerous people who come and go from them at all hours, sometimes hiding their vehicles in garages or coming and going in vehicles they appear not to own or that are not left at the residences in which they work, sporadically attempt to provoke or to harass in a “World’s Worst Neighbors” kind of way. But generally there is quiet, probably because they have to both watch the street for passersby who might hear the harassment and they have to keep on me even as I step behind a leafed out tree or inside my garage to wind the garden hose. Here the means of conveyance is likely projective and I don’t know if it is a directional speaker or just speakers at a low volume. There’s usually some distortion that might indicate bounced sound. It’s possible, if they bounce sound that comes over radio waves — so that they can even do this from a distance and have an alibi (hence, the constant threats to sue me if I don’t “Get out!”), that radio waves could be picked up. I don’t know how the projection of a directional speaker would be picked up — perhaps if the speaker is powered with infrared a source detecting infrared could detect a high level of signals in the area. Note that any look at my surroundings should also note window and mechanical venting in adjacent structures.

When I get gas, I think the sound is on the business speakers that may be on the pumps. Early on in the mobbing, the first days, every time I would get gas I was accused of check-kiting or the mobbers would say I was about to kite a check.

When I visit a relative in the San Francisco Bay Area, the harassment is quite loud if radios and TVs are on, and this residence does use cable for both bandwidth and television, with multiple wireless access points. I try to turn them down but if I forget to close the heating vent in the room I sleep in, I’m sure it comes in through the heater. The heater is in the attic, so I’ve wondered again about a drone being used to surrepticiously project sound onto a mechanical system. I have also had water lines used at home; I believe I’ve even seen the projection of a harassment stream onto a fanned air cleaner. I turned it off, and voila! No more sound, at least not from that surface.

If I’m walking downtown, I think I get it more where there are traffic cameras or maybe they really have spent the last sixteen months having me followed. If that’s the case, maybe this “mobbing” has a strong component of misconduct by unethical and unlicensed detectives. That does make sense, since in the very early days of the mobbing, there was a hoax as though my house were being staked out–I’ll write a post on this another day. Anyway, I figure I’m not the first person to have this happen though I may be unusual in having experienced “mobbing” for this length of time. I would hope that I’ve said enough here so that a seasoned police investigator might begin to recognize a familiar “M.O.”

So follow me and listen. To public address systems, to wireless speakers used in restaurants, to the odd voices and strange demands in the interstices of radio and TV broadcasts, to the eerie sounds of ventilation systems. I would be grateful.


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