To catch a mobber

“On being mobbed” is written to document the many unethical and illegal acts in the “mobbing” of a Seattle tenant. She became aware of the mobbing in May of 2014 and has refused to be harassed out of her home. Because of the duration of this illegal effort and the day-in and day-out cycles of hoaxes, threats, insults and so on, it is difficult to apply a strict calendar to events. These blog entries are written thematically with the goal of inviting a criminal investigation that would expose the mobbers, end the mobbing and, hopefully, discourage this type of predatory behavior in the future.

This morning is like most mornings since I’ve become aware that I’m being mobbed. Except perhaps because of the sound board I had cut for one of my bedroom windows, and the packing materials and packages of toilet paper that I inserted between the storm windows and the interior windows on the other seem to have helped to quiet the mobbers. And it might not hurt that I’m becoming skilled at sleeping while propping my head up on the pillow without my ear touching the case and tend to use one, but not two earplugs in order to stifle and not amplify the sound. Anyway, perhaps for those reasons, my sleep was not broken at 3:00 am or 4:00 am. The mobbers may also be slightly more cautious these last few days in light of the information I’m imparting from this blog to anyone who will read it and might be persuaded to direct it to the attention of the proper authorities in Seattle or might themselves be the proper authorities, and perhaps because of my recent missives to city officials and legal authorities in Seattle.

At any rate, this morning, I woke up, had a nice stretch and a yawn, and thought about how I could help authorities to help me. Here goes.

To catch a mobber, at least, to catch the mobbers who are mobbing me in Seattle, consider the following:

Mobbing that involves holing up in the houses of neighbors who may want the property or may have been put there by those who want the property and perhaps could not get it legally, is mobbing that allows the crime to be committed in a manner that is nearly silent. Additionally, this kind of mobbing may rely on the houses from which the mobbers work being owned by people who would be assumed to be beyond reproach, for example, professionals, and even professionals in health care. This is a crime that likely involves more than one home owner and those criminals willing to commit multiple felonies for money and shield those who covet thy neighbor’s property from liability may require that they be shielded by the good reputations of those for whom they commit crime. And these people are washing each others’ hands like crazy.

In such a case, the burden of probable cause should not be on the victim who is already, more than likely, subject to criminal invasions of privacy that are tantamount to sex crimes (peeping Tom, and Tammy too). Has anyone commented on your peristalsis when you’ve been on the pot recently? I should think not! And some victims may have an even harder time getting help than I am if they are less aware of their rights, less persistent, or otherwise more easily victimized. So here’s a list of ways you might be able to catch a mobber:

Conduct an investigation. What’s happening around me is as organized as, well, crime, organized crime that is. And these people have called themselves “the mob” and “mobbers,” though that mght be because they would hope to frighten someone out of their home by doing so. Anyway, the point is that these people are organized and connected. In my case, they may regularly meet privately away from the houses they work in, they may also work away from the houses they work in. But they have probably done this before. One day I heard one young woman tell her friend as they walked up the driveway towards the neighbors’ home and presumably could hear the harassment that was being projected from that house towards mine, “They’re harassing her out of her home.” When you have people who are casually telling their friends that you’re harassing legal residents out of their homes, they’re not the only ones who know. And just last week I heard a woman who frequents the house on the other side tell her departing friend, “I’ll let you know if we ever get her out.”

And with the apparent constant monitoring to ensure that the harassment is turned off when police or others who aren’t part of the mobbing scene come up the driveway, with that combined with the ever-changing vehicles and plate numbers and the constant comings and goings of all manner of people who are either giving their own 2 cents to the harassment or pretending to be caretakers as they watch the driveway for those who might detect the harassment, there is a lot that could be learned by authorities who can mount a surveillance effort without being detected on a private street in a neighborhood so nasty that some probably invited the mobbers in and might have given those who would support them a good deal on real estate.

These people know each other, they may have worked together in the past, and they may have histories of doing this type of thing before or of being involved in similar suspicious circumstances.

Look for purchases of technology or parts used to make the technology of mobbing. I’ve seen drones and a satellite telephone contractor at neighboring houses and the kind of infrastructure that would be required to mount a 24/7 eavesdropping and monitoring effort on your neighbors would likely include a fair amount of technology. If parametric speakers that the mobbers can say are just part of their stereo system are being used, they still had to get them somewhere. If they’re using them and making them to avoid the record of it, they’d need the parts. If shortwave radios are being used, they have to be purchased or constructed from purchased parts. If cell phones are being used there might be lots of contracts existing for them or recorded purchases of untraceable phones.

Look for cell phone or packet transmission between mobbers and the mobbing houses or between the mobbing houses and the victim house. There’s a good chance that cell phones, other kinds of phones and computers provide the microphones that are used to pick up the harassment. There’s a good chance that packets get at least some of it to the victim house over a cable or wireless. Look at packet transmission for this. In my own case, I am ordering Prism TV, which runs over fibre, now that it’s available, but the box they provide is wireless from the household router. The Seattle mobbers are also using radio, at least to send their transmissions. This could be a shortwave radio hooked up to a mic, for example, or a scanner (I have seen scanner use on my street). Radio is the most likely means used to transmit constant harassment into cars where cell phones are not present. Although I’m not sure about the efficacy of directional speakers for transmission of sound from one house into another, even if windows face windows, I would think you could make a streaming file of harassment and play it on a system that streams it to one or more directional speakers that would isolate a listener. Using cell phones would or a method of conveyance outside a house would also add another layer of abstraction and provide hopeful alibis for harassers who want to make their victim appear crazy or make their victim become so frustrated with trying to report a crime that he or she will finally capitulate. These are criminals who attempt to thwart reporting and detection by confusing their victim, e.g., statements like “Where are we?” “Who am I?” and “We’re in the wind.” One they repeat a lot lately is, “All we do, is triangulate you.” I don’t know if a triangulation of devices is meaningful or if “triangulate” has any other technical meaning in a situation of wave-based harassment; I figured it was another way of saying that I am surrounded by houses with unfriendly owners who either want the property on which my house resides or want the pleasure of expelling a renter who has stuck up for her rights and for the rights of her landlords.


I have considered that sound loops could be used and would likely be desirable in 24/7 harassment, especially if it continues for 16+ months as my own has. Sound loops may be used and I have also considered that the mobbers might use voice filters. But at least the projection is real time because it must follow my position and use of utilities and entertainment systems; the monitoring is real time and must be to avoid detection by police authorities or potential witnesses. Moreover, what seems crucial in harassment of this nature is letting the victim know that she is being watched and has no privacy, and for that you need to always have eyes on, at least one pair. It might also be possible that one person uses a combination of voice filters or uses recorded sounds to create more of the acoustic environment of the “mob” that seeks to evict a disliked resident, or to use a neighborhood dispute to evict a resident whose property they want to develop.

Look for heavy use of driveways abutting property lines that mobbers would seek to abolish. Look for constant guests, lots of cars that can never seem to fit within the bounds of the mobbers’ properties, and lots of comings and goings around the clock, even if the house is owned by one person, and especially if the owner seems to be gone a lot of the time.

Look for houses that seem to be constantly under construction or permitted for construction. If you can’t force someone  to move or to sell, constant construction or huge piles of debris from construction are good ways to provide a continuous level of stress and to ensure that your victim gets no peace or quiet.

Look for heavy use of contractors in communications. You might find people running lots of CAT5 through their houses or setting up elaborate systems that are directed at eavesdropping on and harassing neighbors. You might find people who require unusual satellite phone connections.

Look for ventilation systems that could be used to convey harassment. In my situation, the harassers know they can get me for a good five minutes in the shower, whenever the heat comes on, and even (probably with directional speaker) by targeting my fanned air cleaner. Slow moving fans on exhaust seem to broadcast sound. I’ve learned that putting my own window fans on exhaust helps to deflect it. I also noted a few family members of one of the owners laying out a duct in their garage last summer or so; they closed the garage door when they saw that I was outside my house and could see what they were doing. Another time I saw a worker recut the hole for an exhaust vent on the neighboring house and raise it up enough to sit opposite the half-light on my kitchen door. This last week I’ve experimented with putting a tall object between the vent and my kitchen window and found it muffles the level of the harassment when I’m in the kitchen.

Look at the backgrounds and associations of any developers and real estate agents who have been hostile toward the mobbing victim. Look for a history of harassment or accusations of behavior that could be the beginning of a mobbing. I would bet that most people get out before they understand what is going on. As one of the harassers declared of harassment, “The industry (construction) is built on it!” This is an opportunity to stop a criminal “business practice.”

Look at practices in other states and look for involvement by those from other states or from out-of-state harassers who may use cell phones and never come to the “job site.” If the harassment is conveyed but not necessarily transmitted from neighboring houses, and if those onsite in the houses pose as innocent guests or caretakers while ensuring that the harassment is not detected, skilled harassers can work from long distances over phones or VoIP connections. Mobbing is a form of domestic terrorism and should be approached, detected, and prosecuted as such.

Look for defamation that is unusual in a civil community. In these situations, lots of people who have never even met the mobbing victim may be quick to declare that they are crazy or criminal. They may spread malicious gossip that is damaging to the reputation of the victim in order to compel the victim to leave the community. Look for it in the community, look for it spread by suspected mobbers, realtors and developers or unethical neighborhood watch associations. Look for it in any court proceedings that occur in the course of the mobbing, for example, if the victim tries to get a protective order you might see those who are doing or supporting the mobbing making statements that they do not feel safe with the victim living in the neighborhood or that they will not have children if the victim continues to reside there. These are statements that are likely deliberately made to warn the victim to leave and to ensure that their reports to authorities are disregarded. Such statements about people who have never been accused of crimes or arrested should be alarming in civil communities.


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