Why police should investigate

It seems odd that I should have to write a post, much less a blog, to get Seattle Police to investigate my being “mobbed,” but I do. I am in a situation of harassment so extreme that I have likely had few moments of privacy at least for the last sixteen months. And my requests to the City of Seattle and to Seattle Police Department for help date back at least three years. I’ll write a related post in the next few days or add a section to this one on why the police should probably refer the investigation to the FBI but for now I want to write about why an investigation of my harassment in this neighborhood should be ordered.

Monitoring someone in their home is a form of stalking and a felony. I have been monitored in and out of my home for at least 16 months. I know I am being monitored because the harassers let me know. Why? I have concluded that part of how mobbers “get you out” is to watch you in a manner that is oppressive, onerous, and deeply, deeply illegal. Even if they only have shotgun microphones following me around and are only tricking me into thinking that they also have eyes in my house, that is eavesdropping, especially when it continues when you are in the bedroom, in the bathroom and regardless of the clothing you may or may not be wearing. What’s more, it’s a sex offense. Anyway, realistically, the mobbers must either be so highly skilled at listening that they can tell where my hands are or whether I am bending over or they have a method of seeing me in my house. I doubt it is cameras — that was another early probable hoax used to get me, the victim, into a panic of checking each and every light fixture for cameras and I will write about that hoax another day. It’s likely that in this lakeside community where windows look into windows, they were able to gain a lot of information about me before I realized they were intentionally and continuously watching. But during the harassment, they have also claimed to have some infrared devices or night vision goggles. Might be another hoax, but it would explain their knowledge of my movements in my home. Anyway, they have let me know that they are not only listening but watching. I believe they are at least always listening because the harassment chatter confirms it. Either way, felony, felony, felony! And for more than sixteen months now! It’s tantamount to being in John Fowles’ The Collector, or Michel Foucault’s panopticon, which will be another blog posting in the near future.

Mobbing is a highly predatory crime that takes advantage of those perceived as isolated and vulnerable. Who gets mobbed? People who live alone or people who can be isolated and bullied into submission. I have paid a great price already in fighting this crime and have not been able to get a proper investigation as of yet. I would feel I had failed myself if I walked away and let the people who decided to harass me out of the neighborhood in this vicious manner that ignores my rights and humanity. I would feel I failed the next victims and encouraged their victimization by allowing these criminals to get away with mobbing, a technique straight out of Nazi Germany or the KKK. And the next victim might someone more vulnerable than me and less able to defend themselves. Mobbing is a many-to-one bullying situation that relies on your isolation to achieve its goals. Criminals who choose such methods and who carefully select victims they believe will be subject to them should be apprehended and prosecuted. Crimes like this should not be allowed to stand and we should make sure that those who might not be able to protect themselves from such crimes are protected by society.

Mobbing includes multiple felonies. Mobbing is a continuous stream of crimes, mostly felonies. This is not civil. It’s not just a bit of neighborhood gossip or a squabble. It’s not civil. I repeat, mobbing is not civil. Mobbing requires a criminal investigation. I can’t count the times in the mobbing that I’ve been told the goal is to ruin me or to harass me to the point where I no longer remember the events to report them. So far as I can count, my mobbing includes defamation, false reports, monitoring, stalking, cyberstalking, eavesdropping, malicious harassment, attempts at coercion, cons and hoaxes, threats of all manner of harm, and on and on and on.

Mobbing is aggravated assault. The intensity of mobbing is such that it is tantamount to assault. The countless hoaxes, psychological games, insults, threats, taunts and the sheer nonstop nature of the verbal assault not only drains one of energy but is a severe stressor that can kill or permanently harm. All you have to do is read the literature on workplace mobbing, which does not have the intensity of continuous criminal mobbing, to recognize the impact of organized bullying on health. The people mobbing me may even monitor physical signs of stress as well as monitoring and attempting to drive my emotional state. The people involved in my situation are likely professional harassers or are working with them in a calculated and brutal fashion. Mobbing is in fact, a social death. It is organized bullying that begins with and builds on malicious gossip that is designed to discredit the individual and to make him or her appear to be an outcast, a pervert, a criminal who must be cast out of community.

Neighborhood watch associations that support crimes need to be cleaned out and reconstituted. There’s not a lot that’s worse in a democratic society and in a liberal city, than neighborhood watch associations that include people who would use their involvement in the community to hurt others and to support the aggravated assault that is mobbing. It is unforgivable to inflict this on another human being and anyone who would pay for it or support it is likely deeply disturbed. Those who value others rights and lives so little that they would use mobbing to turn a profit in real estate or take advantage of a neighborhood bullying situation by assisting in a mobbing to fatten their pockets should be prosecuted. There’s no excuse.

Mobbing is domestic terrorism. Making someone a captive in her own home is more than just a nasty way to punish someone in a neighborhood bullying situation and more than a brute force approach to scare out tenants to make properties available to speculators. Forced eviction by mobbing should be regarded as domestic terrorism. Criminals using tricky methods like cyber-stalking, shortwave radio-based harassment or directional speakers — in short, methods that are intended to be silent, difficult to prove, and to make victim reports difficult to believe, are methods that demand investigation.

Forced eviction is a Human Rights crime. So says Amnesty International. Genocides begin with forced evictions. Mass migrations in Africa and the Holocaust, these attempts to vanquish the other and to end his existence begin with the loss of home. “Mobbing” a person out of a neighborhood is not simply a social death, it is an extinguishing, a death of physical presence.

Mobbing has no place in Seattle, in the State of Washington, or in the United States. We have rights.


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