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I spent much of the last week traveling traveling out of state for work. It’s always interesting to see whether or how the harassment changes, as I move around, changing modes of travel and environment and experimenting to see how I can blunt the constant monitoring and harassment. As fall approaches and I continue to attempt to get help and an investigation from local and federal authorities in Seattle and in Washington State, the harassment is sometimes muted and the methods seem to become more circumspect, at least for a short time.

To continue trying to get help by sharing my story anonymously and doing my best to expose what, based on the practiced manner of the harassers, is likely a repeating crime or at least a sideline profession in “clearing” residents, this post will describe what I perceive as different forms of conveyance for the voice harassment and will then suggest the most likely source. I’m doing this because what has been done to me is criminal and it seems to be a crime hired by those gifted with the nasty combination of financial resources unrestrained by ethics or law. I would suggest that the most likely perpetrators of this type of crime would be those from nasty neighborhoods and out-of-control neighborhood watch groups, those with interests in speculative industries such as real estate development and investment, or both.

The following table is for those who might have the power to begin an investigation or to refer this matter to those who are able to make an appropriate investigation. What has happened to me began with physical and documented bullying in my neighborhood. It is not difficult to trace and I would welcome contact from legal authorities who read these posts and see that they make sense, and that what has happened to me may have happened to others who may not have been as persistent as I have been, and may well be done by an organized group of people who “mob” people out of their homes for profit.

This table may be modified over the next days and weeks to make it more descriptive.

Phenomenon Environment Affected by
Voice harassment of uncertain origin. Not clearly transmitted over radio other powered means. Sound can be soft or distorted. Home, standing in a room with windows or standing before a window Opening the window can mute the sound entirely though opening the window seems to allow a different method of conveyance to occur. I have storm windows outside of windows and have also been experimenting with breaking the surface by inserting items that would absorb sound waves between the windows or inside the house against the window pane. A private investigator suggested using sound board. I’ve cut a few to size for a few windows and that has quieted some of the all-night harassment in my bedroom.
Voice harassment that cuts out or is “clipped” In my home and in my garden with no sound source turned on Movement, change of position or blocking can affect it. Sometimes it seems as though I have stepped into a stream of sound. Or if I move away from a window there is no more sound. This type of harassment often occurs if someone else is present. A technical friend of mine suggested it might be a parametric or directional speaker and that sounds right for the “clipped” effect of the sound “stream.” I also learned that there are parabolic speakers that can be used to project sound. I am able to “block” this form of harassment by putting an object between me and where the harassment seems to be projected from. Or, sometimes it is clipped, for example, I might step through a sound stream or begin to hear a word that is cut off by my movement in my house. Outside if I raise the water hose high and direct it toward the likely source, it is as though I deflect it, at least until I drop the hose or the sound comes from another location. I can also deflect the outside sound by movement behind a tree trunk or a shielded location in the yard.
Voice harassment experienced as speech or sound overlapping FM radio transmission Listening to radio at home, listening to stereo in a vehicle, or even traveling in a vehicle with a radio with the antenna disabled Most of the time the sound is electronic and seems to clearly emanate from the player. When the mobbing started I had an old iPod I used that did have the soft FM stations but I had no wireless or cell phone access in the car. Voice harassment clearly does come over radio or devices with radio wave transmissions of some kind but I do not understand the technology enough to know why I can still hear the harassment, albeit very softly, in vehicles where I do not have the radio powered or in one vehicle that I even took the radio out of after continuing to hear soft harassment after unplugging the antenna. This behavior was local to the situation so I have not ruled out following with a projective sound device.

After a period of months, I concluded it was unlikely that these people used physical devices put on the car — they seem to have less forensically detectable ways of harassing people and they do attempt in the harassment to convince me that no one can catch them and that no one would believe that they would do such a thing. That confidence may be part of their con here. At least, that’s the bet I’m making.

Voice harassment overlapping cable TV Listening to TV alone at home or listening to TV with a relative with diminished hearing This seems enabled by wireless delivery of streaming TV as well as by, at least in my home, the insecure Comcast cable lines. At home, I am about to switch to the Century Link Prism TV, which is delivered over fiberoptic line privately to my home but is, unfortunately, installed on a wireless device. I will, however, get a DVR service if they have one and begin to record the sound going through the TV whenever I listen. Being monitored and the nature of the voice harassment has made it difficult to pick up the harassment by recording ambient sound inside my house (and the harassers have constantly threatened me with two-party recording laws for the State of Washington but recording in one’s house is no crime). Basically, this harassment is delivered overlapping the TV broadcast in a manner that might be considered “noise” if you did not recognize the harassing voices as familiar. Turning the sound up or down raises the levels of the harassment. I have considered that a parametric speaker was used to bounce sound off of the speakers for the TV or the radio but decided that this might be something the harassers claimed in order to discourage reporting the claim. It’s likely that much of the harassment does come from where it seems to come from. The harassers have also said “We’re in the wind,” something which is, I believe, part of the con that is supposed to trick a victim into consenting to the crime and leaving their home.
Voice harassment during analog phone calls At home, when I still had a land line This was early on during the mobbing when it began to seem like phone phreaking and listening on the speaker for the answering machine were occurring at the same time that I would hear harassment whenever I picked up the phone. I forget the technologies but think research showed there was a way to either project harassment that could only be heard by the user of the land line without being transmitted to the other party in the call. At this point, there was clearly at least one scanner being used in the neighborhood. I complained to Century Link and their personnel didn’t even know what phone phreaking was. I learned there were devices that could be put on a physical line. It also seems like projecting sound using a directional speaker at the same time a person is on the phone could be experienced as a party call that would be undetectable and not recordable. I finally got rid of the my land line earlier this year and got a cell phone.
Voice harassment during using of cellular phone Anywhere there is one available. My experience is that these people have a system they use to track where I am and use other people’s cell phones to project the harassment. Stalker apps supposedly do this. Or, if they are able to jump on cell phones with open wireless and use them like hot spots, perhaps they can use their speakers? I’m not sure but when bicycling, for example, if I go by someone who presumably has a cell phone, I will hear clipped harassment or it increases in volume. I do not carry a cell phone when I’m cycling so it is definitely not mine. During this type of harassment, there can be gaps that I attribute to the lack of ability to follow closely and constantly if there are not enough devices available to jump onto or if there is no carrier available. I have also considered the use of drones and have seen them twice in my neighborhood in the past months, including one time being used at a house owned by someone who was instrumental in setting up my being harassed.

For an upcoming post, mobbing as street theater, at least, mobbing as theater that seeks to put you into the street. It remains to be seen if it’s method acting or a filmic construction of narrative.

Stay tuned, also, for a post on complications and confusions. There are layers to this con, including constant staffing of people who don’t live here, houses that look quiet from which people suddenly depart in the dark, constantly changing vehicles and a strong possibility of harassment delivered over cell phone from remote or mobile locations to hide its source and in order to better threaten and dissuade reporters from reporting.


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