“Dangerous sounds” in Seattle and abroad

Back in the first days of September, I wrote a blog entry about the ease with which technology abstracts the crime away from the criminal, making for attacks effected from remote positions, attacks that may not be recognized even as they are underway. Esoteric forms of sound including the infrasonic and ultrasonic have been deployed by the military as well as by the hate groups that sometimes include their disaffected. Drones have gained ground on the battlefield, their tactical superiority the platform for an arsenal commanded by artificial intelligence. In war-torn regions civilian populations already run from the maneuvers of dumber “slaughterbots” roaming overhead (https://autonomousweapons.org/); in real estate, the aerial shot is money shot and advertising platform. Drones confer the God’s eye view to industry and to commerce; in the business of war, the retailer who commands the skies takes all.

Was the sonic attack of US diplomats in Cuba a drone or “neighbor” attack included a few paragraphs about the “dangerous sounds” reported to have injured diplomats in the U.S. mission to Cuba. I suggested that the “sonic attack” could have been waged remotely, by drone, or by neighbor. I hoped that an investigation of how sound is being used here in northeast Seattle in what appears to be an organized crime by house-flippers in concert with a corrupt neighborhood watch, would not only give me back my life but would contribute to the information available to investigators of the Cuban “sonic attack” on the design and deployment of “dangerous sound.”

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A million-dollar row

Property values on my street have skyrocketed during the years I’ve endured the assault of a corrupt neighborhood watch and its speculating cronies. On Zillow.com, the property values in this northeast neighborhood jump with the sales, and in the years since the Great Recession there have been many. The result is an escalation in value of sixty percent or more.

The houses flanking my own modest 1940s home are now approaching the million dollar mark despite the lesser value of this property, each of them increasing in value something like $400,000 since the two single white male owners moved into them within weeks of each other about five years back. Recently sold houses line the street; yellow dots on the Zillow.com map show the path to the million dollar mark. The norm is houses sold recently, with few coming available.

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A history of real estate scams

Often the most effective way to defeat wrongdoing is to shed light on the condition. Perhaps that’s what’s happening now with the airing of sexual harassment in Hollywood, in government, in tech, and in all places where those who have power over others—often white men—believe this power gives them carte blanche to take what they want from the lives of others. Like my “neighbors” and their bullying friends, or at least those who claimed to “represent” or to “be” them, said about their use of harassment in real estate using directional speakers and clandestine sound piped into my home after they had unveiled themselves to me as “mobbers,” “The industry is built on it!”

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Radio Head: Cell phones are radios; mobbing is radio-based harassment (part 1)

Baby your mind is a radio
Got a receiver inside my head
Baby I’m tuned to your wavelength
Lemme tell you what it says:

Oh! Picking up something good
Hey, radio head!
The sound…of a brand-new world.

—The Talking Heads, “Radio Head” (1986)

A dictum of mobbing is that everything is a radio. I’ve written about mobbers and radio in the past, albeit with a superficial understanding of radio. I’ve also written about the mobbers’ use of telephone technologies, about how the mobbing moved from street-side games of rousting the renter to the explicitly criminal as verbal abuse crept into the infrastructure of my modest 1940s home. Even before the mobbers marshaled the systems of my home and flooded them with verbal abuse, they made exploratory forays into  the communications systems that tied my interior world to the exterior world, those binding the individual to society. At the onset of the mob it was indeed a brand new world as the robo-calls mounted to my unsecure cordless phone, as an unused intercom for the phone in my bedroom lit up, and as I began to hear the voices of my “neighbors” tittering about a “party line” when I picked up the phone. In an earlier blog about mobbing, I wrote that everything that isn’t a radio is a phone. That statement, however, doesn’t help to tell the story of real estate mobbing. The technical reality of phones and cell phones is pretty much the same. When it comes to mobbing, a phone is just another radio.

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Seattle cyberbullies fly Alaska Airlines

Halloween is almost upon us, and this early Friday morning I’m back in Seattle for the witching hours. Now that I have roommates on both floors of the house again, the mobbing harassment is quieted, at least when they’re home. It’s quieter than where I stay in the Berkeley area to work in San Francisco, and even more muffled than on most of the Alaska Airlines flights I take between the Bay Area and Seattle, as I continue to maintain my home here while pursuing my livelihood in the Bay Area.

It’s been a while since I’ve written about how the “mobbing” appears on airline flights. I note that “mobbing” is a term that is probably not coincidentally used for those who bully over cell phones. In Flying the friendly skies, I wrote about the experience of hearing the familiar voices of the “mobbers” who moved in around my rental home now more than three years ago, in secured areas of airports as well as on the plane.

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Monitor the entertainment and communications lines of mobbing victims

Tonight I’m in the San Francisco East Bay at a home that not only has Comcast subscription television, but a cordless landline. Over the course of the real estate mobbing that has victimized me in my northeast Seattle home, I’ve abandoned a cordless phone for a cell phone and Comcast for Century Link, and then for over-the-air television. But in the East Bay, I stay in the home of an elderly relative whose hearing has changed and become much less sensitive. In this house, I lack control over the services that are in use and over the volume at which they are used.

As I’ve noted before, the mobbers freely mob me over the television here, despite the presence of my relative. And I suspect that in the same way the mobbers pretended that a “party line” suddenly existed at my Seattle home when the voices of the south mobbing house owner and his then-franchise family girlfriend turned up on my phone line whenever I made a call, they “phreak” the cordless phone in this house, perhaps forwarding robocalls in a ploy to activate the speaker on the cordless phone base station, and then using the open channel to mob from inside the victim home.

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Mobbing and the Martha Mitchell effect: When defamation in the neighborhood violates due process in the courtroom (part 2)

“You can’t believe it,” said Martha Mitchell of the bizarre events of the Watergate years. “I can’t believe what’s happened to me.” I had to smile when I watched the David Frost interview clip on the BBC website and listened to those statements (“Martha Mitchell speaks out about Nixon, Watergate,” on the BBC website, http://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-us-canada-18436516/martha-mitchell-speaks-out-about-nixon-watergate). I have made similar statements numerous times these last years as a victim of a real estate mobbing—truly, an organized crime—at the hands of speculators and a corrupt neighborhood watch in northeast Seattle.

The incredible events that unfolded as speculators moved in around my rental home in northeast Seattle and began their attempt to harass me out of it have been beyond imagination. Making sense of the what, how and why of mobbing has required a significant amount of observation, research, and thoughtfulness.

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A business model of buying up rental housing

San Francisco is perhaps one of the most difficult markets for a tenant to negotiate. With high demand in a city where a six-figure income can be considered low income (“In costly Bay Area, even six-figure salaries are considered ‘low income’,” The Mercury News, http://www.mercurynews.com/2017/04/22/in-costly-bay-area-even-six-figure-salaries-are-considered-low-income/), and where tenants have been known to carry resumes with them to viewings, landlords seldom have problems getting their asking price.

In major metropolitan areas like the San Francisco Bay Area, landlords fight to ensure that the rights of owners are not constrained by the rights of their tenants. The 1995 Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, signed into law by Republican Governor Pete Wilson, was seen as an attack on hard-fought rent control measures of the 1970s in cities like San Francisco and Berkeley (Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Costa-Hawkins_Rental_Housing_Act#The_Costa-Hawkins_legistlation). Costa-Hawkins effectively “limited” municipal rent control ordinances. One of its greatest impacts was to prohibit rent control over new construction and single family dwellings.

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Home again

Another two weeks of working in San Francisco, and now I’m home again. It’s been difficult to keep the posts up these last months, with flying in and out of town, trying to perform in my new role, and trying to get enough sleep despite the fact that the balance of harassment in the San Francisco Bay Area versus here in northeast Seattle has been subtlety but surely altered these last months.

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Mobbing and the Martha Mitchell effect: When defamation in the neighborhood violates due process in the courtroom (part 1)

In 1974, Martha Mitchell, estranged wife of President Nixon’s attorney general John Mitchell, sat with David Frost to talk about Watergate on the BBC.


A characteristic image by the Associated Press of Martha Mitchell, lampooned as “mouth of the south” as she blew a whistle few heard in the earliest days of the Watergate scandal


“The whole thing is incredible,” Mitchell exclaimed. “It’s like reading a James Bond novel. You can’t believe it. I can’t believe what’s happened to me.” (“Martha Mitchell speaks out about Nixon, Watergate,” in BBC News, http://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-us-canada-18436516/martha-mitchell-speaks-out-about-nixon-watergate)

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