“Know your target”

Early on in the mobbing (I’d rather not call it “mine”; it is decidedly not something that belongs to me), I recall one of the mobbers saying to another, “It pays to know your target.” And while the criminals who call themselves “mobbers” have far less insight into me than they would have me believe, they do know that I am a side sleeper. And having lived in this situation for more than a year, I have unfortunately learned that harassers make use of every piece of information they can get on a “target,” even the posture in which she sleeps.

I would have saved this post for much later, but it’s been a while since I remembered hearing one of the mobbers refer to me as a “target” to another, one who sounded very much like my neighbor, and I don’t want to forget it. At the time, it struck me as remarkable to hear people I didn’t think I knew or had ever met projecting their voices through closed windows into my legal home and making observations about me, observations that I soon realized were intended for me, to manipulate me, to con or bully me out of my legal home.

But back to sleeping and hearing.

Over the course of the last 15 months as the mobbing harassment became more and more continuous and started to intrude into my sleeping as well as my waking hours, I’ve experimented with keeping the windows closed and covered, keeping them open, raising and lowering the volume on radio and TV, muting devices and shutting them off. It occurred to me to try ear plugs and I’ve tried several kinds, settling on the ones that claim to use a silicone putty. But now that those involved in the harassment are really pushing and delivering voice harassment pretty much around the clock, I usually go to sleep with earplugs in both ears. Then during the night, I find that they know how to use the earplugs to their advantage, by projecting the sound in a way so that I hear it better with plugs in. I wake up, and then I take one earplug out, and often it takes time for them to get to me again, and perhaps I get a bit more sleep. Never in my life have I been forced to struggle so for sleep.

They notice how I sleep, and they notice the earplugs I wear. They study my sleep position. I don’t know how they know it, but they do. An important part of the mobbing seems to be to make me witness to their comments about me. Making me hear their observations about me is a critical part of the mobbing, one that is probably supposed to creep me out and convince me to pack a bag and leave. Anyway, from their comments about how I sleep, I eventually came to realize it was significant that one of my ears was always to the pillow — always available to sound waves traveling through the walls and mattress.

I can’t change how I sleep, so I developed a strategy of trying to prop my head up on a pillow without my ear touching. And I began to sleep with one earplug in, one out. I often use an earplug for the ear that touches the pillow and leave the other without. For some reason, whatever method they use to convey the sound does not work as well with one earplug in and one out. If I’m lucky, I fall asleep quickly, often because I am exhausted. And then they invariably begin trying to wake me again and again as morning approaches. Most recently, they let me know that they were deliberately disturbing my REM sleep in hopes that I could not function.

The realization I had, however, was that the people who are involved in doing this probably have done it before, they know the anatomy of the ear, and they are willing to use it against the “target” they pretend to know. People who would do this, who observe whatever they can about a person and then try to take advantage of it in an illegal attempt to harass a legal resident out of her home, are certainly of criminal intent.

What they didn’t know, was that I would refuse to leave, not even when I became aware that they were watching me sleep.


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